Fortnite GLITCHES that will get you banned...
Nick Eh 30
Here's all the glitches I've seen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4...(Glitches #3)
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  • The A-BOMB
    The A-BOMB

    So you can get banned for moving your mouse and making a lamaโ€™s eye move?

  • The A-BOMB
    The A-BOMB

    *does out west* No one : Nick : lOoK hE Is dOiNg tHe rEneGaDe

  • Anime is A reality
    Anime is A reality

    Nick made the build invisible with out tryhard editing

  • Fahed Bendaif
    Fahed Bendaif

    Driving like an Arab

  • Gebre Tamaso
    Gebre Tamaso

    I already new how to go under water at steamy stacks

  • Banana man Alex
    Banana man Alex

    Your ping is probably bad

  • I Pug
    I Pug

    Hehe 1:28

  • Caleb Sayers
    Caleb Sayers

    Some kid did this in arena and still died to me lmao

  • Speakingpluto24 Gaming
    Speakingpluto24 Gaming

    Go to 8:50 its funny and cool

  • Rowan Mureddu
    Rowan Mureddu

    When I was drinking a big shield potion it was like ten times bigger than me

  • bashy61988

    nick EH? 30

  • Team Lucky
    Team Lucky

    *does out west* Nick: heโ€™s doing renegade

  • Joshua 10RH
    Joshua 10RH

    I like that Nicks like what glider is that on the stark bot then itโ€™s the default glider.

  • Alexander Sakellaris
    Alexander Sakellaris

    Title: *_Glitches that will get you banned_* Video: *_Guy dancing on is it zip line_*

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    The good thing is he's not getting ban

  • Teagan Mathis
    Teagan Mathis


  • HudBud Playz
    HudBud Playz

    Hi nick!

  • Pulse

    The screen shake happens a lot that happens every time someone dies in a 18 wheeler truck or it blows up

  • Raul Valdez
    Raul Valdez

    Nick eh 30 is a funny guy LOL

  • aaziz haji
    aaziz haji

    Switch to controler ๐ŸŽฎ

  • CLX cozmiq
    CLX cozmiq

    Am soo late

  • 37kDelayed

    Is it just me or does nick have a charge in the last clip (He might be playing unvaulted)

  • ThunderGamer_65

    The glitch where you can here music outside of the car actually happend to me and I was confused and that one time you were swimming and you got a bigger point of view happend to me to.

  • Preeyu N
    Preeyu N

    8:47 fast and furios

  • Rafael Tapia
    Rafael Tapia

    im late

  • Barbspongebob

    Just break the rock

  • Gregory The Gamer
    Gregory The Gamer

    Who else came here for the levels glitch

  • Pak Memes
    Pak Memes

    get a poor internet connection everything becomes glitched

  • Logan Young
    Logan Young

    Nick do you not care about copyright from thoses songs?

  • Viper

    Well the iron man gantlet glitch will get me banned or just a joke

  • Sm0k3 d3ath
    Sm0k3 d3ath

    6:12 sheโ€™s not doing the renegade sheโ€™s doing out west

  • Britewyd

    7:35 press v and space bar

  • Khalid Al-Qahtani
    Khalid Al-Qahtani

    ุงุญุจูƒ ูŠุง ุงุณุทูˆุฑู‡


    7:34 Me: you have iron man repulsive gauntlet

  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez

    Nick your vids are sooo good I watch your vids all the time

  • Anna Seals
    Anna Seals

    i love this content



  • Seth Bobeth
    Seth Bobeth

    This is how many times he said "I'm confused" I I \/

    • Angad Sohi
      Angad Sohi


  • David Labree
    David Labree

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ it's the best how amazed nick is by everything

  • sha netta
    sha netta

    Sees a floating head in real life doing a cartwheel Me: MOMMY WERE LEAVING THIS STATE WERE ARENT DOING THIS CRAP

  • Tiffani Waltemire
    Tiffani Waltemire

    That thing when youโ€™re screen was shaking that was some nades far away

  • Among us Boy sus
    Among us Boy sus

    How did the road taste nick

  • Megan Ruf
    Megan Ruf

    nick do you have a dog

  • Boss LE
    Boss LE

    1:02 me in my secondary school swimming lesson

  • LazerDrooper Gamez
    LazerDrooper Gamez

    Why is this called Glitches in Ch2 S4 I jus5 saw nick with a tac shotgun

  • SapNap BeNappin
    SapNap BeNappin

    Why does this remind me of the bo2 days

  • Rako Rawezh Muhammad KGS
    Rako Rawezh Muhammad KGS

    Nick has the best laugh is the best

  • Schultz

    i drink a big pot with my friend:GLUGLGLGLGLGLGGLGLGLGLGL My friend:whats that crash pad doing Crash pad:they see me rolling crash pad:gets out of meme form 4:07

  • Alex TMX
    Alex TMX

    Omg I love u

  • Suthar Nama
    Suthar Nama

    7:35 Why donโ€™t you just use the gauntlets?

  • Amy


  • Suhaan Charniya
    Suhaan Charniya

    The see me rollin

  • Sara Olsen
    Sara Olsen

    I got stuck on that rock before at 4:52 I almost died...

  • Supro 3200
    Supro 3200

    I am Sultan

  • Hamad Abdalla
    Hamad Abdalla

    Drifty boy

    • Hamad Abdalla
      Hamad Abdalla


  • V8.MMIX. 2
    V8.MMIX. 2

    What is that song called when Nick is in the black limbo at slurpy

  • Christian Pearson
    Christian Pearson

    How will these get u banned

  • Harry Coles
    Harry Coles

    None of these could get you banned but they are really funny

  • Nugget X Led
    Nugget X Led

    Play doing out west. Nick: He's doing the renegade!

    • Janet


  • wild childs420
    wild childs420

    If you tap metal or brick with a car lightly it'll be invisible with a frame around it

  • Team shadow
    Team shadow

    The invisible floor is when you edit insanely fast

  • Princess Girl
    Princess Girl

    You are so cool

  • Bernardo Nieto
    Bernardo Nieto

    Man sead it was the renigayde


    Day one of asking youtubers for the Lachlan Bundle Username: Daboi9008

  • Jesus Nava Salmeron
    Jesus Nava Salmeron

    6:37 that is not the renegade its the out west

  • Ayden Hann
    Ayden Hann

    Only Canadians can like my comment

  • Howling Wolfโ€™s
    Howling Wolfโ€™s

    At 5:46 the car is haunted

  • Cat Gamer
    Cat Gamer

    8:47 tokyo drift

  • daniel ayino
    daniel ayino

    Just incase this tutorial isn't working for you!!! Quickly reach out to EXACT_HACKS on IG he unbanned my fortnite accountin 30 minutes. The guy is a professional

  • daniel ayino
    daniel ayino

    Just incase this tutorial isn't working for you!!! Quickly reach out to EXACT_HACKS on IG he unbanned my fortnite accountin 30 minutes. The guy is a professional

  • daniel ayino
    daniel ayino

    Just incase this tutorial isn't working for you!!! Quickly reach out to EXACT_HACKS on IG he unbanned my fortnite accountin 30 minutes. The guy is a professional

  • Gavin Shaw
    Gavin Shaw

    how come he's not banned

  • Mera Jonsey
    Mera Jonsey

    i like that tokyo drift song

  • Astral Jose
    Astral Jose

    Nick Iโ€™m a HUGE HUGE fan of you I almost watch you everyday

  • Wolf Vlogs
    Wolf Vlogs

    Nick: heโ€™s doing the renegade Me: itโ€™s out west

  • saleena sharaz
    saleena sharaz


  • Ashley Redknap
    Ashley Redknap

    Hey Nick the thing where the boat drives itself thatโ€™s happened to me in Fortnite once

  • Raghav Bagga
    Raghav Bagga

    Can you play at 9 p am

  • NRG realwolf
    NRG realwolf

    You are so cool the funniest video ever!!!!


    Who did @FaZe5 here

  • Andrew Ortega
    Andrew Ortega

    dats so cool

  • Andrew Brooks
    Andrew Brooks


  • Gaj Gostic
    Gaj Gostic

    this is becose you playing on oceania server

  • Migueioi


  • Jacob Bortz
    Jacob Bortz

    Can we play

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones


  • Team shadow
    Team shadow

    The invisible floor is whenyou

  • Datc YT
    Datc YT

    If we will get banned how you didnโ€™t get banned ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿง

  • john whitt
    john whitt

    Nick add me I can show a creative glitch user is deputyfiveoh

  • Keanu Paiwa
    Keanu Paiwa

    Nick you made brick invisible

  • Zaps EZ
    Zaps EZ


  • SP Flxps
    SP Flxps

    Hi guys I dropped a banger vid so if you guys can please check it out It would mean the world to me sorry for self promoting but itโ€™s the only way to grow I am so sorry Ik i will get hate but idc cuz I deserve the hate sorry everyone I swear this was my last option

  • M. Abdullah Khan
    M. Abdullah Khan

    Nickeh 30 you can do a high gravity glitch u take one crash pad and iron man glove thing you place a crash pad on flat land then u fly with the glove thing and then when you are in the air u have to bounce on the pad u placed

  • Dean Falsis
    Dean Falsis

    When the screen shakes itโ€™s a gorger

  • BH NotAyra
    BH NotAyra


  • Chris Diluzio
    Chris Diluzio

    Use the gotlet and doodle jump on to the crash pad and you will go flying nick

  • Marouane Faouzi
    Marouane Faouzi

    8:49 whats the name of that music

  • OK OK
    OK OK

    gift me at jabawibrothers ii have no skin for 6 months plsssss anyone?plss s๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Panic At The Disco
    Panic At The Disco

    LOL I am a big fan!!!!!!!!!

  • Tolli

    09:12 I has the same Today in a game!