Fortnite...but you win by STEALING LOOT?!
Fortnite Hungry Hungry Hippos! Catch the Loot with Fishing rods! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
🎵 Song in Video: Tokyo Machine - Journey (from Monstercat)
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    Sad for the blonde girl deufult that fished up a c4

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    Kyle Kelly YT

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    The guy you killed had a purple item

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      You Saaaddd

      Because he is streaming and they are watching him on his stream


    4:37 is 2nd time fall damage 😂


    Lol 2:27 had me like 😂🤣💀

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    Justify Banana

    Who else gets sad when you hear the outro music 🎵 oh ok just me

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  • Mikeanthony Rascon
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    that guy is SAVAGE!!!!! 4:35

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    Finzy's stepsis Ûµ

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    Uriah I love your channel Reardon

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