Things Fortnite players say when they die...
EVERY SINGLE DEATH in Fortnite Chapter 2...All my Fortnite deaths since I started playing Fortnite Chapter 2...
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  • Tachy clapy
    Tachy clapy

    Every other fortnite player: loading excuse.EXE Nick eh 30: Speaks henchmen

  • Maya Hamilton
    Maya Hamilton

    I Watch nick eh 30 all day



  • WulfyTheGamer7 OwO
    WulfyTheGamer7 OwO

    Mom: Get off of your video games and go play with the kid next door! The kid next door: 0:50

  • Slurp Vids And Streams
    Slurp Vids And Streams

    You forgot to mention “he’s hacking he’s actually hacking

  • Tonethree13 Editing
    Tonethree13 Editing

    The first clip the where did she come from Jesus set her down like what

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    Why did they show the last clip he won that one

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    1:19 that guy was either a stream sniper or he was trying to finish the clip

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    0:49 Real Footage of Hulk Eh 30


    Correct title: Things Nick Eh 30 says when he dies I’m sure u know what others say when they die 😝😂

  • аPѳC ѳп КБѪ
    аPѳC ѳп КБѪ

    A four year old crying will make me laugh more than this

  • Nathaniel Randazzo
    Nathaniel Randazzo

    Can there be a you vs typical gamer 1v1

  • Sebas The Simp
    Sebas The Simp

    This should be called the best nickeh30 rages

  • Saber Boy
    Saber Boy

    I think he played better in season 8 LOL

  • MrDoge

    Ya ba da ba do is not what fortnite players say

  • LaserBeam

    Big L

  • Your Fellow Kriptic
    Your Fellow Kriptic

    I love how he gets head shot sniped and then uses the skin that killed him in the next clip

  • Rumaan-_-

    Nick: Im still vibing Shark: Are you sure about that

  • araAbmommy

    0:32 I’m stuck

  • Speedy PB
    Speedy PB

    i think these are only things that nick says when he dies no one else 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyday with Ethan
    Everyday with Ethan

    2:43 What kind of reaction is that?

  • LittleSwirl

    I am 9 and I only have 1 win I need ur help.

  • LittleSwirl

    Nick I have mogul master and I want to friend u can u turn off auto decline friend request plz I want us to play together


    3:52 love the laugh nick 😂and good weird face it’s better than mine 9:22

  • মোমিন আহমেদ
    মোমিন আহমেদ

    00:25 my fav

  • Melissa Horning
    Melissa Horning

    1:09 my fav

  • PlaysX YEET
    PlaysX YEET

    Who see that nick has 10 mats 6:49

  • SV Sami
    SV Sami

    Super Why: the power to read. Nick Eh 30: the power to rage.

  • shyam jethva
    shyam jethva

    Nikki 30 did you know that season four is out in my world the Nikki 30 skin the tournament is here

  • WonderWay YT
    WonderWay YT

    Doesn’t everyone just love nick?

  • Beto Soto
    Beto Soto

    You can tell he wants to swear

  • Streams Hokori
    Streams Hokori

    It's the friendly reactions for me 😂

  • Brayden Hughes
    Brayden Hughes

    Hey Nick a 30 I love you you’re all your videos can we one V1 sometime


    My mind when weld 0:29

  • Ewanstien Dy
    Ewanstien Dy

    This is the only time he dies

  • Shah Newas
    Shah Newas

    When he dies he walks away and is like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhHhhHhHhhHhHhhHhHhHHh

  • Jomar Contreras
    Jomar Contreras

    4:29 if that is not instant karma I don't know what is

  • Lewis Perry
    Lewis Perry

    “Things Nick Eh 30 says when they die” u mean XD

  • Thanos Jk
    Thanos Jk

    I scream like a girl when I die lol

  • 999Cheezy

    Nicks reactions crack me up 😂 i love you man you hilarious❤

  • Frozty10k

    SLtoos getting really conformable with these double ads

  • lil_rotan_ 1
    lil_rotan_ 1

    Faze nickeh30

  • Agustina Hernández
    Agustina Hernández

    at 2:54 u have to pause so quck the shot gun is in his face xD


    Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  • Legend Frosty
    Legend Frosty

    I like how positive he is and his reactions are the funniest

  • Никичан 34
    Никичан 34

    Pump-28 hp head THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE

  • Clyde422

    2:44 😂

  • The Fusion Clan
    The Fusion Clan

    Nick is the best

  • Osayro Urizar
    Osayro Urizar


  • Benjamin GIBBS
    Benjamin GIBBS


  • Anime God Landon
    Anime God Landon

    We got to appreciate that in these clips nick eh 30 is using his ultimate positivity and didn’t curse once

  • thicc boi
    thicc boi

    Notice how the video isnt on topic at all

  • Preeyu N
    Preeyu N

    0:50 boogie bomb just cam on ur face

  • m lemons
    m lemons

    Shut is this video like I’m dying it’s much you’re the big video Crips

  • 369 Miless
    369 Miless

    Why does he dance when he rages

  • bruh dude
    bruh dude

    U r good but everyone dies its a game

  • Toby Reese
    Toby Reese

    you are a rage quter

  • Luke Freeman
    Luke Freeman

    We all know nick eh 30 is good right.

  • anime_havoc54

    this is pre-recorded

  • Aʏᴍᴀɴ Aʙᴅᴀʟʟᴀ
    Aʏᴍᴀɴ Aʙᴅᴀʟʟᴀ


  • Aʏᴍᴀɴ Aʙᴅᴀʟʟᴀ
    Aʏᴍᴀɴ Aʙᴅᴀʟʟᴀ

    HAHAHAAHH when nick eh 30 dose thoes funny actions it makes me laugh XD I RAGE SO LOUD WHEN I DIED ITS ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Minejacob

    You should be called the no rage man

  • Kevin Quintana
    Kevin Quintana

    This is my favorite #10:19

  • NBA36

    That's so funny 🤣 the DaBe u duu

  • Agent Nooby
    Agent Nooby

    Bruh you got small palm lol 1:18

  • Mary Florence
    Mary Florence

    I like you I am I can I know I like you I don’t but boyfriend mom was Lincoln do it I do I know you’re

    • Lewis Perry
      Lewis Perry

      You make no sense

  • Mary Florence
    Mary Florence

    I like you I am I can I know I like you I don’t but boyfriend mom was Lincoln do it I do

  • Okify

    Bruh these sweats are dum the only reason to dance is if they eliminate u in an epic way

  • eyan sameh
    eyan sameh

    and i pot cod nick eh 30 i the item shop

  • eyan sameh
    eyan sameh

    can you plz play with me fortnite my name is Amensameh_Xx

  • Maayo π
    Maayo π

    Nick eh 30 is so insane he doesn't even have to sweat.

  • Sniperland

    Look Nick rages but atleast he never swears

  • TheGamingKid

    I don't know why but every time I fight against someone with a pump I get 1 pumped

  • QWR

    I was having a bad night and tried to watch some body to get better but it wasn’t working until I remembered the best YouTubr nick much love to nick And this vid is so funny it made my day

  • Mr. Mozz
    Mr. Mozz

    2:25 my landing spot 😂

  • Renee Kemp
    Renee Kemp

    What about controller playaaasaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • Nrg.riftzz on tiktok
    Nrg.riftzz on tiktok

    Bruh the guy why a full up sea monster first clip LOL

    • Nrg.riftzz on tiktok
      Nrg.riftzz on tiktok


  • Jennifer Fisher
    Jennifer Fisher

    Y does it say land at yacht after every time nick dies

  • Banana Powers
    Banana Powers

    Kid: Hey, I have a clip of my greatest trick shots and kills! Top that Nick: Well... I have a clip of my greatest deaths... SLtoos: GET THIS MAN A PLAY BUTTON

  • Jmc Baconッ
    Jmc Baconッ

    Imagine me waking up with 100 subs

  • Arram Ahmed
    Arram Ahmed

    2:41 "That's what she said"

  • TheBaxon

    Hey nick eh 30 Did You Ever see a person singing Chicken wing chicken chicken wing and dance bc i sawa video if u and u were in it i think If you did heart this and pin

  • ACE

    Nick gets sniped by a person 1:23 and the next clip hes using the skin 1:33

  • Jade Yt
    Jade Yt

    I’m from stream

  • Ducky's WRLD
    Ducky's WRLD


  • Devante Stewart
    Devante Stewart

    1:32 - I couldn't tell that there was a *transition* because in the next cut he ended up wearing the skin he *died to!!!!* (Put SIMPly!!!! Lol XD)

    • Devante Stewart
      Devante Stewart

      @iTzVioL3ntK1tTeN love, I'm glad! Lol Ikr!?

    • iTzVioL3ntK1tTeN love
      iTzVioL3ntK1tTeN love

      Same! Lol I came here to comment this and got distracted by other comments and found this one lol I was like wait what and went back.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    0:55 hey look some loot hey look no mats

  • Joseph Ko
    Joseph Ko

    Nick: this is an easy kill loses the fight let's just pretend that I won that

  • cookie

    Has nick become ninja 2018 2:35

  • Noah Mallalue
    Noah Mallalue

    Ikr and the best editor

  • Cryptic Yt
    Cryptic Yt

    Nicks face on the first one is priceless

  • Carlos Tamayo
    Carlos Tamayo

    Nick can we play

  • Full Inversiones MR
    Full Inversiones MR


  • cool dude
    cool dude


  • Ronnie Wetherby
    Ronnie Wetherby


  • RoG_Powertale

    The new TSM Myth king of fall damage

  • King Jizzam
    King Jizzam

    The clip at 8:10 has to be the funniest one

  • UE_ Phantvm
    UE_ Phantvm

    This was hilarious

  • Eu Cop
    Eu Cop

    My fav is when he died

  • acrabbyyabby

    1:02 when your name is Yabby lmaooo

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