We got all the Lightsabers on the map and then did THIS...
Every single person has a lightsaber! 3...2...1...FIGHT! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Dom Periant
    Dom Periant

    Only people who remember Nick from his edit god days can like.

    • Not Seanyboyy
      Not Seanyboyy

      How can someone not like this man

    • 88 Prestyq.
      88 Prestyq.

      Lakers Fan 2018 don’t edit the comment you will lose the pin

    • GZ F4llZ
      GZ F4llZ


    • lukxr

      @Nick Eh 30 lol

    • uniqveroses

      @Dom Periant Of course, he has the verification tick.

  • Logan P.
    Logan P.

    that scream made me laugh HARD!!

  • Rasheed Ry M. Gaddi
    Rasheed Ry M. Gaddi

    Nice content Nick!

  • Brayden Komola
    Brayden Komola

    Austin powers is fire

  • SRTta Gaming
    SRTta Gaming

    I love the kid that screamed xD

  • DynastyDinosaur

    This is just like the battle of geonosis 😅

  • Maddox Della Morrow
    Maddox Della Morrow

    I love your videos❤️

  • Halo _
    Halo _

    Nick is the most positive man I have ever seen

  • Pls Unhide Me Chizz Ur Great
    Pls Unhide Me Chizz Ur Great

    Remember When Nick Played *TLOU*

  • Wolfy huntress
    Wolfy huntress

    Kid: Yo Nickeh30:........ kid: NICKEH30!!!!!!

  • LiamNardo

    You the best at fortnite

  • itsJamsn

    the screams just made me so happy

  • ChargingRhino Games
    ChargingRhino Games

    How did they get lightsabers?

  • Solar _Heymarz
    Solar _Heymarz

    Nick try’s to do a event and it dose not work out but he makes up for it by some highlights keep up the great work Nick. USE CODE NickEh30

  • Webb Lathan
    Webb Lathan

    Who agrees that nick is the best

  • BeAN BoY
    BeAN BoY

    Why does he spend like a minute on the main subject then switches to highlights for the rest of the vid I didn’t click here to watch some highlights

  • The Overtime Dudez
    The Overtime Dudez

    2:24 when i get earape

  • Sk1ppy X_X
    Sk1ppy X_X

    Try making a montage your clips are fire

  • Blade_hade Yt
    Blade_hade Yt

    Hi nick I’m a big fan can you please add me I use your creator code in the item shop and I subbed and liked all your vids

  • Jan Adema
    Jan Adema

    Tried to make it spectaculair 1:25 😂

  • koen yt
    koen yt

    I love you

  • howmanykidsareinthe basement
    howmanykidsareinthe basement

    I am starting to question if nick plays on pc

  • Roo and Kai
    Roo and Kai


  • Fortnite Sweetland
    Fortnite Sweetland

    Is their sultans.

  • Cloudz

    Rocket league song?

  • Cillo

    Kid: “I WAS WATCHING BEFORE I GOT ON OMG OMG” Nick: i just started but ok

    • AJ The Gamer
      AJ The Gamer

      Cillo nick was more than one video

  • Jokr

    Also I was trying to remember where I’ve seen the background music u have and I realized it’s in rocket league lmao

  • Jokr

    When u make a montage of people swinging lightsabers lmao, jokes aside love the vids

  • lilmil

    don't include random gameplay clips

  • Cooper Jesson
    Cooper Jesson

    Funny thing is that he click baits him self kinda

  • Leslie xoxo 15
    Leslie xoxo 15


  • The King Of Bubbles
    The King Of Bubbles

    I laughed so hard I got a nose bleed 😂

  • ____

    Just 1 subscriber from 5mil

  • Christina yates
    Christina yates

    Nick I am one of your biggest fans your the best SLtoosr 💓

  • ImPacsy

    That ramp play so smart bro

  • motion ghost
    motion ghost

    I like how i just got a noti to this vid and it came out 5 days ago

  • RTS Rckless
    RTS Rckless

    On a scale of 0-0 how bad are the bosten bruins

  • uniqveroses

    They should add the lightsabers to creative.

  • qt_clap_ Em
    qt_clap_ Em

    He posted this 5 days ago but there is a trap!!!!!!!

  • RandomLC

    All the people in game chat are the reason I don’t play anymore

  • H3X0 Combatz
    H3X0 Combatz

    Can I just say what happened to nick eh 30 and hogman I miss that so much legit

  • Anthony Bevilacqua
    Anthony Bevilacqua

    I love when your so positive about when things go wrong


    2:40 nick hits him with AR. The one kid: yo this kid is spamming me

    • Frost_EmojiZ


  • Esther Morrison
    Esther Morrison

    Do you allow me adding you

  • Golden Eric
    Golden Eric

    How do you not rage I rage a lot :( lol I have to stop raging I always Break my mics lol

  • Jaime Daines
    Jaime Daines

    He tried to make the lightsaber thing at 1.25 look cool but it was mega lame

  • Ethan Laciano
    Ethan Laciano

    Nick eh 30 you killed my friend at grotto at 5.34


    im a huge fan, i see you on a gaming show called player select and thats why i subscribed


      pin this if your cool and a god at fortnite

  • RPT_slash-and-burn

    Nick won’t heart this

  • Dustin Brown
    Dustin Brown

    nick is the king of snipes

  • Owen Videos
    Owen Videos

    Nick your editing on this videos is really good

  • Hannes Waterson
    Hannes Waterson


  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez

    Didn’t lifesavers leave the game

    • Benjy Thorpey
      Benjy Thorpey

      Did you really just call it a lifesaver lmao

  • Protostar

    Man thanks so much for using my song!!!

  • Yousit

    Play with coL some more

  • Harry on iOS
    Harry on iOS

    It’s just highlights now

  • Aaron Morrick
    Aaron Morrick

    Yeah at least me and him remember

  • Pedro Duarte
    Pedro Duarte

    All i want to do is play with you lol like that one video with the body guards please 🥺

  • Nathaniel Eldridge
    Nathaniel Eldridge

    nick is the best

  • DJ Lipski
    DJ Lipski

    Nick: Queue the Austin Powers meme Lol that was so funny 😂😂😂

  • Kimogan

    Hey nick love the edits! Keep crushing it!


    Pls can you play with me I beg you username aakanksh2017

  • Just Some Guy Without his Power Pole
    Just Some Guy Without his Power Pole

    Dude everyone is using the Galaxies music now its poggers

  • FSJ

    When you realize that Nick Eh 30 is in your game.

  • DooM ψ
    DooM ψ

    How did you get light sabers

  • Vert1x

    This is how manny peps like nick

  • cheaterkasey_ yt
    cheaterkasey_ yt

    When are you gonna put clix is code you made like 10 videos and it is still not there

  • Josh Padrnos
    Josh Padrnos

    Anyone else missing just the old gameplay?

  • Nhl_Canucks

    Rip Jenn Casey 2 hours away from my house

  • NRA alpha
    NRA alpha


  • officalguffyelegant

    Since How Did They Get Lighsabers Damage Traps And Sneaky Snowys

  • zeina shaheen
    zeina shaheen

    Why da rocket league music doe???

  • John Moehling
    John Moehling

    Apex season 5 is out

  • deebish on ios
    deebish on ios

    5:32 that was me

  • JordanPlays

    Nice u gotta look up a guy called schoolboy on youtube, he looks exactly like you!! He does arm wrestling btw :)

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    Yo I really want to play with you dude it will be awesome right

  • spucy udon
    spucy udon

    Get to 5 mil Nick!

  • NeverX


  • Eoin McCaul
    Eoin McCaul

    Lightsabers are gone nick

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    Burim Asllanaj


  • Dohyeong Kim
    Dohyeong Kim

    can you add me please nick my user name is bhouse

  • Dohyeong Kim
    Dohyeong Kim

    use code nickeh30 no space

  • NP - 06RC 778437 Sunny View MS
    NP - 06RC 778437 Sunny View MS

    sick idea i would never have thought of that and i sent you a dm btw

  • DPro_Cranks 007
    DPro_Cranks 007

    Hi can you coach me please my epic is savage spammer9

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    R osales

    Did he get a girl pregnant?

  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez

    I just sub to you l love your videos

  • Owen Altshuler
    Owen Altshuler

    Who else is watching instead of homework

  • Driftin X
    Driftin X

    My man Nick puts a whole montage every time he posts with the edits

  • Uncle Tommy
    Uncle Tommy

    I wonder since he played the last of us if he is going to play the last of us part 2

  • Madden Guthrie
    Madden Guthrie


  • Charlie Yorke
    Charlie Yorke

    Triple dink when did nick go controlla 👀😂

  • without name
    without name

    You edit your videos super cool

  • Tmb r10t
    Tmb r10t

    I wanna see a handcam of nic eh 30

  • Hydro

    Hey nick are you gonna do a 4mil sub special. Your only 40k away. I would love to see something cool!

  • Killxzyz

    Hope everyone has a great day during these roughy times Btw look at my name

  • FLIX

    Not a huge Fortnite guy but you will always be enjoyable to watch nick sorry for the late sub I’m subbed to you on my other email but aye ur a goat man

  • Bryan D
    Bryan D

    Lightsabers aren't in the game for me

  • Phinx Gaming
    Phinx Gaming

    Nick is punisher you’re new duo parter and why are you not playing arena with replays anymore? Love ur content keep it up hope u respond!❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌

  • Ali Mahmood
    Ali Mahmood

    how do you guys still have light stabers is you're game I don't have them?

  • jesus vazquez
    jesus vazquez

    No more those things today