Nick Eh 30's FIRST TIME playing with Tfue & Bugha!
Nick Eh 30, Tfue, Bugha, and Jamal Adams, in the NFL x Fortnite Streamer Bowl practice matches!
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  • Austin Is #1
    Austin Is #1

    I W E A 👇

  • Austin Is #1
    Austin Is #1

    Pls like 👇

  • WarafiamadPlaysFortnite


  • Scoped V2 Sweat
    Scoped V2 Sweat

    3:13 is funny

  • Scout Croce
    Scout Croce

    This video was one day before Kobe passed, R.I.P Kobe

  • LedZepUF

    Anyone watching in 2020 knows that LSU did win

  • Alexandria Weigel
    Alexandria Weigel

    I Watch your videos and I thought you should be faze Nick a 30

  • Jesper Wittborn
    Jesper Wittborn

    It feels like u r a 1st grade kid and get to be whit the 9st grade kids lol

  • Ahmad Rajhi
    Ahmad Rajhi

    Nicky is going full sweat mode cause he doesn’t wanna be embarrassed in front of 2 pros and 1 actual pro

  • Gian Braza
    Gian Braza

    "There a sniper under you tfue" Tfue" i only have a pistol" Activates aimbot

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    ريَّان بسول

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    فارس صلاح

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  • FlappyFN

    I can't stop laughing on 6:45

  • elijahnator

    Tfue and bugha worthy of the video title but not a professional football player.

  • Poopy Playz [Official]
    Poopy Playz [Official]

    Tfue + Nick + Bugha = _unstoppable_

  • Logan Deml
    Logan Deml

    Nick: i don't have any mats As he places a ramp

  • Vamp

    jamal thoguhghgh

  • Ojas Kulshreshtha
    Ojas Kulshreshtha

    OMFG I peed my pants is that the real jamal??????????????

  • Zhafran Abimanyu Purbaya
    Zhafran Abimanyu Purbaya

    Tfue: "i only have a pistol" *triple dinks kid*

  • Spectral YT
    Spectral YT

    This is how many times jamal died

  • Good Looking Bastards
    Good Looking Bastards

    i love how relaxed bugha sounds all the time

  • Legendary Dude
    Legendary Dude

    well, There is too much sweat in this game and i cant handle it. lol. Nice VID BTW

  • plxqz simps for Rainy
    plxqz simps for Rainy

    This how many times they had to revive jamal || || V

  • Winston

    Bro tfue was trying so hard to not swear

  • Isaac Castro
    Isaac Castro

    1:32 he aimbotted him

  • مروان ذمام
    مروان ذمام

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  • Eric Samples
    Eric Samples

    dude i love jamal 😂


    bugha talk

  • XxCrackedxXBTW


  • XxCrackedxXBTW

    Did Biggs even talk though

  • Connor Oates
    Connor Oates

    The last of us low key the best game there is, it’s so sad 😞

  • Khaled AL DUraibi
    Khaled AL DUraibi

    Nick eh30

  • SGS Clan
    SGS Clan

    Nick you inspire me to be sooo good at games like you and to win money and just one of my biggest interaction ur the best

  • Jaxon on wii
    Jaxon on wii

    He’s playing with Jamal adams and doesn’t even put him in the title 😖

  • Aggra Does ART
    Aggra Does ART

    My last names adams

  • The Purple Twash Byn
    The Purple Twash Byn

    If nick pins my comment, I will have 555 subs before I release my content

  • Christmas

    Nick: *HIDES IN A BUSH* LazarBeam: *SEES THIS VID* "yeeeet!"

  • Joel Gravano
    Joel Gravano

    OH MY GOD ITS FAZE BUHGA Like if you know where that's from

  • adam vlashi
    adam vlashi

    My name is adam

    • Shane Welling
      Shane Welling

      Don't remember asking

  • FBI_Account

    you should make a team togethert if you could !

  • FBI_Account

    you are so good together!

  • Jarad.juice_wrld.999

    Who’s watching In 2020

  • Perhaps


  • Eric Robb
    Eric Robb

    And they are still better than me

  • Eric Robb
    Eric Robb

    They are calling seven hours a lotWhen I play for 14

  • ItzDylan Playz
    ItzDylan Playz

    What’s the song called

  • Yuzzy

    What about Jamal Adams?

  • Surya Faith Hung
    Surya Faith Hung

    who made the thumbnail?

  • The Ultimate Legends
    The Ultimate Legends

    10:17 he talks about Kobe little does he know Kobe is gonna die

  • Crimzy

    The whole video: bLEEeEeeEeEeEeEeeeeEeEeEeeP

  • Use Code Dylan
    Use Code Dylan


  • Benmaster

    I might just be weird but I love it when buggy laghs

  • 0_ Seismic_0
    0_ Seismic_0


  • Maria Sotelo m
    Maria Sotelo m

    Bro tfue was laughing so hard

  • Tristan

    6:43 best moment

  • Spencer Wheaton
    Spencer Wheaton


  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    Who is turner in the start

  • Shobe Playz
    Shobe Playz

    bro ur old thumbnails make me laugh lol the jpeg

  • Jet1Games


  • Rocko 0805
    Rocko 0805

    Who’s here after Jamal Adams went to the Seahawks?

  • NINJA rrustemi
    NINJA rrustemi

    Faze bugha: 2018 2019 i love tfue 2021 I HATE TFUE

  • Flurk :D
    Flurk :D

    (Jamal Adams biggest hitter in the NFL)

  • Tymira Bell
    Tymira Bell

    I love how when nick is playing with them and when he gets a kill he doesn't care if they get his loot but when I'm playing with my friends and they kill someone even if pick up one shotgun shell HEY THAT'S MINE DROP IT OR I'M LEAVING THE GAME

  • SF boi
    SF boi

    It a wenegade waider

    • SF boi
      SF boi

      If you say that you will have a renegade in your game next day

  • BTY HY6R0
    BTY HY6R0

    You should play with me

  • Marvelous Gamer
    Marvelous Gamer

    This man doesn’t even care that he’s playing with someone that might be in football I don’t know I don’t watch it

    • Marvelous Gamer
      Marvelous Gamer

      He might be a professional football player that’s what I mean I don’t know I don’t watch football

    • Fusion Secrets
      Fusion Secrets

      Fortnite fan 3746 wdym

  • aiden gutierrez
    aiden gutierrez

    I love your videos

  • Peppo Molnar
    Peppo Molnar

    Bugha never talked

  • kemuel rivera
    kemuel rivera

    nick eh 30 is the best fortnite player you guys probably say no but he is the perfect player he has skill and hes smart

  • Boss gaming yt
    Boss gaming yt

    Bugah over here nick has no mats and nick kills the guy

  • Brutal Outlander
    Brutal Outlander

    It looks like they are playing scrims

  • Lazerr lv
    Lazerr lv

    Jamal: I’m playing with some goats rn TEN YEARS LATER wow


    Minute 1:24 controler player

  • Muhammad Karzun
    Muhammad Karzun

    This was an insane video

  • un3nemy

    This man Jamal says right now he's too busy to go back to LSU, but then says he has a lot of time if he wanted to stream right now in the off season. Makes sense.

  • Vanish Period.
    Vanish Period.

    0:23 bush eh 30

  • Данил Джуренко
    Данил Джуренко


  • Payton_ketnor12 Ketnor
    Payton_ketnor12 Ketnor

    Gueax tigers

  • Timur Cadir
    Timur Cadir

    You forgot to mention jamal

  • Ivory FN YT
    Ivory FN YT


  • Salvin Alosachi
    Salvin Alosachi

    Can you guys remember the OG pump

  • im wylantar
    im wylantar

    Nick got so uncomfortable when jamal was talking about girlfriends

  • VoidzFN YT
    VoidzFN YT

    That’s not the real tfue he does not have numbers in his name

  • KNG offline
    KNG offline

    Is Jamal the guy that beat the hell out of a pig?

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson

    When your streaming on twitch and die to them... I actually did

  • Jash Desai
    Jash Desai

    Who is here when Jamal Adams in now in the Seahawks

  • Shirley Taylor
    Shirley Taylor

    In a cash cup but a like 2 years oga

  • Shirley Taylor
    Shirley Taylor

    Nick u played with tfue

  • BigAsianAdam_

    The intro song i can just hear nick singing, 😂

  • Jason's Highlights
    Jason's Highlights

    Jamal Adams to the hawks

  • beastmod3 football
    beastmod3 football


  • The Amazing Abi
    The Amazing Abi

    Imagine someone called tfue tissue and bugha buger

  • chokdhen Norsang
    chokdhen Norsang

    True only needs a pistol to kill a squad

  • PLEBEX & Miki
    PLEBEX & Miki

    You play with Tfue in Season 3 or 4

  • Austin Chuenmark
    Austin Chuenmark

    Surprised true didn’t curse

  • يارا مرح
    يارا مرح

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  • إسراء منيفة
    إسراء منيفة

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