100 player Fortnite Trivia #10...Marvel's Superhero AVENGERS edition in Fortnite! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • LenixTJ536

    Tom Holland is best

  • Alma Loya
    Alma Loya

    5:53 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Nitrum Galactus
    Nitrum Galactus

    Tobey Maguire is the WORST spiderman he’s so cringey and stupid and can’t do any stunts

  • Finfam Flint
    Finfam Flint

    Na fam it's to Holland because he is only the only young mcu caracter

  • AG3ENT Nólsoy
    AG3ENT Nólsoy

    I love you nick

  • TheTick

    Korg encountered noobmaster69, thats why they were not choosing

  • Brandon Michaca
    Brandon Michaca

    There gonna make a movie of the three spider mans gonna meet

  • SC_ Gordo
    SC_ Gordo

    People who got the questions wrong are not real marvel fans

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C

    Tom Holland

  • Raye Sheppard
    Raye Sheppard

    Cap weren't first to lift it, it was vision

  • KaiPlayz

    Who other Than Thor and Captain America could pick up Thor’s hammer Hint : Movie = avengers age of ultron

  • Brandt2Smoov

    If you were spider man nick eh 30 you would make everyone laugh and be the best spider man.

  • Reid Trahan
    Reid Trahan

    I literally spent five minutes searching hulk chasing shreak and know I feel dumb

  • Skyler the Warrior
    Skyler the Warrior

    Tom Holland is the best spider man

  • TristMart Games
    TristMart Games


  • Vanessa Brammer
    Vanessa Brammer

    tom holland is better like vid if you agree

  • Reafresh 220
    Reafresh 220

    I like Tom better

  • Infinite Kodiak
    Infinite Kodiak

    Nahhh Andrew was the best Spider-Man

  • Sasquatch PD
    Sasquatch PD

    It was actually Black Widow who was first not Star Lord

  • Landon Ramsey
    Landon Ramsey

    Doesn’t mention Andrew Garfields spiderman

  • Anthony The kid
    Anthony The kid

    I think tom holland is the best

  • Lindsey Bussey
    Lindsey Bussey


  • BunBun games
    BunBun games

    It was not starlord it was Black Widow

  • Ccgamer 67
    Ccgamer 67

    Nick is the bast SLtoosd in the world

    • Ccgamer 67
      Ccgamer 67


  • Ccgamer 67
    Ccgamer 67

    I like Tom hollen

  • Gso


  • Detro Yt
    Detro Yt

    I like Toby maquire but I love tom Holland sos nick

  • Mourad thebeast
    Mourad thebeast

    Tom Holland on top

  • George B
    George B

    U cant pick up things in the air lol they still would of lost

  • SWB Pro
    SWB Pro

    If those players are on controller, they don’t have a setting to crouch while in edit mode

  • Seha Poul
    Seha Poul

    Korg was the first to encounter noobmaster69 and the first avenger aside Thor to hold mjonir was vision

  • graeme cave
    graeme cave

    Hi peeps

  • ZensCraze

    “I don’t feel so good Mr.Stark.” Tom Holland.

  • lula terry
    lula terry

    you killed the last too on purpose

  • Ryne Winsett
    Ryne Winsett

    4:10 I take that offensive

  • Brian Singh
    Brian Singh

    i honestly would have got all of those questions right then loose at simon says

  • Golden Gamer Games
    Golden Gamer Games

    10:17 Its because you cant crouch if you have your blueprints out

  • Laura Richmond
    Laura Richmond

    You could get spider man as a custom skin in season 3

  • Jean-pier Polnoreff
    Jean-pier Polnoreff

    For those of you wondering, Domino is dead pools partner in the second movie in the X-Force. Her power is luck and she was one of the first females to have a main combat role in a marvel movie because bw was delayed

  • xd bluedog
    xd bluedog

    Does he realize that not all people can crouch while in their building menu

  • MSA Clan
    MSA Clan

    Andrew garfield

  • Lazer Star
    Lazer Star

    No u r not

    • Lazer Star
      Lazer Star


    • Lazer Star
      Lazer Star


  • Efor YT
    Efor YT

    1:57 it was none it was black Widow who was available

  • Efor YT
    Efor YT

    1:57 he really put batman in there he's DC 🤣

  • Natalia Markus
    Natalia Markus

    Tom Holland is the best

  • Sebastian Matthew
    Sebastian Matthew

    For me i love tom holland pls dont hate

  • mohaned aljamal
    mohaned aljamal

    naaaaaah i like tom holand more

  • FFL faze modify FFL
    FFL faze modify FFL


  • x2 golden
    x2 golden

    I love peder prcker

  • Andrew Gallagher
    Andrew Gallagher


  • king clang
    king clang

    4:33 Have you ever felt emotion

  • Sebastian Horton
    Sebastian Horton

    The first marvel skin was black widow way before star lord

    • Handerson Meneses
      Handerson Meneses


  • Sterlin Whiteley
    Sterlin Whiteley

    Nah Tom Holland is THE BEST

  • Luke Duque
    Luke Duque

    Andrew Garfield was my favorite

  • Andrew Bevan
    Andrew Bevan


  • Supa_SizzlerYT

    Black widow was added first

  • Bannanaguy2008 The pro
    Bannanaguy2008 The pro

    I love nick

  • dylan Kiendra
    dylan Kiendra

    What about vision he could hold the hammer

  • Alan Esquivias
    Alan Esquivias

    5:53 this is soooooooo funny and it is night time for me 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😁😁😁

  • Brandon Mayorga
    Brandon Mayorga

    Tom Holland

  • Martin Sitariu
    Martin Sitariu

    Ha ha

  • ShieldedDart

    He was wrong on the second question. It was the rock guy. I forgot his name

  • Genesis Rodriguez
    Genesis Rodriguez

    It was Spider-Man dump jk

  • James M
    James M

    5:55 dude i was scared

  • Marie Moenig
    Marie Moenig

    Tom holland

  • Maddox Bersie
    Maddox Bersie

    actullay vision picked up the hammer

  • juan Diaz
    juan Diaz

    Nick i agree that toby was the best spider man actor because i loved him because i loved him in spider man 2

  • xlheadshotTikTok

    Hulk wielded mjhlnoir in comic books

  • xlheadshotTikTok

    No it’s Korg

  • Nicholas Videos
    Nicholas Videos

    poo poo

  • Hayden Herbert
    Hayden Herbert

    Pizza time

  • UNKNOWN clan
    UNKNOWN clan


  • Flor Bernardez
    Flor Bernardez

    He said which was the first marvel skin Batman or star lord first of all Batman is DC second of all black widow was made before star lord LOL

  • Tareq Dawas
    Tareq Dawas

    Tom holland is the best actor for spider man

  • Lynette Cook
    Lynette Cook


  • brayden playz
    brayden playz

    Tomholand is beter

  • Lucyjane Mk
    Lucyjane Mk

    tom holland

  • Anders Skovbo Larsen
    Anders Skovbo Larsen

    Spider man has Been in fortnite as a promo skin

  • Scott Crites
    Scott Crites

    2:26 actully captain america and thor aren't the only worthy ones so is vision i remember he just casually lifts thors hammer gave it to him and was like ok lets go guys time to kill some bad guys and everyone else was just like ...😐 ok that happened

  • Mega Savage
    Mega Savage

    Can you give my comment a heart

  • Boruto Uzxmaki
    Boruto Uzxmaki

    1:57 none because black widow was the first

  • Cortney Sheppard
    Cortney Sheppard

    My name is Riley

  • Cortney Sheppard
    Cortney Sheppard


  • Emily Bjelland
    Emily Bjelland

    tom holland the best

  • Isaac Dray
    Isaac Dray

    nick you cant crouch with blue prints out on controller

  • Jack

    At 5:45 so funny to me could not stop watching keep it up EH Team

  • Nasra Hassan
    Nasra Hassan

    Most people have their keybinds as something like combat pro so they cant crouch/uncrouch with builds out

  • Ayaan Imran Malik
    Ayaan Imran Malik

    Tom Holland

  • Eubo28

    Technically Thanos had his gauntlet on both, left in infinity war and right in endgame so both are right

  • Site

    Nick Eh 30: Tobey Maguire is the best spider man Me: Your Wrong Bro All Spiderman Actors are the best

  • Brian Cedriq Del Rio
    Brian Cedriq Del Rio

    There are 17 marvel characters

  • Sølø

    tobey maguire was the best OG spider-man actor

  • Jose Jamiel Cimanes
    Jose Jamiel Cimanes

    tom holland

  • Spxrkify

    Domino is x men

  • Spxrkify

    I did not like toby but 2 was good but Andrew

  • Heather Huff
    Heather Huff

    Nic: He is the best around and nothing is gonna bring him dow Me: I understood that reference

  • Nick Slack
    Nick Slack

    Tobey maguire he is good but I like tom Holland more

    • Lian Quince
      Lian Quince


    • Claire Cox
      Claire Cox


    • Jennifer Hodges
      Jennifer Hodges


    • Flor Bernardez
      Flor Bernardez


  • Gaming God
    Gaming God

    He is wrong it is Tom

  • RKC Kade
    RKC Kade


  • Hampton Carter
    Hampton Carter

    For the second question korg was actually the one who encoutered noobmaster

1,7 mio.