Nick Eh 30's FIRST REACTION to Fortnite Season 2! (Chapter 2)
Nick Eh 30 REACTS to the new Fortnite Season 2 in Chapter 2!
• Includes new map changes like The Yacht, The Agency, The Rig, The Shark, The Grotto.
• Rapid Fire SMG, Minigun (Mythic), Remote Explosives, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Pistol, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Grapplers (Mythic), Drum Gun (Mythic), Launch Pad (in competitive playlists), Boom Bow (Mythic)
• Decoy Grenades, Creeping Cardboard, Key cards,
• Throwing healing items
• Emote UI changes
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  • Nick Sharky_Owl
    Nick Sharky_Owl

    Everyone: *sweating* Nick: oooo00Oo a box?

  • samehbtw

    Take me back to this time😔

  • Walter Dun
    Walter Dun


  • GyxLF

    I like all the Mythic items I play fortnite like Nick eh 30 it's my favourite game

  • eaglefan0710

    This is one of my favorite seasons! I would love to go back to it because this season stinks.

  • Kelan Speckels
    Kelan Speckels

    Who else remembers when the shark wasn’t a prison

  • Noah Kiel
    Noah Kiel

    He said he’s happy for buying the battle pass but I ask my mom to and she goes it’s a waste of money but I’m happy for getting the battle pass like nick eh

  • Carey Watts
    Carey Watts

    I am whatching In 2021

  • Mahmoud Alzoabi
    Mahmoud Alzoabi

    This video is 1 year and 6 days ago

  • PhyxcoX Zn
    PhyxcoX Zn

    Season 2 was the best season ngl I would kill to play this season again

    • Mikhyan Baker
      Mikhyan Baker


  • saranyam06

    0:23 trap tower 2.0

  • harry_specialist

    Who misses this season 😔🥺

    • harry_specialist

      @BBS 7523 yeah 😁

    • BBS 7523
      BBS 7523

      When Nobody knew what the henchman were for and dying to OP midas drum guns and Skyes scars

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson

    One year ago! Wow time goes far fast

  • Noah NGUYEN
    Noah NGUYEN


  • Not Coal
    Not Coal

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    Edge clan

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    masked wolf Matthew fady


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    Adam A.

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  • Tracy Tester
    Tracy Tester


  • Tracy Tester
    Tracy Tester


    • Tracy Tester
      Tracy Tester

      Îm gêrmëñ

  • Alfred Hibbert
    Alfred Hibbert

    he forgot the supply drop in the yacht vault

  • Maria Romo
    Maria Romo

    Who else is watching this chapter 2 season 5

  • Heather Lilly
    Heather Lilly

    I love that season

  • Not Martinez
    Not Martinez

    I miss chapter 2 season 2 soooo much, one of the besttt season i the fortnite history

  • gareth Cunningham
    gareth Cunningham

    Idk why but I think nick is better then enyone other youtuber bc hes my favourite ever I give him a 100,00 out off starts how much like I get on this comment it means nick it the best

  • MusEdits 5
    MusEdits 5

    keep in mind, that we are still making memories in this amazing game

  • Kimberly Jenkins
    Kimberly Jenkins

    Who is watching this in chapter 2 season five

  • Hey! It’s Khloe!
    Hey! It’s Khloe!

    R.I.P chapter two season two ;3;

  • A.K Kings
    A.K Kings

    No one: Literally no one: Nick: *you thicc boi thicc you Brutus boi you thicc*

    • Papi Thanos
      Papi Thanos

      Lol ikr this video came out like a couple days ago today

  • Routine Victory
    Routine Victory

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      Dylan Navalta

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    • Lennart Gamer
      Lennart Gamer

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    Noah Sears


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    Hoan Ttirev

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  • SpilledSalt 486
    SpilledSalt 486

    1 year ago!?!

  • PBRJ

    That season was too long

  • Lucas Iyassu
    Lucas Iyassu



    I have re watched this so many times even when I’m outside

  • Beaming Itachi
    Beaming Itachi

    0:29 ahaha what is the tone of that laugh

  • lordofmeme 541
    lordofmeme 541

    Nick leterlly put the sniper into his throut and shot lol nick your really good keep doing what your doing!

  • little stich
    little stich

    Your so funny and nice

  • Jordan R.
    Jordan R.

    Great content :)

  • Jordan R.
    Jordan R.


  • collette shyngle
    collette shyngle

    Me to

  • Mega Ranger
    Mega Ranger

    He missed the supplie drop 😭

  • Lynxy

    2:55 thats called cringe my guy Good reaction to the emote perfect🤣🤣🤣

  • Lynxy

    2.55 thats called cringe my guy Good reaction to the emote perfect🤣🤣🤣

  • Warren Donovan
    Warren Donovan

    Bean” a year this quick

  • Beau Tidwell
    Beau Tidwell

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    Owen Steffen

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    Pre lucky

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    Bolt YT

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  • VoltXxShot2


  • curryidk

    I don't know if he can see this but HE IS ALWAYS POSITIVE OMG LOVE IT!!!!

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    Jay luvs vibez

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      slushy seal

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      Goodtime 13

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    Fat boy Uckle

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    The Dragon Slayer


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    MattMatt 8012

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    Roblox Bros

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  • kobra cobretti
    kobra cobretti

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  • FledgelingPick


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    Vasudev Narang

    best reaction ever

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    Cheetos playz

    I miss sessaon 3 and 2 ☹

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      slushy seal


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    couch chip

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  • couch chip
    couch chip

    lowkey this was the best season so far for chapter 2 i really want to go back to this season


    Guys this is not a season Is masterpiece

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    William Marsh

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    FakeNews Fish

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    Winner 768

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    Cd :: wolf

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    zoz shalt

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    Abiran Akil

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    Dovydas Masys

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    Buns Eh 30

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    King Pump

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  • OmgItzNightfall

    Bring back chapter 2 season 2? Anyone agree? We can make fortnite bring it back because that was one of the best seasons

  • Sergio Vazquez
    Sergio Vazquez

    Dam we are win chapter 2 season 5 and we want this season it ws the best season

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    Kadan Stafford

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      Mitchell Kwakman

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      Mason Hassell


    • Kadan Stafford
      Kadan Stafford

      @Golden Prime yeah

    • Golden Prime
      Golden Prime

      The season was great tho

  • eP1C JoshyBo1
    eP1C JoshyBo1

    6:04 me getting triggered after nick DOSENT get the airdrop

    • EGO Olez
      EGO Olez

      I feel you bro.

    • Stable Joey
      Stable Joey

      Same lol

  • Baby Yoda lover 777
    Baby Yoda lover 777

    season 2 is my fav

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    Tara Fox

    13:24 sike u thought!!!

  • Zoraiz Bhatti
    Zoraiz Bhatti

    When i saw chapter 2 season 2 i thought it was a great season like if u agree nick eh 30 in item shop

  • The Cabrales’s
    The Cabrales’s

    15:52 when you get killed with a pickaxe in the late game Slams whatever you’re using

  • Mxlys

    Season 2 chapter 2 was over the top good

    • Keegan Erp
      Keegan Erp

      Yes it was

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    Lvaxc 34

    My goal is to get 100 subscribers on SLtoos

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    Nick Eh 30

  • naldogv

    Nick Eh 30

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  • Brayan Rogalski
    Brayan Rogalski


  • Brayan Rogalski
    Brayan Rogalski


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