You look up and see this...
Fortnite...but landing my truck on 100 players and eliminating them in 1 second! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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    Do u have a work job or something

  • NXZ E P I C PlayZ YT
    NXZ E P I C PlayZ YT

    4:24 When nick said u feel like ur something??? It reminded me of a song that i can sing and its like when u feel like ur something but u wanna be nithing all i wanna say is yeah😂 and on 5:24 I LAUGHED TO DEATH BRUH WHEN HE FREAKED OUT WHEN THE FOOD WAS TOO HOT😂😂😂

  • Cortney oneal
    Cortney oneal

    If i seen a truck going to land on my head in call of duty Modern warfare im going to be like: after i get out the gulag I'm gonna get put in it again

  • Plasma Dayz.
    Plasma Dayz.


  • Rioghan Walsh
    Rioghan Walsh


  • Rioghan Walsh
    Rioghan Walsh


  • Rioghan Walsh
    Rioghan Walsh


  • Vanessa Itzep
    Vanessa Itzep

    And officially nick eh 30 has worlds biggest kill record

  • jayden hong
    jayden hong


  • Amanda Gutierrez
    Amanda Gutierrez

    8:30 had me dying

  • Affan Shaikh
    Affan Shaikh

    2:19 who saw wolverine or a this >> ! at 2:19

  • Cruising with Caleb
    Cruising with Caleb

    Who is watching this when stark industry's??? Like if you are:)

    • Cruising with Caleb
      Cruising with Caleb

      Is out

  • Saransh Agrawal
    Saransh Agrawal

    What do you do when you do not know the way And you meet 100 players that also do not the way U make 39 of them being crushed by truck U make the left of them go to the same box While u order them what to do Let them know you re the boss And lastly get ehmazingly satisfying kills

    • Cameron Nees
      Cameron Nees

      Ehmazingly lol

  • Pranavv

    Nick do U edit yr videos?

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    "I should light him on fire" - Nick Eh 30

  • Dr Claire Poole
    Dr Claire Poole

    I now you just want to kill players with a truck for fun you just like seeing people die i fort you where a nice guy.


    When nick sees people teaming

  • king bob
    king bob

    nick eh keep up the good work

  • Jt Games
    Jt Games

    I was dying laughing the way he said “oh my god” when his remote went into the portapotty 😂😂😂😂

    • Seansters321

      Same lol😂

  • Shred 12
    Shred 12

    Fortnite in 2021

  • NotDroxy

    Anyoen hear that grapper noise

  • 999youngcactusjack k
    999youngcactusjack k

    For some reason this is satisfying

  • hoomem

    Nick be like: *vroom vroom, you go bye bye*


    Mickey 3 I want you to do something on Web train shluagh if you have play with any 254 yet to get one life so if you have play with auto you 2 hours before you gotta get a like OK if you don't Dan nickey 30 I'm sorry i want you to get sympathy 1000 likes what is video slow yeah ,.

  • Dawnx A
    Dawnx A

    Please don’t look at my name

  • lilmil

    Finally no more 3 minute videos hiding in 20 minute videos If u know u know Nvm it was

  • lilmil

    Does reply mode not work for anyone on ps4? Because it hasnt worked for me since like last chapter.

  • Future Gators
    Future Gators

    6:48 lol

  • Ghostly Sins
    Ghostly Sins

    Hello, I’m a big fan of yours. I like that you don’t use bad words and your really calm and nice when you die. And since you don’t curse I get to show my parents and friends this. Continue making entertaining content and respectful.

  • Frannybobobata The sweat
    Frannybobobata The sweat

    Nick why in every competition everyone uses the default

  • Naitik Navadia
    Naitik Navadia

    And fortnite my username is NNRULES on fortnite too

  • Naitik Navadia
    Naitik Navadia

    My name is Nnrules

  • Naitik Navadia
    Naitik Navadia

    Nick can you add me in Discord

  • Stay positive
    Stay positive

    How is there an upgrade bench in the middle of the road

  • Fire Games
    Fire Games

    Someone puts a upgrade bench in the middle Nice eh: drives him over God:instant karma Me:wow

  • Cason Ray
    Cason Ray


  • Cason Ray
    Cason Ray

    You ate a flopr

  • Cason Ray
    Cason Ray

    NO YOU Didn’t

  • Galaxy Cduffey
    Galaxy Cduffey

    10:24 penny wise be like

  • Galaxy Cduffey
    Galaxy Cduffey

    10:25 penny wise be like

  • Fire Earthworm
    Fire Earthworm

    2:00 that’s what I call parallel parking

  • Amberdyne Cerna
    Amberdyne Cerna

    I love you so much you make me smile when I need a smile I been watching you seens you start season 1 and you smile is everything you you make me laugh

  • Brooke Boyd
    Brooke Boyd

    my little twine brothers birthday is in september 27 my smoller brother whaches you every time

  • XoltZ

    To whoever is reading this comment : May you and your family live a long and happy life and also don't forget to wear a mask when going outside ❤️💙💚

  • Samurai & Vesel
    Samurai & Vesel

    ive only seen that nicks viewers does not grief in customs

  • The LavaBros
    The LavaBros

    i swear on meh life i will not stop commenting on your videos well ill try too until u stream on youtube because i dont have twitch yet

  • Josh claps you
    Josh claps you

    there was one shot did you swim in that mode?

  • Damiyan Morales
    Damiyan Morales

    Me watch this:😱🙀 Nickeh30:🥱😐 super good

  • ingrid lajara
    ingrid lajara

    My sister loves your videos

  • Vortex on cracked
    Vortex on cracked

    Nick, Your my favorite streamer you have inspired me to become a SLtoosr ur the best my guy hope you have a good day

  • Naeco Bleu
    Naeco Bleu

    3:07 I should light him on fire nick eh 30 2020 season 4 chapter 2 # relatable

  • Gamerberget

    3:52 thats actually me lmao 😂

  • XyoboyX

    It was fun being there NickEh30

  • Apple gaming fun
    Apple gaming fun

    Nick is always happy

  • The Jedi Knight
    The Jedi Knight

    This season has to be the best! There’s just so much content to be made🤩🤩. Well done epic 🔥

  • Dylan Muters
    Dylan Muters

    What’s that other game Called ??

    • TYHSS Flames
      TYHSS Flames

      No prob

    • Dylan Muters
      Dylan Muters

      TYHSS Flames thanks homie I’ve been liking for days tbh

    • TYHSS Flames
      TYHSS Flames

      Among us

  • MaxiBubba


  • MaxiBubba

    I’m the 1k commenter

  • Noxz


  • Noxz


  • cesar

    upload among us gameplay!!!! we don’t want fortnite anymore

  • Patathoofd

    @Nick Eh 30 I bought out west and Rollie with you’re code

  • Amanda McGillian
    Amanda McGillian

    It makes my day after school I am a super fan have been watching for 3 years

  • Pro Master Gamer
    Pro Master Gamer

    When nick see’s a tiktok that says what is your most kills you’ve ever got :nick about 36 or 46

  • HkUnknown

    nick if u see dis can u do a fashion show i luv them cuz its such good content

  • TheAaron King
    TheAaron King

    Code Nickeh30 no spaces in the fortnite itemshop PLEASE AND THANKS.

  • Lee Homer
    Lee Homer


  • FNCS qwxz
    FNCS qwxz

    Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin


  • Camm

    Nick should make an montage like if you agree

  • Yurified

    Not hating I’m a supporter but the customs are starting to get boring like I just wanna see some normal pubs or arena even a montage


    i know inglish and spanish gwey

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020

    3:49 that feeling when you’re one hit on round 50 and you’re running past the Hurd of zombies 😂

  • LH Tolman
    LH Tolman

    Another great video nick.I love how your videos are edited. Can’t wait for your next stream.keep it up.😀😍

  • R 4 I N
    R 4 I N

    Can u pin this comment pls Nick Eh?

  • chickvibs

    I wish nick pinned this comment :(

  • jacerr.

    You know I watched this man since season 2 and now I’m growing up and I’m getting to old for the vids but you will forever be in my heart and prayers nick and I hope the best for you in life and that nothing stops you from the dreams goodbye

  • AceFist2k19


  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres

    I guess that's a big fish 🤣

  • Nolan Franco
    Nolan Franco

    Hey nick I was the kid who had the flu about a year ago and I really wanted to play with you for a few months

  • ItzElla_Gxcha


  • Spencer Taylor
    Spencer Taylor

    They got crushed

  • Tyler Cho
    Tyler Cho

    What does he stream on?

  • Gangy

    How does nick not get copyright?

  • Ali DERBAS
    Ali DERBAS

    Anyone join fish clan

  • Bxbc Dbbd
    Bxbc Dbbd

    Hey nick I’m a Xbox player on keyboard and mouse and I’m wondering what’s the best way to get a pc cause mine broke and I’m trying to become a streamer

  • FlorPP

    Who else here wants nick to play control😃

  • ErickDoseThings

    My sister hates me for some reason she always try to make me mad and im color blind and i got a aqua mixed with a gray and she keeps testing me to see if i get the right color then she came in and said is this the same color witch it was to me at least then i said yea then she said NO ITS NOT then i said OK WHATS WRONG ABOUT IT then she said THAT ITS NOT THE SAME COLOR then said WHY DOES IT MATTER and i started crying mid sentence and for some reason she has a problem with color blind people and im still crying really hard but you make me happy

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman

    Why do you still play fortnite

  • Div_HotBistro

    “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” Good luck

  • Ezzhigh

    fan fact : Cotton candy was invented by a dentist.

  • SenetForSenate

    There’s a reason the people are in last because they don’t know how to play but your in last

  • Psyshchoツ

    You should try again play valorant 🙂

  • lain yeet
    lain yeet

    Why does Nicks hands looks so small

  • StormiPwl

    Budget version of: what would you do?

  • Gamer boy 1
    Gamer boy 1

    Make another video of metal and brick

  • Kritonas Louca
    Kritonas Louca


  • Fortnite K
    Fortnite K

    For the 1% seeing this have a blessed day

  • TheAlphaTeamPlays

    Theory: Nick just wanted to complete his vehicle damage challenge

  • Lincoln Luavasa
    Lincoln Luavasa

    Damn ppl still play this game lol