Nick Eh 30's FIRST REACTION to Star Wars: Squadrons!
New Star Wars Squadrons multiplayer 5vs5 gameplay, with Punisher, BonsaiBroz, DukeOfANuke, and Larry Fishburger!
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  • Bryson Boyle
    Bryson Boyle

    Dude in Battlefront 2 I finally got level max for Bossk, Boba and Heavy. I have been playing since beta and I have all classes, Assault, heavy, enforcer, officer, infiltrator, specialist and aerial level max :)

  • فارس صلاح
    فارس صلاح

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    بديع صالح

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  • Ever Diaz
    Ever Diaz


  • BallGravy

    Eh yo, why'd the graphics look like PS3?! 😂😂

  • Brennan Dupont
    Brennan Dupont

    I already finished the campain

  • CWC Spy ninjas
    CWC Spy ninjas


  • Plugitinplays 87
    Plugitinplays 87

    4:19 why does it look like he got impaled?

  • Blord1408 YT
    Blord1408 YT

    Play it in VR

  • shan123

    the grapics looks INSANEE

  • Molo Gaming
    Molo Gaming

    Who else noticed how on the picture for the video their was a Rebel driving a T fighter. Someone doesn't know their star wars very well.

  • r gizzle
    r gizzle

    I live how he tilts his head when his ship tilts lol🤣🤣

  • games iliketoplay
    games iliketoplay

    I hate ea

  • Daily motivation
    Daily motivation

    Wait star wars is back to fortnite

  • Madx X
    Madx X

    Am hye

  • Coy Fujimoto
    Coy Fujimoto

    Am i the only one who don’t really like these types of games

  • Kian Watts
    Kian Watts

    Love it

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson

    He is so positive and in spiring

  • Pablo Haran Tome
    Pablo Haran Tome

    hey could u do some uncharted 4 multiplayer?

  • It’s_you _boy_Harold
    It’s_you _boy_Harold

    Nick is just so nice and positive that’s why he’s my favourite streamer and I watch him when he used to play on PS4

  • FaZe Ghost
    FaZe Ghost

    Yessir Nickeh 30 on controller

  • m lemons
    m lemons

    The crates from receiving with the grapple are you give me traumatized I can’t take it in again dizzy and has her stop with the grapple work

  • Heinz Beanz
    Heinz Beanz

    3:31 gave me a panic attack lmfao

  • iVoidz

    hes sooooooo positive its just so nice to watch him cause he doesnt have to swear to be funny. BTW please look at my name and please do it

  • Shadow_

    Play rouge company it’s so fun

  • Esmeralda Duran Jaramillo
    Esmeralda Duran Jaramillo

    Why did nick got ea?

  • youthfullgem me
    youthfullgem me

    Nicks head moves in the funniest ways during the game

  • youthfullgem me
    youthfullgem me

    I love nick and this game looks awsome imagine this if you could use vr

  • Glitch

    Luv your vids your my fav youtuber your so positive nice and funny and that’s why I like watching you I’m your biggest fan luv vids

  • Glitch

    Luv your vids your my fav youtuber your so positive nice and funny and that’s why I like watching you I’m your biggest fan luv vids

  • King waffles
    King waffles

    Nick is the only youtuber that doesn’t curse that’s why I luv watching him

  • Ahmad fortnite
    Ahmad fortnite

    Sbeak Arabic

  • ΨJozi is a qtΨ
    ΨJozi is a qtΨ

    So Nice

  • mike s
    mike s

    Amazing intro

  • obj bros yeeyee
    obj bros yeeyee

    Nick i made a video of me and my freind playing football

  • ItsCole225

    First time I’ve seen nick use Xbox

  • Destiny_ Xotic
    Destiny_ Xotic

    Legends say if you use code nick eh 30 you get a like on a comment

  • Teaze_ Enfurnaced
    Teaze_ Enfurnaced

    If I am sad I’ll watch nick cause he always makes a smile on my face

  • Banana Powers
    Banana Powers

    This game sounds fire

  • AdamSzn

    Who ever dislike nick’s videos don’t get how positive and nice of a person nick is

  • Brody.

    Who else watches nick at 2 am at night and sneak up

  • Jackson Waldon
    Jackson Waldon

    Me: I can’t find any good games! EA: hold my sponsorship Nick: hold my videos EEEEEEEEH team: hold my subscription

  • I like sharks Sharkie
    I like sharks Sharkie

    Can I get a shout out

    • I like sharks Sharkie
      I like sharks Sharkie


  • Eternal Mitch
    Eternal Mitch

    I love you vids

  • Paula Brown
    Paula Brown


  • Discharge_evy_7

    Nick eh 30 if u would can u replie to this it would make my whole life

  • memes ar gudd memes are good
    memes ar gudd memes are good


  • NUUGET_90Z

    That is a instinct like

  • NUUGET_90Z


  • Alan McLain
    Alan McLain

    You sould do rocket league😃😃😃👍👍

  • cukiking fresh
    cukiking fresh

    Dang this is fire

  • Dont look at my channel
    Dont look at my channel

    to everyone I just hope your parents live until their 100 years old with good health :) actually tho PD: don't read my name°

  • R6 Kaiden
    R6 Kaiden

    Hey nick if you ever do fortnite and some keeps griefing yiu just block them and they can’t get in

  • stephanie cabrera
    stephanie cabrera

    Obay nick lets get this trending

  • Abdul Aziz Marar
    Abdul Aziz Marar

    Bro my head is about to explode

  • Cayden On Mobile
    Cayden On Mobile

    Can you only play on pc in that game

  • AZB-rypc

    This game soooooo cooool :D

  • Ryan Foulds
    Ryan Foulds


  • RednekJedIX

    I just wanna let u Know Nick Ur the best,Kindest, confident,Always looking forward to achieving your goal or dream and I just wanna let u know Your the best!🖤💜💙♥️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥺💜💜💛🖤🥰🥰🥰💜💜🥺🥺🤍

  • RednekJedIX

    So I just do random duos

  • RednekJedIX

    And I am just crying almost every night and day because I want to get in a game with u

  • RednekJedIX

    I hope I get into a game with u in fortnite I dont swear yes I am a girl but I do get victory royals epic: RednekJedIX

  • BoomBoom Basher
    BoomBoom Basher

    You should get a vr headset

  • Raph CN
    Raph CN

    EA ? more like EHA :>

  • Jonathan Manzo
    Jonathan Manzo

    Love the videos! But am I the only one who thinks this game looks bad?

  • Akshay Gala
    Akshay Gala

    Not gonna lie this game is kinda bad😂

  • Khanish Sehgal
    Khanish Sehgal

    The way he’s moving his head whilst playing and moving u can really tell he’s enjoying the game

    • Greencream124

      bro i think u got a heart

  • Davd Falzon
    Davd Falzon

    Love you lids


    Is this game for free for a few days Nick ?

  • Xxxclaps Ugonnagetclaped
    Xxxclaps Ugonnagetclaped

    Is this fortnite

  • Secret Dove
    Secret Dove

    nick turning his head every time is my fav😂😂

  • BucketsOfoj

    This is my favorite SLtoosr of all time no matter what game he plays I’ll always love watching,there’s so many good things he does to brighten my day! EH team!!!

  • Dallas Underwood
    Dallas Underwood


  • shadow '2
    shadow '2

    Hey man how do I chat in ur discord it says read-only please help me with this

  • Aseem Joshi
    Aseem Joshi

    You played a EA game that's not apex this is a gamer sin

  • AshGaming

    This guy has to be one of the most positive gamer's I've seen.

  • Ashley Zimmerman
    Ashley Zimmerman


  • Javier Alejandro Acevedo Figueroa
    Javier Alejandro Acevedo Figueroa

    That would look cooler in vr 😮😃

  • XxHypeGamerxX

    Hey nick were did you buy your pc bc i want one and how much does it cost

  • warrior wolf
    warrior wolf

    is this cross play with the four platforms?

  • ToXic_ SnipeZ
    ToXic_ SnipeZ

    BRUH this game would be so fun in vr

  • Fatboy22

    He just different

  • neuroticdubz

    Boring game

  • ninja 69
    ninja 69

    Imagine this in VR

  • Marcus Chong
    Marcus Chong

    Where’s sanchowest

  • Fernando Sosa
    Fernando Sosa

    Is it just me or does this game make you dizzy? Lol

  • Flopper

    It’s so complicated but fun

  • Raptors FTW
    Raptors FTW

    Been subbed since 3k im brodie the gamer from last of us you sent me a msg on what video it was and you said it was about checkpoint. i have a few friends that played with you as well we just look how successful you became so inspiring

  • Leonfire

    i didn't really like that game... i'm more of a fortnite streamer kinda guy. did you guys like this game?

  • GSO Upy
    GSO Upy

    I watch nick because he doesn’t curse and rage

  • Dont Blink
    Dont Blink

    You should play VR version on Battlefront 2 VR mission its so immersive and makes you fell dizzy if you go upside down its just amazing Love the vids ✌

  • xG04TTTx

    So adorable how Nick is turning his head 🤣

  • hi hello
    hi hello


  • Austin Darlington
    Austin Darlington

    Sancho would love this

  • Mezkto

    Nick eh 30, 30k views, 3 hrs & 3k likes

  • Brady Yausm
    Brady Yausm

    Is the game free

  • Jedifighter

    I've been waiting a long time for this

  • 1nc3pt10n_FN

    Hi nick what was your inspiration of making your SLtoos name nick eh 30

  • Charles France
    Charles France

    I just love how nick says car

  • king noob94
    king noob94

    Can you try playing marvel avengers its multiplayer so you could play it with Sancho and punisher