Can you guess who the LEADER is?
There's a leader who does a move and everyone else copies. The selector has to guess who the leader is based on who did it first! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Benjy Davila
    Benjy Davila

    make all the people in a circular formation so its not so obvious when everyone is looking at him.. Like so Nick can see !!!! EEEEhhhhhh

    • : TR25King
      : TR25King

      Nick Eh 30 add me on epic my user is TR25King


      Nick Eh 30 👌👌👌🙏🏾🙏🏾💜💜💞💞💞🌺🌹💝💝💝❤️❤️🌼🌻👌👌👌

    • Rami Ibrahim
      Rami Ibrahim

      @Nick Eh 30 nice guy nick

    • Luke Ihlefeld
      Luke Ihlefeld

      Kurt Miller h

    • aa he
      aa he


  • CK_360

    Woah! We played this in my drama class... nick u bloody legend

  • LOL L\x
    LOL L\x

    Someone is streamsniping it’s kaidoz

  • Stryker

    The best part of nicks vids is that he comes up with the biggest games to play with the community and I laugh so hard at the faces nodding.

  • Mr. Builder
    Mr. Builder

    This is like among us

  • Charlie Sheldon
    Charlie Sheldon

    I remember this game from childhood

  • fusion Raider
    fusion Raider

    How about nick eh 30 says instead of Simon says

  • Mr. Groot
    Mr. Groot

    Do it so you turn off the stream so they can’t see

  • Marlenne Cazares
    Marlenne Cazares

    I have played this it’s funny and fun

  • Rxman Rghd
    Rxman Rghd

    2@@.% Apwowoa )=*. Mdyug&ghfdsaFhffffdcxx

  • SillyCell131617

    I am your big fan im watching old video this was so cool

  • Angelina Martinez
    Angelina Martinez

    Do a creative map so you don't get grift

  • Lori Prospero
    Lori Prospero

    EH team for life love your vids I’m on my moms account like so nick will see

  • Lol Koi
    Lol Koi

    Count how much times he said go👻

  • Lol Koi
    Lol Koi

    Nick reply I have benn whatching sense s2

  • Reyan Aggarwal
    Reyan Aggarwal


  • bbx2 Twins
    bbx2 Twins

    Put a black paper over the Stream

  • Karunya Sudarsanam
    Karunya Sudarsanam

    Love that he always smiles :)

  • Azmer Russian
    Azmer Russian

    I'm watching you since 2018 . You are the best SLtoosr I have ever seen


    Y TF u killed that leader :(

  • Zyrø

    7:16 Nick paused

  • Sacha the gameryt Export
    Sacha the gameryt Export

    It was the make your blond deaf adult girl

  • Sacha the gameryt Export
    Sacha the gameryt Export

    It was the blond deafalt gi norl then what you just did it

  • Dawhoo yt
    Dawhoo yt

    Nick you so awesome dude

  • Oluwapelumi Owojori
    Oluwapelumi Owojori

    11:20 AIMBOT

  • Jason_Boi 7979
    Jason_Boi 7979

    I did this in my class lol

  • Anthony Vargas
    Anthony Vargas

    Hello I love your videos

  • Factor


  • Neftali Flores
    Neftali Flores

    If I trick u then u have to pin and like my comment. Read more

    • Neftali Flores
      Neftali Flores

      Lol I tried

  • WPG_Sway

    Can you please tell me when you go live because I play on eu

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Nickeh30: Simon says jump Player: *Coughs* Nickeh30: You did the wrong move 😂 jk nick all love ❤️

  • D 192706 Play
    D 192706 Play

    I love Nick eh 30

  • Twicey

    6:10 is the most funny moment ever lmaooooooooooooo


    They could’ve just been watching the stream and guess the person

  • kimmie lankford
    kimmie lankford

    more people need to sub

  • Eli Timberlake
    Eli Timberlake

    400th dislike sike loved it

  • Tanner LaRue
    Tanner LaRue

    Fallen killed and you did not say Simon says first game

  • Cherelle Gilger
    Cherelle Gilger


  • Omer Abbasi
    Omer Abbasi

    I love your stream

  • Colten Lizotte
    Colten Lizotte

    You are so polite Nick

  • Jitendra Shrestha
    Jitendra Shrestha

    Hide the screen when you choose the leader

  • Isaac Hendrickson
    Isaac Hendrickson

    Awesome 👍😁😊

  • Ashton Miller
    Ashton Miller

    Hide and seek

  • Luke Ewart
    Luke Ewart

    How do u do custom match

  • Gost 007
    Gost 007

    I recomend putting on a stream screen when you choose your leader. A black screen or something.

  • Wiggle

    I have made a map after watching this video and I think I would work well be I don’t have enough friends to try it with , I’ve been working on this map for a few days but I don’t have a support a creator so I don’t have a code for the map I will add u if I want to do this add me back I’m on Xbox my username is D4RK wiggle and my epic is wee.wiggle.09 hope your having a great day.

  • Elia Huffman
    Elia Huffman

    Use code Nick a 30 no spaces

  • Lyn_Dex L
    Lyn_Dex L

    You shod like bild meny boxes and they gonna find you in the box

  • Howl Code123
    Howl Code123

    Were is the season 3 content this is season two

  • Evelyn Cook
    Evelyn Cook

    Can someone gift me a skin?

    • Evelyn Cook
      Evelyn Cook

      @Nick Eh 30

  • yiupiyoyo #13
    yiupiyoyo #13

    Next time put the leader with the winners for the bait

  • CloudGaming

    Nice video

  • Duffy 2611
    Duffy 2611

    Nick u should of covered ur screen when u picked a leader

  • Dog keeper btw
    Dog keeper btw

    Kills the leader😂

  • Swe4ty vyberZ :
    Swe4ty vyberZ :

    6:11 lmao

  • Adr Adrian
    Adr Adrian


  • Dreamical

    Trun of your stream when you pick the leader




    You can fool someone with this trick Choose a selector and be the leader youself while standing next to the selector so all the others follow you

  • Kelsey Cannell
    Kelsey Cannell


  • #1 S1d1ous
    #1 S1d1ous

    You should make it to where the leader chooses a move and the other know what move so they won’t do it 30 seconds later so the game won’t go by so fast

  • random hadidk200
    random hadidk200

    Lol this reminds me of hunger games

  • Tikania

    We used to play this in elementary, we called it indian cheif

  • Stranger K
    Stranger K

    Do IT but in a circle

  • C and d
    C and d

    U should have kicked him

  • RawanPlays

    Guys make sure to use dog NickEh30 and nick can u add me and we can play bc I am an god but I have no skins or I don’t have the battle. Pass bc my fam poor so in season 3 can u gift me the pass ty and I love u my user rawanqueen00 and I am on PlayStation love you ur da best!

  • Shafiqa Baligh
    Shafiqa Baligh

    First game of this season and it was so much better season2 capter2 was soooooooooooo cooooool

  • Bearcrap 23
    Bearcrap 23

    You should make it to where the selectors if they get it wrong than there’s this box that they have to go to and give them a punish ment or if the selector gets it wrong they have to be the next leader or the leader be the selector if the leader doesn’t die just an idea have a great rest of your day and peace

  • cloakz_

    6:12 had me laughing

    • Dominic Funk
      Dominic Funk

      It was the funniest thing

  • Tommy Fewel
    Tommy Fewel

    You need a leader someone who kills the a and a chooser

  • Starlita

    Am I the only one that enjoys watching nicks vids?💙

  • Tim Cedergren
    Tim Cedergren

    They were al watching and already knew

  • Stormzy -_-
    Stormzy -_-

    Bruh you so weird you latterly a sweat who likes you

  • Rasta Banana
    Rasta Banana

    you should play copycat. Its basically when the leader goes up on stage and gives orders but everyone has to do the opposite of it and the person(s) (if you put more people as the copycat) that's doing the same thing as the leader has to not be caught by the leader. You could put out the amount of times you want the leader to guess its your choice. Its like simon says but opposite.

  • Sh4ke

    hide stream when pick

  • Jonathan Struthers
    Jonathan Struthers

    Nick you are the best person I know you are so encouraging and nice

  • RylanJace

    To do stuff and games

  • RylanJace

    How do we get in games with you?

  • Mario’s Hyper
    Mario’s Hyper

    Nick I can’t join the discord because I’m not allowed to pay money but I still love your vids

  • IQ Clutch
    IQ Clutch

    6:12 I was laughing so hard.

  • Alaa Jamuli
    Alaa Jamuli

    Nick you should make a decoy leader so it’s harder

  • Kevin the Tiger
    Kevin the Tiger

    Siri say poopy Slow

  • Zaffar Qayyum
    Zaffar Qayyum

    U should hide your screen when u are chasing the leader it would be a mystery for us

  • C-Monster

    Lol leader leaves and everyone else leaves

  • bacon hair
    bacon hair

    A vidio idea is a marathon all of your discord go to a different mythic boss and they have to deliver the mythic weapons to you you can only do one each.

  • Graysonzilla

    who else is just waiting for someone to come up with a good idea

  • CG Vourtix
    CG Vourtix

    At like 6:47 when you said did you see my Siri turned on

  • Wxstddyboser YT
    Wxstddyboser YT

    Play more with sancho weat

    • Wxstddyboser YT
      Wxstddyboser YT

      Sancho west I mean

  • Yobert Ethnaill
    Yobert Ethnaill

    The leader should shot up but selected can’t look

  • R Ocheltree
    R Ocheltree

    I am fan

  • Ninjafotnite 1456
    Ninjafotnite 1456

    You killed the medic that went first and won remember

  • infinite blast of the cozmo
    infinite blast of the cozmo

    You should do it in batle lab

  • Quexn

    Why dont you put a role that the selector can delete 2 or 3 moves that the leader would do that would be sooooo much funnier

  • Ryan Eggen
    Ryan Eggen

    Please do this again

  • The Wright King
    The Wright King

    Go to a bush and make a fashion show then go to raid people

  • Velocity Sneaks
    Velocity Sneaks

    Make them in a circle and the selector is in the middle

  • Prophet SickLad2943
    Prophet SickLad2943

    Everyone is in a circle and one person emotes then everyone does, the person has to choose the leader in 5 guesses. Let's say someone shoots in the air then other people shoot I'm the air and they have to find out who the leader is.

  • YTJoshuaPlayzz


  • David Bautista
    David Bautista

    Make a discord

  • julian king
    julian king

    Make it a circle of people with the selector in the middle