3...2...1...go! (Try not to die CHALLENGE)
99 Defaults vs 1 Pro with a SNIPER RIFLE! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Official Eh Team merch is dropping on April 1st!! :D

    • Twistyッ

      This was the best video you made about snipers Keep It Up!

    • Tyler is qt Knight
      Tyler is qt Knight


    • Banana Reborn
      Banana Reborn

      I thought that was a joke...

    • NoShieldYad

      Nick Eh 30 you should do it with then insta reaload method by dropping weapon

    • Grim Reaper
      Grim Reaper

      Thanks for always being so clean, nice, fun, honest,everything, you are a truly nice man

  • Sarah Silva
    Sarah Silva

    I love your content nick it cheers me up thanks for the videos

  • Noah Apple
    Noah Apple

    He was cheating

  • CraZe_Javii

    Yo i just realized that he has 12,409 health 12:03

  • shado kid
    shado kid

    3:40 cheater

  • Take1_

    you should do trivia fortnitemares


    5:52 😭

  • -Phoenix-

    *"Reload My Children"*

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    SenZe_ Mxst

    Karma at its finest 5:50

  • Roberth YT
    Roberth YT

    Nick why did you not make a vid that they have to run a way and you have to hit them with your pikax

  • CorruptFN

    Nick they couldnt realod because they did had ammo

  • Becky Carey
    Becky Carey


  • Unknown 5196
    Unknown 5196

    6:21 how am I missing U meant How I am not missing*

  • Puppy Stormz
    Puppy Stormz

    Use code nickeh30 in the fortnite item shop


    my dream is 100 subscribers can you help a brother out

  • OVarie Woodall
    OVarie Woodall

    try not to die soumds like a normal fortnite

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    Heather Peterson


  • Focus YT
    Focus YT

    5:49 karma

  • Chiki Chicken
    Chiki Chicken

    His combo is 🔥

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    EthanGotMilk Lee

    no u didnt get any

  • EthanGotMilk Lee
    EthanGotMilk Lee

    7:33 not supprsed its heavy

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    Dr Hydro YT

    Sub to Dr Hydro YT

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    Lucas Murphy

    That was alot if explaining

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    Lexiefortnitepro 2020


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    Saud Omar

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    AQUA CY43Rツ

    5:52 is karma😂😂

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    Cabezita Delimon

    Can I be in one of your challenges

  • Cabezita Delimon
    Cabezita Delimon

    Can I add you

  • Cabezita Delimon
    Cabezita Delimon

    Can I add you

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  • M Francisco
    M Francisco

    5:48. Karma

  • Todicom

    5:52 Can’t stop laughing

  • Brittney Ortiz
    Brittney Ortiz

    Can you be my friend on fortnight my user name is VIP are Aiden

    • Brittney Ortiz
      Brittney Ortiz


  • Luke the Poser
    Luke the Poser

    12:08 why does he have 12000 hp

  • Saber Tooth Gamer
    Saber Tooth Gamer

    I remember when the heavy sniper did way more damage those were the days

  • Yvng Marco
    Yvng Marco

    Could y’all agree nick makes this game no so boring as normal

  • Dominic Jajua
    Dominic Jajua

    Nick add mee my name is Easyshooter03 on fortnite plssssd


    You had 42 kills in this game.

  • Nicholas Karbon
    Nicholas Karbon

    Nick should host a fashion show

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    Kou Xiong

    Zombies but with snipers

  • Gone-hunting Gonzalez
    Gone-hunting Gonzalez

    Nick: Hahahaha!!!!!! Nick: does to fall

  • Wilfrido Sandoval
    Wilfrido Sandoval

    Your just so good at fornite i bet i can beat you

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    Echo Main

    This would be good with the new reload glitch

  • Cool Chris 0111
    Cool Chris 0111

    889 comment!

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    Lola Glasgow


  • Brandon Aquino
    Brandon Aquino

    5:02 he trying to dodge them bullets😂😂

  • Zpc


  • Jayden CP
    Jayden CP

    Tbh nick is starting to make me wanna play fortnite again cus of all this he is doing it looks well fun

  • Moose

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  • ooo I
    ooo I


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    Liam Nguyen

    Team nick

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    MxZombie 81

    Props to that reload man he was killed a very bad death

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    Frenchandenglish Animations

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    Xvivaxx -_-

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  • Frank Rondon
    Frank Rondon

    I just found out he uses defaults that's why he wins

  • Tazboy 2009
    Tazboy 2009

    Nick forgot to drop the sniper ammo

  • Faze’s chicken
    Faze’s chicken

    Who is here after the heavy sniper got nerfed

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    Three crown Gaming


  • Pez


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    Ethan Larkman

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    Baseball Life

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    someone that has a google account


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    W4YN3_ThE epic Gamer

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  • Layton Gerhart
    Layton Gerhart

    Hold up suppressed pistol is back

  • Alejandro Romo
    Alejandro Romo

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    Izzy J

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    Rashmin Pandya

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    Zaffar Qayyum

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    F1shy Th3 g0d

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    fortnite creative should honesty be able to have 100 players. this will make it easier for content creators to make awesome and fun videos like these

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    Agron Cibuku

    Playing snipers only snipers vs Runers

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    Ce Non

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    Yaneli Hernandez

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    Jacko sucks

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    The way he saids naruto makes me mad

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    The Overtime Dudez

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    stone cold

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    Lomavitu Boys


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    leydi amaya

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    leydi amaya

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    ifacetimeopps 999

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    AJ Allen

    He’s pretty smart at coming up with ideas like this and making them into vids

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    MiloHS Gaming

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1,1 mio.