This is basically a Fortnite SKYBASE - The Last of Us 2 (Part 16)
The highest sky bridge in all of The Last Of Us 2! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 16 of 25!
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  • Gabriel Joshua Litonjua
    Gabriel Joshua Litonjua

    1 Question How did he Lev not get severe back pain on the fall into the glass

  • Daniel Starkey
    Daniel Starkey


  • Kevin Chavez
    Kevin Chavez

    15:26 don’t mind the voice crack

  • Maria Villarruel
    Maria Villarruel

    Nick. You. Tray controller. on. Fortnite

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    Haha lev is a good brother. See how she jumped?

  • phil erup
    phil erup

    Jeez, just how any time have you accidentally discharged your weapon in this game!

  • xMaRc _
    xMaRc _

    18:57.... nice nick😂

  • Aqua, the guy that games
    Aqua, the guy that games

    Imagine this in vr and first person

  • Vili Mäkelä
    Vili Mäkelä

    Nick keeps callin lev she tho lol

  • rainbowcatz

    22:50 just wait to the sounds of nick turning to clicker

  • IG Elixerrz
    IG Elixerrz

    18:52 was funny when it can out the wall his reaction was priceless

  • The Yeetster!
    The Yeetster!

    Nick: I'm not gonna look down *looks down* Nick: AHHHHHH

  • the commenter
    the commenter

    Abby = finally after getting across a death and fought a bunch of infected in a building we can finally get yuria med and call it that. Lev= abby we have to take the skybridge back Abby= oh God why

  • Robert Zavala
    Robert Zavala

    The wise man once said “I want to open that vault and I’m gunna open it”

  • Scythnix

    4:19 Anybody else notice what's on his water bottle?

  • Carson Skelton
    Carson Skelton

    “Women” “Look at her butt” “Hello beautiful”

  • The Alex Reyes
    The Alex Reyes

    I wonder if half the comments are on Nick refereeing to lev as she lmao


    Omg I am dead were they be a WiFi password in the lady bathroom he is focusing on finding out if theres A lady’s bathroom WiFi password for them 😂😂😂😂😂😐💀💀💀💀🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


    lol where did she go 😂💀

  • Dyzek Kalinowski
    Dyzek Kalinowski

    He asked where did he go while the ladder was in front of his face

  • Major FNP
    Major FNP


  • Sleeping Bed
    Sleeping Bed

    Nick lev is a boy lol

  • ?? Zayzy
    ?? Zayzy

    at 22:58 i thought his screaming was a clicker LOL

  • Sparky

    You can't compare this beautiful game with... Fortnite😬

  • dotun akinola
    dotun akinola

    I love how Abby is still able to swim with a bag full of shotguns rifles pistols and other things to make her heavier.

  • Tumblejack

    26:30 thats what the kid said nick lmaooo? he wished he didnt shave his head and instead wished he just ran away

  • daniel can do it
    daniel can do it

    1:50 nick are you weak and are you’re arms heavy is there vomit on your sweater already?


    I shouldve waited and watch you instead, i mean u were a great mp player but im stuck watching radbrad (not that thats a bad thing)

  • qt serzy
    qt serzy

    Yo guys how cool is last of us

  • Justen Barocio
    Justen Barocio

    Nick “Look at her butt!” “Ew” hahahah come on family friendly hehe

  • Jahvarus Barrera Walker (751JahBarr)
    Jahvarus Barrera Walker (751JahBarr)

    Nick messed the flame thrower

  • I have a 5 string guitar but you can call me Dan _
    I have a 5 string guitar but you can call me Dan _

    Lev’s a he

  • Bay Bay
    Bay Bay

    lev is trans! his name was lily but he "shaved his head" and changed his name and ran away. my guess is that its not welcome by their prophet. the seraphites are kinda like christians, the lady they paint everywhere is their "god" and she created a text for them to follow.

  • phannwhite


  • phannwhite


  • phannwhite


  • phannwhite

    OH NO

  • Alex Wing
    Alex Wing

    Stop comparing everything to fortnite

  • Cooper Yates
    Cooper Yates

    NIck THeRe SwEArInG

    • Nick Eh 30
      Nick Eh 30

      But I’m not! 😉

  • Mark Rigg
    Mark Rigg

    Take your time part 17😴

  • TS_ Cryptic
    TS_ Cryptic

    I thought this channel is family friendly lol, and yes I started watching last of us now.

  • Renleaffbi

    Im a big big big fan

  • Colton carroll
    Colton carroll

    Seriously, post the next one already 😫😡😂

  • MillionSteve 103
    MillionSteve 103

    Why did u have to stop it there! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I don't like cliff hangers. Whhyyyyyyyy? I can't wait for the next episode.

  • Falah Alhuwaila
    Falah Alhuwaila

    Nick watch your damn mouth 16:48

  • mustiesockz 2006
    mustiesockz 2006

    When he dosent realise that u cant see stalkers with listen mode

  • Tom Glover
    Tom Glover

    Do more fortnite vids

  • Jaxson Daigneault
    Jaxson Daigneault

    I love this series

  • Kappa _Cyco
    Kappa _Cyco

    When is the new last of us video gonna come out


    2:40 I thought this channel is family friendly 😂

  • HyiKai

    Nick just wondering do i beep out the swearing: Nick Nah

  • Creative Woke
    Creative Woke

    And btw nick best youtuber ever

  • Creative Woke
    Creative Woke

    Nick you should do a instant replay everytime you get jumped scared 😂

  • Fracture

    I was watching this last night and I can’t remember any of it

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    Where is the last of us two 17part

  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson

    Every time Abby falls off something, I laugh. Every time.

  • Max s
    Max s

    The holy hand granade of antyock

  • Max s
    Max s

    The Great hand grande of antyock

  • Max s
    Max s

    Well jump scared

  • Max s
    Max s

    Nick im scared

  • Timmithy Vang
    Timmithy Vang

    How do you play this. The first time i played i got dizzy and quit the game, but part 1 is the best.

  • Oppo Flickz
    Oppo Flickz


  • the youtube wierdos lol
    the youtube wierdos lol

    Hey nick why are the last 3 vids are privet

  • Des Tro
    Des Tro

    lmaao i like how he thinks Lev is a girl and calls him her all game long

  • Xtrym Venom
    Xtrym Venom

    Bruh when he said look at her but

  • Camalama Dingdong
    Camalama Dingdong

    I thought u were family friendly

    • Masta Jay
      Masta Jay

      It’s just that this game isn’t he still is on FN if you don’t wanna see it don’t watch it

  • Ok buddy Dude
    Ok buddy Dude

    22:54 He sounded like a clicker

  • Ayman Khalil
    Ayman Khalil

    Me: why is nick not uploading on fornite Nick: I hate fornite now I play last of us it’s better Me: nick plz upload fornite content plz plz nick

    • Masta Jay
      Masta Jay

      He did twice

  • glizzy lop
    glizzy lop

    is he uploading a episode today ?

  • Muzhgan Sadat
    Muzhgan Sadat

    Nick can you make more fortnite content plzzzz.....

  • Ryan Safar
    Ryan Safar

    Just try not to look down HOW

  • BlancA RamøS Ψ
    BlancA RamøS Ψ

    terrible content

  • Awesome T
    Awesome T

    Ummmm WHY JUST WHY what are these views tell me why dude this is the Eh team we need more views it makes me so mad and sad😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • jalal ammar
    jalal ammar

    where is part 17

    • Masta Jay
      Masta Jay

      Hopefully it comes out soon

  • Zuki

    Abby : falls Nick : laughs hysterically

  • Bertie GG
    Bertie GG

    hey nick i bought your gfuel starter pack

  • FaDeD_Joshua

    Petition for Nick to stream a gameplay session so people can call him out when he's being oblivious (Oblivious in a funny way 😉)

  • Sam Morris
    Sam Morris

    your thumbnails are terrible

  • Qycho

    Am I the only one who waited all day for this?

  • KappersznFN


  • Samirrr

    Nick eh 30 is the type of guy to but effort into his work

  • X4nZy12

    I thought this was a family friendly channel

    • Masta Jay
      Masta Jay

      It is, this game isn’t tho... if you don’t wanna see it don’t watch it

  • Penny Murray
    Penny Murray

    I use your code in the item shop

  • Carson Watson
    Carson Watson

    Love your channel love this seireis

  • Eliwi

    So, I know you're a big TLOU fan, I've been following you ever since your Factions gameplay vids.. but I just gotta ask, why do you keep calling Lev her/she? The game clearly states Lev is Yara's brother, Abby and Yara call him he/him. It seems pretty disrespectful considering Lev himself says that's what he wants to be called.

    • Eliwi

      @Masta Jay all right, thanks. Kind of a dumb "joke" but I get what he's doing now.

    • Masta Jay
      Masta Jay

      It was a joke. He said it to trigger people in the comments. He tells yah that in the vid

  • Lorra M
    Lorra M

    Can you ❤ me on the vid im sub and liked to all vids

  • Team PTW
    Team PTW

    he was calling lev a her to get more commentsssssssssss

  • Jacoby Taylor
    Jacoby Taylor

    Nick swears at the begging at the video

  • DxStRuCtion_YT

    I hope your having a bad day I'm not talking to you I'm talking to Donald Trump

  • TikTok Videos
    TikTok Videos


  • Ezekiel Moreno
    Ezekiel Moreno

    Why did the team say a phrase I’ll

  • Jensen Davies
    Jensen Davies

    3:48 did he just say the S word?


    im just sittin and waiting for part 17

    • Νίκος Παναγιωταρόπουλος
      Νίκος Παναγιωταρόπουλος

      do you know what time it comes out eu?

  • kidjai Playz
    kidjai Playz

    18:53Nick wow look at that guys😅 zombie: COME HERE BOI!!! Nick:Holy s***😖😱

  • Sparky YT
    Sparky YT

    I have never seen nick eh 30 play a swearing game that swears

    • Masta Jay
      Masta Jay

      He started his channel with playing the last of us. So his channel started with swearing but when he started playing fortnite he went family friendly

  • xSL1C5D

    17:40 bruh

  • Zaihd Castro
    Zaihd Castro

    There is a guy on tiktok that looks like nick eh 30 but is really short so he calls himself nick eh 15

  • S.S master
    S.S master

    6:02 17 38 7 That's the code

  • clout vlogs
    clout vlogs

    I am so clost to you nick

  • Hobostick228

    Everyone of his thumbnails has like the exact same face.