100 player Fortnite Trivia #10...Marvel's Superhero AVENGERS edition in Fortnite! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Jack Walbyof
    Jack Walbyof

    I Would Say I Like Tom Holland More

  • Haardik M
    Haardik M

    I like tom holland better I unsubbed as you like to be more tom holland us the best

  • Leo Jimenez
    Leo Jimenez

    Please Everyone Read The Bible Porfavor Todos Lean La Biblia. The Holy Bible.

  • jay flame
    jay flame

    Nonononono black widow was realeased a day before starlord

  • IQ xGamingod
    IQ xGamingod

    2:50 this is just so funny


    I think Tom Holland is better

  • Anthony villalobos
    Anthony villalobos

    1:22 no its korg bc he said It that noobmaster69 kid again.

  • Fawzan Ahmad
    Fawzan Ahmad

    Actually for the question at 1:00 it’s Korg who encountered Noobmaster69 and told thor


    Miles Morales is the best spider-man come on

  • Veer Mehta
    Veer Mehta

    Ant man is in the game right

  • Judah Maryles
    Judah Maryles

    I like Tom Holland because he is in the mcu

  • Ethan Braden
    Ethan Braden

    The reason I dis liner ur vids is bc I a old video said am I toxic yes no I said no couple mins later u said do u think u are a positive person on fornite and laggit tried ur hardest to kill him in bulrush so I’m not gonna waits my time on a mean toxic SLtoosr

    • Ethan Braden
      Ethan Braden

      If u don’t reply idc but still say something if u want

  • Saira Gill
    Saira Gill

    I hated tobey maguire

  • Phillip BTW
    Phillip BTW

    Tom holland

  • tpf_halcyon

    tobey was a great spiderman

  • Tony Clement
    Tony Clement

    "My favorite spiderman actor is Maguire!" Me:"Unsubscribes immediately and clicks out the video"

  • Braxton Byrd
    Braxton Byrd

    5:24 look at nick eh 30s character

  • Melvin Lewis
    Melvin Lewis

    Nick eh 30 I just realized that u r kinda getting old lol

  • Alixe 117
    Alixe 117

    Toby miguare is the best

  • Abdullah Shaikh
    Abdullah Shaikh

    tom hollad

  • sid's amazing video's
    sid's amazing video's


  • trooper on sticks
    trooper on sticks

    the second question is wrong it was Korg not thor

  • ethan evans
    ethan evans

    toby for the win

  • Fletcher Donovan
    Fletcher Donovan

    I knew all of these I am serious fan

  • Brady Menard
    Brady Menard

    I like both of the spider-mans

  • Oh_No_Its_Elmo

    People cheated bruh

  • Shaxdow_clipZ_ Chontelle
    Shaxdow_clipZ_ Chontelle

    Tom Holland’s the best WHAT

  • ttv claPs 134
    ttv claPs 134


  • Theraymanmaster

    On console rotating builds and crouching are the same Button say they have to switch

  • Garrett Block
    Garrett Block

    1:00 is both wrong

  • Deku All
    Deku All

    No tobe he just the best

  • Anders Eby
    Anders Eby

    tom holland

  • Noa Ramirez
    Noa Ramirez

    Are you glitchy or do you not know how to speak

  • Yadhu K
    Yadhu K


  • Austin Waggoner
    Austin Waggoner

    i love tobey i watch all hes movies i love spider man 3 and 2 and 1

  • Mikey Lots
    Mikey Lots

    T5G intro bro

  • rasta nex
    rasta nex

    Uh nick you clear good

  • yoshi esdarto
    yoshi esdarto

    black widow was before star lord

  • J Edwards
    J Edwards

    I got them all right

  • Jet Wone
    Jet Wone

    I bet season 5 will have tilted and salty

  • Vatsal-_-pokharel

    Mine is tom And tobe

  • Potato Potato
    Potato Potato

    I would of won every round

  • SsnipzZ

    Actually Thor didn’t encounter noob master 69 it was korg

  • Jennifer DeBaun
    Jennifer DeBaun

    Bruh korg met noobmaster

  • LeoAnimations

    Me who knows marvel well: ima bout to end this mans whole career

  • Weigi The Player
    Weigi The Player

    The second question was wrong. Corg the rock man was it.

  • Damian Van Atter
    Damian Van Atter

    Black widow came before starlord by 3 days

  • Cheryl Hoskins
    Cheryl Hoskins

    Word hurt u know

  • Charlotte Wentworth
    Charlotte Wentworth

    My name is Parker

  • Aiden Master
    Aiden Master

    Trog a

  • Noel Tesfaldet
    Noel Tesfaldet

    Tom Is Always The Best

  • Rag1ngd3ath 666
    Rag1ngd3ath 666

    1:23 it’s actually Korg the rock person he meats him first then Thor says those amazing lives to him

  • Dallas Beshea
    Dallas Beshea

    Nick y are you so mean

  • F A D E T E M P E R
    F A D E T E M P E R

    It was Korg who encountered noobmaster69

  • Conner Redhead striker
    Conner Redhead striker

    And if you can’t feel the emotion in the scene your a robot

  • Conner Redhead striker
    Conner Redhead striker

    Tom Holland because he had some of the best emotional scene and I may not have cried but I nearly died on the inside

  • ollie pro
    ollie pro

    Tom Holland

  • joannegodinet


  • Jerry Berry
    Jerry Berry

    yea start lord was the 2nd marvel skin black widow was the 1st ever marvel skin in fortnite

  • Zarif Umar
    Zarif Umar

    Nick is an rabbit

  • Blade Watson
    Blade Watson

    Black widdio was first day before starloard

  • H20 BoltZ
    H20 BoltZ

    People have to take their blueprints off to crouch if they are on controller they could change that keybind but didnt

  • Fïsk

    0:56 trick quistion it was one of Thors friends

  • Slushy shifty
    Slushy shifty

    tom holland so underrated

  • Conrad Bourne
    Conrad Bourne

    Tobey all day

  • Nejah Y
    Nejah Y


  • Keilan McGuire
    Keilan McGuire

    tom is the best

  • Spider-Man Gaming
    Spider-Man Gaming

    Wooo me and nick are the same I got all questions right and I love tobey too

  • Soba


  • Faze bomber99
    Faze bomber99

    Raaaaaa u better stop

  • Marquis E
    Marquis E

    Black widow came out before starlord

  • Red Devil10
    Red Devil10

    Spider-Man was added for PS4

  • Red Devil10
    Red Devil10

    Tom Holland funnyer and better acter

  • True Legend
    True Legend

    Tom h

  • Colton Bowen
    Colton Bowen

    but spidey hasnt been added so it was a trick questiont im just keep up the good work nick

  • monte almaguer
    monte almaguer


  • Faze Droxz
    Faze Droxz

    Tom Holland is obv better!

  • Irene Encarnacion
    Irene Encarnacion

    8:00 so sad

  • Adrian Kumar
    Adrian Kumar

    Nick watch Avngers again man. Korg the rock guy, encountered NoobMaster69 and Thor just said all that jazz

  • Brettbrettbrett Brettbrettbrett
    Brettbrettbrett Brettbrettbrett

    Tobey maquire gang-__________>

  • Zion Hanks
    Zion Hanks

    i hate when the ppl don't jump off

  • JaxKrew

    Wasnt actually Thor who encountered him, it was the pebble guy

  • ComputerDude08

    My boy Andrew

  • FinleyGaming 12
    FinleyGaming 12

    There is no end credit scene in a Endgame

  • Ajani Cameron
    Ajani Cameron

    The first marvel skin what is Black widow OG

  • Yo Xero
    Yo Xero

    Fun fact: vision was the first to be worthy to wield Thor’s hammer

    • Trif0rce H3r0
      Trif0rce H3r0

      Captain America was able to lift it before him, he just didn't because of Thor's ego

  • Zyro zybro
    Zyro zybro

    Tom holland

  • James Hickman
    James Hickman

    family friendly legends have foretold that nickeh30 still hearts comments

  • LandonsRandomStuff

    Actually the first marvel character in fortnite was black widow

  • Conor Meehan
    Conor Meehan

    I agree with you about tobey

  • Gabriel Guerrero
    Gabriel Guerrero

    I like your videos I like and I subscribe to your videos

  • Anastasia Gaiduc
    Anastasia Gaiduc

    people changed the answers im so mad bruv

  • Teresa Hudson
    Teresa Hudson

    Dude it’s neither the rock guy did and even that hulk was there with thor

  • TSB Glitch
    TSB Glitch

    At 5:53 i was dead lol 🤣😂🤣

  • Nathanual Seeley
    Nathanual Seeley

    andrew is the best

  • Gabriel pastore
    Gabriel pastore

    I know why nick preferred Tobey over tom, because he is not dumb

  • Mohammad Albibi
    Mohammad Albibi

    First marvel is black wedow

  • frost bite pete
    frost bite pete

    No it is actually andrew Garfield for it

  • Douglas McDonough
    Douglas McDonough

    5:53 umm. Ok


    What about Andrew Garfield?