4 Heavy Snipers vs 96 Pickaxes...then all 6 Mythic Weapons vs 94 Pickaxes! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Hope you guys enjoy the video today, Eh Team! If you guys have any good questions for *Fortnite Trivia* #4, definitely put them below, please and thank you :) I'll be streaming/recording it on Monday in the morning on my stream!

    • Carina Coronel
      Carina Coronel

      I dont think a pump is a mythic weapon

    • Landon Seeberger
      Landon Seeberger

      Let’s gooooooo

    • Landon Seeberger
      Landon Seeberger

      Nick Eh 30 hi

    • Hector Parra
      Hector Parra

      -30 you're the best you make the best videos ever and I just want to tell you hi because you're the best and I want to but you and I want to see you yeah I'm your biggest fan and I I wanna see you

    • Hector Parra
      Hector Parra

      Can you please put me in a cake 30 I wanna play with you because I've been wanting to meet you my name is little hacker squirrel seven well you might need to do some more world is hackers in my cousin just asked but I thought I'm a tell him not to do hacks he's got banned a couple times and he's older now he doesn't do that so he used to do in season one I think when he first started he said he killed someone and I think it was you he was using hacks

  • Cletcher Goo
    Cletcher Goo

    He predicted fall guys lmao😂😂😂

  • Gacha Moonlyna
    Gacha Moonlyna

    I here’d toteie slid

  • Zyad Jasim
    Zyad Jasim

    In 8:00 your aim is out of this world

  • Fox Records
    Fox Records

    Nick is the best SLtoosr ever

  • Diego Chávez
    Diego Chávez


  • joe mama
    joe mama

    shrek is a mutated frog and an oger combined with a human (will nick pin this)

  • Lego Derrick
    Lego Derrick

    Best video idea ever

  • Brotateo Schmidt
    Brotateo Schmidt

    Do you guys remember when Nick used aim bot inbox fights,zone wars and in real matches

  • Jake Salvatierra
    Jake Salvatierra

    Nick: just stares at his computers like nonstop

  • Isabella babe
    Isabella babe

    Nick eh 30 when you stream

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    Who else wants to play with nickeh30

  • Orion Jamison
    Orion Jamison

    I'm not watching u again u pranked us to crash pad

  • Subhan Shahzad
    Subhan Shahzad

    Do you NICKEH30 in the item shop

  • Alicia Fields
    Alicia Fields

    A hol coke

  • Alicia Fields
    Alicia Fields


    • Alicia Fields
      Alicia Fields


  • Jim Spencer w
    Jim Spencer w

    People are dying and nick is talking about drinking Shreck sweat

  • Sam Taper
    Sam Taper

    I love your vids they are the best use code nickeh30 no spaces

  • It’z SpamZzyツ
    It’z SpamZzyツ

    ShReK sWeAt

  • Aquabolt35real

    Nhviytytiutr Curfbj

  • Jonathan Martini
    Jonathan Martini


  • Jerome Jackson
    Jerome Jackson

    I used your fornite code nickeh30

  • Ben klapz
    Ben klapz

    Shrek vitamins what do u mean

  • XXIJS 42
    XXIJS 42

    I laughed so hard at 8:45

  • Fortnite Fisherman
    Fortnite Fisherman

    3:07 fighting corona virus lol.

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God

    Hi friend me Dkmason65 nick

  • 5,000 Subscribers with 1 Video - Tulaquen
    5,000 Subscribers with 1 Video - Tulaquen

    If Fortnite ever runs out of ltm ideas they should just watch Nick Eh 30

  • Fish Boi
    Fish Boi

    5:58 nick using aimbot

  • SVR Frik
    SVR Frik

    you should have played and gone to replay mode for clips

  • Sneaky Monster5
    Sneaky Monster5

    Join the fish army

  • Sneaky Monster5
    Sneaky Monster5

    Join the fish army

  • Sneaky Monster5
    Sneaky Monster5

    Join the fish army

  • Sneaky Monster5
    Sneaky Monster5

    Join the fish army

  • Nasser Alromaihi
    Nasser Alromaihi

    U got a lot of wins let thame win

  • Mary Kokkat
    Mary Kokkat


  • repeat _bankroll
    repeat _bankroll

    Me when I hear the song the happens at the in 😭😱😱

  • Jack Ld
    Jack Ld

    Can you add me epic bunkertitan26 pls add

  • look me lol History
    look me lol History



    I thought it was mythic not heavys nvm

  • Abram On 60 Fps
    Abram On 60 Fps

    Copyright strike

  • 61 spamzz _xx
    61 spamzz _xx

    Good vid🖒

  • Kofi Name
    Kofi Name

    We’ve all sinned and fallen short glory of God and we need a savior And its Jesus Christ so please turn to him so that you might have Eternal Life.❤️

  • Hameed Hassan
    Hameed Hassan

    love the gameplay keep it up👍

  • Darkbite 78YT
    Darkbite 78YT


  • owen_does_YT

    And at 5:55 and 7:55 your hacking

  • owen_does_YT

    This was so funny when the mythic guns sprayed loved it

  • Salty Grassy PLZ Help Me Get To 1k!
    Salty Grassy PLZ Help Me Get To 1k!

    Ahh yes mythic spaz

  • reflex games shorts and videos
    reflex games shorts and videos

    Copyright music

  • Jon Withers
    Jon Withers

    Deafult Pickaxing the floor Soccer skin dies

  • Elizabeth Reyna
    Elizabeth Reyna

    Why were there a pump in the Mythic

  • Cat

    5:56 he for got to turn of am I bot

  • Ilay

    3:23 copyright

  • Forever P90
    Forever P90

    Ur insane at the end Pls add me user:FOREVER P90

  • _zoark Dominic_
    _zoark Dominic_

    Nick: let’s not talk about that :me: aim bot!

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    This guys has balled to put that shred thing in this video

  • AnimeGamez YT
    AnimeGamez YT

    1:14 SHADOW Henchman sniped someone OMG XD

  • Roberto Maciel
    Roberto Maciel

    U Canadian cuz I heard let’s not talk aboot that

  • Shadow NS
    Shadow NS

    2:15 the editor puts a epic/legendary pump instead of the Brutus mini gun

  • Amilcar Vasquez
    Amilcar Vasquez

    Why he put a pump for the mythic guns

  • Coby Krill
    Coby Krill

    Shrek vitamins sound terrible

  • Xarzu Loves Youツ
    Xarzu Loves Youツ

    Yep I loved it❤👌

  • Extrox Xain
    Extrox Xain


  • ollyclark1000

    nick when u said every mythic on the map u accenditly put pump on instead of a minigun @nickeh30 at 2:12

  • C and d
    C and d

    Since when did defaults get names

  • Hunter Boyle
    Hunter Boyle

    Of any thing shriek sweat should taste like onion


    My little bro just called you nick eh birdie

  • james DATOR
    james DATOR

    Lmao he said shrek tasted good lol lmfao

  • Bunny F1uff - Boots and Cats!
    Bunny F1uff - Boots and Cats!

    You should do fish vs banana next vid

  • Waleed Moughrabieh
    Waleed Moughrabieh

    oof im not eating Shrek

  • juana ortega
    juana ortega


  • aden vass.
    aden vass.

    i think right foot is copyright

  • Hayden Igo
    Hayden Igo

    Your crackeddddd

  • whatabe


  • BoT Slixz
    BoT Slixz

    I just can’t stop watching your videos, your positivity and great attitude makes your videos so enjoyable. Keep up the great work nick!

  • Corwyn Ware
    Corwyn Ware

    U think Fiona drinks Shrek’s sweat

  • Christina sowers
    Christina sowers

    Nick u r super positive and i love ur vides and they make me happy wen i watch wen i am sad

  • Noah Quental
    Noah Quental

    You should join FaZe. Lol “ FaZe Nick”

  • Cheater Vibez
    Cheater Vibez

    Who remembers the controller days

  • ssnipezz_morgz

    🤣🤣🤣 hey you will Smith

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    When did the pump become a mithic wepon?

  • Damian Quinton
    Damian Quinton

    Nick your so nice that's why I use your code keep up the good work man and I love how your always calm love ya man keep the work up

  • TJDN

    Has no one realised but at 1:14 it says that a Shadow Henchman Sniped from 54 meters!!!!

  • Criinge Nation
    Criinge Nation

    Mythic pump... LOGIC

  • RnoKingplayz

    Shrek sweat vitamins 😂😂😂

  • qt_simp

    I got flinstone pilles

  • Jaquan Williams
    Jaquan Williams

    You so selfish

  • Burrito Blaster
    Burrito Blaster

    That was one of the most bad-eh thumbnail I've seen in a while.

  • Ashton Reeves
    Ashton Reeves

    Faze nick up

  • Angelita Hernandez
    Angelita Hernandez

    3:21 Toosie Slide Music

  • CheaterSpace

    Nick killed trunks when he was falling down the mountain

  • Stjevun

    2:13 hm pump shotgun hm

  • Theodore Kellis
    Theodore Kellis

    Nick you are the best canadian youtuber

  • Glizz Ace
    Glizz Ace

    Is anyone wondering why nick isn’t streaming tell me something I don’t know

  • Arti The mememaster
    Arti The mememaster


  • Logan Dorman
    Logan Dorman

    how r u playing the old tilted towers

  • Sweaty Skin fortnite content
    Sweaty Skin fortnite content

    Hi I am going to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get you to come over and get

  • Alonso, David
    Alonso, David

    Dose anyone also get lost when nick edits?

  • splxzzz

    Hey nick! Ima huge fan and I love your vids!! And I’ve always wanted to see you in person and the funny thing is I live in Canada too!

  • FireSheep

    Hey are you going to do a playthrough of tlou 2? I really hope you are going to

  • Bo Brandt
    Bo Brandt

    Im missed thestream

993 tis.