Fortnite but...UNLIMITED AMMO?!
Fortnite...unlimited ammo glitch/bug! (Automatic reload glitch)
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  • B OI
    B OI

    This is more op on Fortnite mobile because you don’t have to go in to your inventory to drop weapons

    • Ballout

      Nick Eh 30 now I feel really bad cause the removed this feature AND fortnite mobile doesn’t exist because of apple

    • S4MUR41

      @Nick Eh 30 iusedcodenickeh30nospaces

    • Muhammad Sejfullah
      Muhammad Sejfullah

      This is why I should play on actually iPad instead of connecting my ps controller

    • Muhammad Sejfullah
      Muhammad Sejfullah

      Nick Eh 30 good one m8

    • Muhammad Sejfullah
      Muhammad Sejfullah

      True I’ll probably tell my friend that uses mobile

  • Gamer Muffinzz
    Gamer Muffinzz

    If this was still a thing I’d pick up dragon breaths more

  • Roxanne Luna
    Roxanne Luna

    i dont know how to drop the guns really fast

  • Max Velette
    Max Velette

    Imagine with the LMG

  • lilyjersy00

    3:47 the game is already 3rd person

  • Chiaki Harrison
    Chiaki Harrison

    Is his name

  • Chiaki Harrison
    Chiaki Harrison


  • Chiaki Harrison
    Chiaki Harrison

    My friend jaden wants to 1v1 you

  • getemz for team verge
    getemz for team verge

    I like how nick is like a teacher or coach when he does random duos xD

  • MrBlack ᎮåηէђΣг
    MrBlack ᎮåηէђΣг


  • Zaz

    Me watching this when this glitch is fixed

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    Nick ‘s highlights videos are epic

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    Me wattttttttttttttttttttttt

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    Nick eh 30 bro that’s acshelly crazy

  • Jake Savage
    Jake Savage

    What is that camera angle at first

  • Veronica Martinez
    Veronica Martinez

    Yoo imagine this with the lmg😧😧😮😮

  • Nilsac

    Its not infinite ammo it is instant reload

  • Destiny Joy Kornegay
    Destiny Joy Kornegay

    Jess your code mom's fhon

  • I am bored should b on tv
    I am bored should b on tv

    How does he play 100% hud scale

  • Abigail Gonzalez
    Abigail Gonzalez

    Nick my son watches your streams every day and he wants to no if you and him can be friends on Fornite

  • Tiffany Church
    Tiffany Church

    I want to play with you I shift_support

  • Cody Playz
    Cody Playz

    Lol who reloads in 2020!

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    I. Don’t. No. How. To. Spel please. And. Tak. You

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    Nice eh. 30 win bib. You strt you tob

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris

    7:40 is nick ok

  • EXO_ LTH20L
    EXO_ LTH20L

    the yellow jacket skin is my signiture skin nick btw i love ur vids bro keep up the good work:D :)

  • Aqua_Chipy

    Fish army Assemble!!!!! 👇🏻

  • Cinco Ocho
    Cinco Ocho

    Ik I knew this at first I thought it was a bug but I guess it's not

  • Chick-fil-A Boys
    Chick-fil-A Boys

    That is cooked !!!

  • Finn Butler
    Finn Butler

    are you ever gonna stream on yt again

  • NRL Big hunter
    NRL Big hunter

    Also nick just saying it still takes your amunation when you do the instant reload

  • Trippie Josh Ψ
    Trippie Josh Ψ

    The 3rd person happens in creative for me sometimes

  • Swety defautl
    Swety defautl

    it fix double pump too

  • xUltrax

    I got notifications 6 days later what is youtube

  • Ollie Cohen
    Ollie Cohen

    Nick your my favourite streamer of all time

  • Formal HoLo
    Formal HoLo

    Did yall know almost every PG youtuber INCLUDING NICK used to curse??

  • itzz ammopark
    itzz ammopark

    My epic is ammopark

  • Bahram Kargar
    Bahram Kargar

    Damnnn 240 fps whatttt

  • InMySightPEWPEW

    Epic: reloading is temporarily disabled

  • Awesomeguy4000

    Now infinite mats

  • Grey Berman
    Grey Berman

    Anyone realize that the music he played is from Rocket League?

  • Bart Simpson OFFICIAL
    Bart Simpson OFFICIAL

    my brother and i were doing dous and he was reloading his ar but then he accidentally picked up an smg and thought he had discovered a new glitch which he sorta did-ish but then i saw this on ur channel and realized lots of ppl knew

  • Cade Munson
    Cade Munson

    Does Nick edit his own videos cuz if he does, that is really impressive: they are really good

  • Oce Vade AU
    Oce Vade AU

    Can’t you get banned for that ... whatever I guess u can’t because they added that

  • The Wolfe Family
    The Wolfe Family

    Ur bad jk

  • Tueydo2479

    3:52 I’ve had that glitch in a endgame 1v1 but the other person died to storm 😅

  • Terry Ok
    Terry Ok

    I don’t think it is unlimited ammo because the ammo is running out

  • LOCKon60FPS


  • DumbAtom

    Enjoy this video

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    My parents never said patience is a virtue tf

  • LilleHenry

    Imagine the heavy sniper

  • Gaming With Kareem
    Gaming With Kareem

    Can you get banned for glitches like this?

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    This sadly does not work for me cause I’m slow


    Is a game mode?



  • Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS
    Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS

    I love you

  • Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS
    Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS


  • AquaticDisc

    Next time ... “Fortnite has disabled all battle royal weapons due to a glitch”

  • MK 8
    MK 8

    Imagine if the heavy sniper was still in the game and you could do this. 🤯

  • Kyuss

    Yea but why do that when u can reload like what if you just miss the pickup and people can shoot u easy but I’ll try it

  • Ben DAWSON
    Ben DAWSON

    Nice new intro

  • Alex Manon
    Alex Manon

    People that use 50 cal snipers 👁👄👁

  • DRK Kakashi
    DRK Kakashi

    nick the game is in 3rd person..

  • Not Shadow
    Not Shadow

    Minigun be like:

  • Emma Kinne
    Emma Kinne

    on your stream you should make the chat follower only 😁

  • covey

    Does it use ammo

  • Joseph Aparicio
    Joseph Aparicio

    Rocket league music 🔥

  • woahRxge

    It's all fun and games until someone steals both of your p90s

  • Jr Plays
    Jr Plays

    Did you get this from mr fresh

  • Twitch_AuRa72 Mercado
    Twitch_AuRa72 Mercado

    This is so broken like if its true

  • Christian Jeremy Macapagal
    Christian Jeremy Macapagal


  • gamingboy_35

    can i play with you sometime

  • Corbin Edging
    Corbin Edging

    So can you be my friend pls my username is XChewyMingMingX

  • Corbin Edging
    Corbin Edging

    Nick you inspired me I could do better so I started playing Fortnite but the sad thing is that I play on mobile instead because I don’t have a keyboard

  • RashestSign4399

    Why did you say this. Now epic is going to patch it.

  • David Miller II
    David Miller II

    Yooo I didn't know Nick Eh 30 knew about the rocket league music for his intro. I play rocket league, that's how I know

  • Aashit Agrawal
    Aashit Agrawal

    8:30 Nick does this a lot, what accent is it?

  • Aston Downey
    Aston Downey

    Hi nick I hope you see this you make my day better all the time with your content like today 3 people who I thought were my friends have turned and I calling me things and being really horrible and always upset me and I’m sad but now I feel a little bit better because I’ve watched one of your videos

  • neon XD
    neon XD

    4:57 wait that isn't aimbot I do that all the time... Oh wait I'm on controller😅

  • Zaid Al bakri
    Zaid Al bakri

    Are you team fish and bananas or are you team defaults

  • Gertiesnert YT
    Gertiesnert YT

    I love your outro😍❤

  • Chaos

    Mums homemade pizza

  • Dark_ Rade
    Dark_ Rade


  • Daniel Velasquez
    Daniel Velasquez

    3:16 that is rocket league music

  • Jude Gould
    Jude Gould

    This is not infinite amo

  • AbaanT

    Hi Nick!

  • Malte Sanchez
    Malte Sanchez

    I`m on iPad and i Tried it it’s op

  • Rlc0 BtW 11
    Rlc0 BtW 11

    People fighting the person who uses this: whats poppin minis

  • Gariam

    Im the only one in the comments section that is not addicted to likes

  • Marialand

    Imagine being on mobile so you can just pick up and drop easy

  • Meep 02
    Meep 02

    Nick should react to him reacting to his first win

  • Jenny Stein
    Jenny Stein

    Can you please add me on fortnite my epic is fazeAronMAFR

  • Daniel Horn
    Daniel Horn

    The cringiest part of the WHOLE video: 10:07

  • Alexander Carreiro
    Alexander Carreiro

    I found out first btw

  • Reese Levendusky
    Reese Levendusky

    Lol nick I made a tiktok on this like 3 days ago was I first to discover it? Edit: my tiktok is fyewa_on_twitch

  • Arnold Schwaz
    Arnold Schwaz

    wassup shitters

  • Minecraft And Fortnite
    Minecraft And Fortnite

    Use rapid fire by sypher said it's the best gun in all of fortnite please like so he can seem

  • Kai!

    My friend taught me this lmao

  • mlo0ok 12
    mlo0ok 12

    The quality of the video is pretty bad

  • Mr Yoshi
    Mr Yoshi

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