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  • Delicate73

    Nick is good at the game and he’s so nice

  • OPT Nuclear
    OPT Nuclear

    Who’s watching this in 2020 October

  • Mr.Potato

    I wish pumps still worked like that

  • King Nooby
    King Nooby

    This nick doesn’t know what the hell is about to happen to him!

  • Chicken nugget Yeet
    Chicken nugget Yeet

    1v1 me kid

  • Caleb’s Kingdom
    Caleb’s Kingdom

    When you watch the stream and the gameplay 😕

  • Ayden Payne
    Ayden Payne


  • Chloe Tomiczek
    Chloe Tomiczek

    Okay I really didn’t know u were from Halifax Nova Scotia....

  • Demo Main
    Demo Main

    I miss the pump so bad

  • Stephen Duran
    Stephen Duran

    I love your fortnite videos can I be in one in chest let me know when you're going to make another video

  • J J
    J J

    I love your videos

  • Lara Mahran
    Lara Mahran

    Your aim is insane

  • Twicey

    Watched this a year ago and now I'm watching it again because I miss the good old fortnite😭

  • Braden Wyper
    Braden Wyper

    Ur goat

  • Joshie flips
    Joshie flips

    no one thinks of the children. sorry are you just the one who killed them

  • jojoon aje
    jojoon aje

    Waw good

  • miatran0812


  • Dsplay_RBLX

    11:07 Confirmed, Nick has Aimbot.

  • Savita Maraj
    Savita Maraj


  • b1217_jm

    9:37 good dodge irl nick pro player 😂😂

  • NathanYTRoblox

    Dude thats real fortnite skill

  • Ivan Angulo
    Ivan Angulo


  • knight gaming
    knight gaming

    hi nick i luve you

  • Frank Morris
    Frank Morris

    Better than ninja🙌🏽

  • Xd controller playa Yeet
    Xd controller playa Yeet

    OMG you killed fearless at dusty

  • Eric Siqueiros
    Eric Siqueiros


  • Nicole Pace
    Nicole Pace

    Nick pls can i add you

  • Gaby Poggi
    Gaby Poggi

    Yea when I eat a taco it breaks

  • Toaster Wit water
    Toaster Wit water

    When ur watching this in chapter two season two and there’s no shaking down so u get triggered

  • SpiralFN

    Hope you guys have a good day ❤️

  • jake nostromo
    jake nostromo

    an only 10 or 9 kills

  • Fresh T
    Fresh T

    Take a look at the players then and... now Take a look at the old best editor and the new ones.... yea it’s sad

  • wyatt s
    wyatt s

    Nick eh 30 is probably the best streamer because he's so funny and he makes me feel better when I'm done

  • Zzz hydro
    Zzz hydro

    Salazy is a pokemon

  • CryPz yt
    CryPz yt


  • NYTRO0948

    I never got 20bomb but I did get a 1 bomb

  • Markos Argiros
    Markos Argiros

    10:55 I don’t find same interesting nick. Btw use code nickeh30 no spaces in the item shop

  • game dolphin
    game dolphin


  • shuhena chowdhury
    shuhena chowdhury

    Ur awesome at fortnite

  • Jillycardz unboxings
    Jillycardz unboxings

    In my opininion ur the best player in the world

  • LIAM the beast of fire
    LIAM the beast of fire

    Love your videos and I used your code Ad me Puppydogdude8


    this is on player select

  • Iconic-Naseem

    I don’t know nanana nana

  • Alicia Terry
    Alicia Terry

    A spade pade

  • The Scare Channel
    The Scare Channel

    How this dude got 4 million subscribers is mind boggling.

  • Paul Bravery
    Paul Bravery

    I can’t win a solo

  • Brad Langston
    Brad Langston

    Why don’t you do solos 🤼

  • Jimmy Hidalgo
    Jimmy Hidalgo

    3:55 nicks married?

  • high Tec briaann
    high Tec briaann


  • Fezie fee
    Fezie fee


  • Andrea Bono
    Andrea Bono

    You lose 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻👎

  • Hjgid Udugo
    Hjgid Udugo

    who doesnt play fortnite and watches youtube videos about fortnite tho :)

  • Daleysa Cisneros
    Daleysa Cisneros

    nick do you have kids ??

  • JVRS


  • Unstable 805
    Unstable 805

    Slazzy would sound like a tired word when ur tired

  • jp Pary
    jp Pary

    Your the best

  • Aidens Snakess
    Aidens Snakess

    I dropped a solo squad 31 kill bomb

  • Eamonn Bowen
    Eamonn Bowen

    I Don't know

  • Clayton Conner Art
    Clayton Conner Art

    Easy claps boys ☺️☺️

  • LeeAnn Cline
    LeeAnn Cline

    2:50 through 2:53 when you bump into your bully at school 😂

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    Nick you have a wife

  • Logic Playz
    Logic Playz

    Only you can like this is you are a og fortnite player

  • Lisbeth Almonte
    Lisbeth Almonte

    I got this on the recommendations 😶

  • Dylan Brower
    Dylan Brower

    i am your biggest fan i have watched you since you have played an playstation

  • Jonathon Loupe
    Jonathon Loupe

    I subscribed and like all of your videos I love you keep doing the good work every body subscribe to Nickeh30 love you

  • bluebomb67 ツ
    bluebomb67 ツ

    slazzy i think is lazy

  • Andrew Ramirez
    Andrew Ramirez

    It means cool or nice

  • Adam Jaime
    Adam Jaime


  • Yamyam Rowk
    Yamyam Rowk


  • legendary gold
    legendary gold

    yo wasssup

  • mavs savage
    mavs savage

    Yaah yeet

  • Benjamin Jayne
    Benjamin Jayne

    You know you can get a soft taco right??? Leave a like on this comment if you like soft tacos better than hard.

  • alexchunky

    Slazy = snazzy

  • Umair Patel
    Umair Patel

    I will say it means like nice or somthink

  • 100 subs wit no vids?? plz
    100 subs wit no vids?? plz

    Anyone watchin this is 2020

  • Daddy Chan
    Daddy Chan

    I’m a big fan I love your vids

  • Christian Khan
    Christian Khan

    You heard it for yourself he has aimbot

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman

    When you realize you said the h word 6:20-6:30

  • Harry Waterman
    Harry Waterman

    At 30 he sounds like he’s in severe pain

    • Harry Waterman
      Harry Waterman

      Sorry I don’t know how to get the time stamps


    ADHD is real in this vid

  • Liss Castillo
    Liss Castillo

    Real tacos are made with a soft tortilla

  • Rick Marshall
    Rick Marshall

    It means sloppy lol

  • Rick Marshall
    Rick Marshall

    It means sloppy

  • Foxy deezer gaming275
    Foxy deezer gaming275

    Nick remember when u use to swear

  • Jo Rothwell
    Jo Rothwell

    Use code NICKEH30 in item shop for good luck for the rest of your life!

  • Nathaniel Savu
    Nathaniel Savu


  • Balmore Callejas Lopez
    Balmore Callejas Lopez

    Aprecciate it papi 😂😂😂😂 nick eh 30 is the best no spaces he is the best in the world


    I love you vids every day I would be happy to come home and watch you

  • Rebel ZEE
    Rebel ZEE

    Nick eh 30 is a great guy

  • Daddy_Alex

    He has a wife?!!

  • Lyman Hiter
    Lyman Hiter

    i love you

  • ToRich90killz


  • Nikolas Guindon
    Nikolas Guindon

    You have the best intros love it! Especially that you’re canadian haha

  • Roten Gaming
    Roten Gaming

    Do you not know tortilla tacos and how to wrap them right it's easy to do

  • Lapo

    Looking back on it this was probably the best state Fortnite was ever in😪😢😞❤️

  • Clark

    I love tacos

  • Germaine Anderson
    Germaine Anderson

    your insane

  • Koleby Benson
    Koleby Benson

    kennUCsully can I please get vbucks thats my user name

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    Nick sees you Chief

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker

    That's when you know you play to much to play solo squads

1,1 mio.