Fortnite but...UNLIMITED AMMO?!
Fortnite...unlimited ammo glitch/bug! (Automatic reload glitch)
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  • Exotic Monkey
    Exotic Monkey

    This is more op on Fortnite mobile because you don’t have to go in to your inventory to drop weapons

    • Stunify

      Nick Eh 30 now I feel really bad cause the removed this feature AND fortnite mobile doesn’t exist because of apple

    • S4MUR41

      @Nick Eh 30 iusedcodenickeh30nospaces

    • Muhammad Sejfullah
      Muhammad Sejfullah

      This is why I should play on actually iPad instead of connecting my ps controller

    • Muhammad Sejfullah
      Muhammad Sejfullah

      Nick Eh 30 good one m8

    • Muhammad Sejfullah
      Muhammad Sejfullah

      True I’ll probably tell my friend that uses mobile

  • Max Velette
    Max Velette

    Imagine with the LMG

  • lilyjersy 43
    lilyjersy 43

    3:47 the game is already 3rd person

  • Chiaki Harrison
    Chiaki Harrison

    Is his name

  • Chiaki Harrison
    Chiaki Harrison


  • Chiaki Harrison
    Chiaki Harrison

    My friend jaden wants to 1v1 you

  • getemz

    I like how nick is like a teacher or coach when he does random duos xD

  • oshii5461 onyt
    oshii5461 onyt


  • Random vids
    Random vids

    Me watching this when this glitch is fixed

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    Nick ‘s highlights videos are epic

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    Me wattttttttttttttttttttttt

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    Nick eh 30 bro that’s acshelly crazy

  • Jake Savage
    Jake Savage

    What is that camera angle at first

  • Veronica Martinez
    Veronica Martinez

    Yoo imagine this with the lmg😧😧😮😮

  • Nilsac

    Its not infinite ammo it is instant reload

  • Destiny Joy Kornegay
    Destiny Joy Kornegay

    Jess your code mom's fhon

  • I am bored should b on tv
    I am bored should b on tv

    How does he play 100% hud scale

  • Abigail Gonzalez
    Abigail Gonzalez

    Nick my son watches your streams every day and he wants to no if you and him can be friends on Fornite

  • Tiffany Church
    Tiffany Church

    I want to play with you I shift_support

  • The Best Among us player ever!
    The Best Among us player ever!

    Lol who reloads in 2020!

  • Dump Boy
    Dump Boy

    I. Don’t. No. How. To. Spel please. And. Tak. You

  • Dump Boy
    Dump Boy

    Nice eh. 30 win bib. You strt you tob

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris

    7:40 is nick ok

  • EXO_ LTH20L
    EXO_ LTH20L

    the yellow jacket skin is my signiture skin nick btw i love ur vids bro keep up the good work:D :)

  • RZR_Chipy

    Fish army Assemble!!!!! 👇🏻

  • Cinco Ocho
    Cinco Ocho

    Ik I knew this at first I thought it was a bug but I guess it's not

  • Chick-fil-A Boys
    Chick-fil-A Boys

    That is cooked !!!

  • Finn Butler
    Finn Butler

    are you ever gonna stream on yt again

  • PSP_The_Most_Normal_Gamer

    Also nick just saying it still takes your amunation when you do the instant reload

  • My name is Josh
    My name is Josh

    The 3rd person happens in creative for me sometimes

  • Swety defautl
    Swety defautl

    it fix double pump too

  • xUltrax

    I got notifications 6 days later what is youtube

  • Ollie Cohen
    Ollie Cohen

    Nick your my favourite streamer of all time

  • Formal HoLo
    Formal HoLo

    Did yall know almost every PG youtuber INCLUDING NICK used to curse??

  • itzz ammopark
    itzz ammopark

    My epic is ammopark

  • Bahram Kargar
    Bahram Kargar

    Damnnn 240 fps whatttt

  • InMySightPEWPEW

    Epic: reloading is temporarily disabled

  • Awesomeguy4000

    Now infinite mats

  • Grey Berman
    Grey Berman

    Anyone realize that the music he played is from Rocket League?

  • Bart Simpson OFFICIAL
    Bart Simpson OFFICIAL

    my brother and i were doing dous and he was reloading his ar but then he accidentally picked up an smg and thought he had discovered a new glitch which he sorta did-ish but then i saw this on ur channel and realized lots of ppl knew

  • Jt Cavs27
    Jt Cavs27


  • Rigby

    Does Nick edit his own videos cuz if he does, that is really impressive: they are really good

  • V A D E
    V A D E

    Can’t you get banned for that ... whatever I guess u can’t because they added that

  • The Wolfe Family
    The Wolfe Family

    Ur bad jk

  • Tueydo2479

    3:52 I’ve had that glitch in a endgame 1v1 but the other person died to storm 😅

  • Terry Ok
    Terry Ok

    I don’t think it is unlimited ammo because the ammo is running out

  • LOCKon60FPS


  • Mr Walrus
    Mr Walrus

    Enjoy this video

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    My parents never said patience is a virtue tf

  • LilleHenry

    Imagine the heavy sniper

  • Gaming With Kareem
    Gaming With Kareem

    Can you get banned for glitches like this?

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    This sadly does not work for me cause I’m slow


    Is a game mode?



  • Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS
    Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS

    I love you

  • Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS
    Landon ROBLOX And OTHERS


  • AquaticDisc

    Next time ... “Fortnite has disabled all battle royal weapons due to a glitch”

  • MK -8
    MK -8

    Imagine if the heavy sniper was still in the game and you could do this. 🤯

  • Kyuss

    Yea but why do that when u can reload like what if you just miss the pickup and people can shoot u easy but I’ll try it

  • Ben DAWSON
    Ben DAWSON

    Nice new intro

  • Alex Manon
    Alex Manon

    People that use 50 cal snipers 👁👄👁

  • DRK Kakashi
    DRK Kakashi

    nick the game is in 3rd person..

  • Wearenumber sixty nine for twenty
    Wearenumber sixty nine for twenty

    Epic games still made it so that if you reload two guns with the same ammo they would split ammo and you would get less ammo than before

  • Not Shadow
    Not Shadow

    Minigun be like:

  • Emma Kinne
    Emma Kinne

    on your stream you should make the chat follower only 😁

  • czvern

    Does it use ammo

  • Azhan Ahmed
    Azhan Ahmed

    People still play this game

  • Joseph Aparicio
    Joseph Aparicio

    Rocket league music 🔥

  • homicidal rage
    homicidal rage

    It's all fun and games until someone steals both of your p90s

  • Jr Plays
    Jr Plays

    Did you get this from mr fresh

  • Twitch_AuRa72 Mercado
    Twitch_AuRa72 Mercado

    This is so broken like if its true

  • Christian Jeremy Macapagal
    Christian Jeremy Macapagal


  • gamingboy_35

    can i play with you sometime

  • Corbin Edging
    Corbin Edging

    So can you be my friend pls my username is XChewyMingMingX

  • Corbin Edging
    Corbin Edging

    Nick you inspired me I could do better so I started playing Fortnite but the sad thing is that I play on mobile instead because I don’t have a keyboard

  • RashestSign4399

    Why did you say this. Now epic is going to patch it.

  • David Miller II
    David Miller II

    Yooo I didn't know Nick Eh 30 knew about the rocket league music for his intro. I play rocket league, that's how I know

  • Aashit Agrawal
    Aashit Agrawal

    8:30 Nick does this a lot, what accent is it?

  • Aston Downey
    Aston Downey

    Hi nick I hope you see this you make my day better all the time with your content like today 3 people who I thought were my friends have turned and I calling me things and being really horrible and always upset me and I’m sad but now I feel a little bit better because I’ve watched one of your videos

  • neon XD
    neon XD

    4:57 wait that isn't aimbot I do that all the time... Oh wait I'm on controller😅

  • Zaid Al bakri
    Zaid Al bakri

    Are you team fish and bananas or are you team defaults

  • Gertiesnert YT
    Gertiesnert YT

    I love your outro😍❤

  • Chaos

    Mums homemade pizza

  • Dark_ Rade
    Dark_ Rade


  • Daniel Velasquez
    Daniel Velasquez

    3:16 that is rocket league music

  • Jude Gould
    Jude Gould

    This is not infinite amo

  • abaantahmidd

    Hi Nick!

  • Malte Sanchez
    Malte Sanchez

    I`m on iPad and i Tried it it’s op

  • Rlc0 BtW 11
    Rlc0 BtW 11

    People fighting the person who uses this: whats poppin minis

  • Gariam

    Im the only one in the comments section that is not addicted to likes

  • The Gamerz
    The Gamerz

    Imagine being on mobile so you can just pick up and drop easy

  • Sleepy.Vibesx

    Nick should react to him reacting to his first win

  • Jenny Stein
    Jenny Stein

    Can you please add me on fortnite my epic is fazeAronMAFR

  • Daniel Horn
    Daniel Horn

    The cringiest part of the WHOLE video: 10:07

  • Alexander Carreiro
    Alexander Carreiro

    I found out first btw

  • Reese Levendusky
    Reese Levendusky

    Lol nick I made a tiktok on this like 3 days ago was I first to discover it? Edit: my tiktok is fyewa_on_twitch

  • Arnold Schwaz
    Arnold Schwaz

    wassup shitters

  • Minecraft And Fortnite
    Minecraft And Fortnite

    Use rapid fire by sypher said it's the best gun in all of fortnite please like so he can seem

  • •Jàmáł•

    My friend taught me this lmao

  • mlo0ok 12
    mlo0ok 12

    The quality of the video is pretty bad