When 100 players use cardboard boxes to reach the sky...
100 players pile Cardboard Boxes on top of one another to reach Height Limit with Nick Eh 30! (Fortnite)
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  • DL Alqsy
    DL Alqsy

    Why can I never get in games like these😢

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      Kou Xiong


    • Patrick Derolf
      Patrick Derolf


    • lordaaronsmith

      NRG Xk123X \

    • enforcerboys07 g
      enforcerboys07 g

      Nick eh 30 play season 5 Apex legends LETS GOOOOOOO

    • lil Diejus
      lil Diejus

      Who ate my hot water

  • Hacker Faster
    Hacker Faster

    Nick you sound and look like dead pool love u 😈💖💕💖

  • William Hernandez
    William Hernandez

    😞Famous last words: you can shoot it now

  • Leuven

    Nice your the best

  • swag master 2019 in the hood
    swag master 2019 in the hood

    Can u do 19 gliches with powers

  • Raelynn Murray
    Raelynn Murray


  • Stryker

    You should make a castle out of boxes and make a 50v50 and the last one standing wins

  • Junito Rivas
    Junito Rivas

    Not friendly friendly man

  • Theresa Jejcic
    Theresa Jejcic

    Nick eh 30 love your vids

  • Cole Betts
    Cole Betts

    How are you doing that Nick. Your my favorite SLtoosr ever.

  • wanjikuk

    Nick i really wanted to see that one

  • Naturelix GT
    Naturelix GT

    I feel bad to Nick eh 30 and I want to join

  • 2027Evan Blasiak
    2027Evan Blasiak

    Cool nick

  • Awesome Jawsum
    Awesome Jawsum

    5:08 nick says h e l l

  • TheF1Gamer360

    this was made one day before my bday 🎂

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    tania tawbe


  • anna rodriguez
    anna rodriguez

    Nick eh 30 is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Felix Chiddington
    Felix Chiddington

    You are the most positive SLtoosr I’ve ever come across 😁

  • Klutch Boi
    Klutch Boi

    Lol one of the most boring community idea event. No offence intended

  • Assassin Gamer- Playz
    Assassin Gamer- Playz

    wow cant believe he said "hell"

  • paxton the insane
    paxton the insane

    Your awesome nick eh 30

  • Fishy Boi
    Fishy Boi

    5:07 nick said a bad word

  • Fishy Boi
    Fishy Boi

    0:03 when you get in the wrong classroom {'^'}

  • ツフㄖ丂乇卩卄

    Get good at the game


    I want to see it happen

  • Hazy

    Oh I’m 3 months late prob gonna turn on not is LOL

  • J P The God
    J P The God

    Nickeh30 u make the best content ever in every viedeo I have been watching ur vids since u posted ur first ever vid

  • Gunny _9
    Gunny _9

    His Scottish accent is kinda dope

  • Alexandru Stefan
    Alexandru Stefan

    cool ideea

  • Changhwa Cho
    Changhwa Cho

    cant you just throw the box one by one???lol

  • toshiyah braswell
    toshiyah braswell

    When he did the flip it was funny

  • Epic Joe
    Epic Joe

    Nick you could of just found boxes and throw them on the pile

  • Cecilia Zhagui
    Cecilia Zhagui

    Your the best nick

  • Mushroom McMuffin
    Mushroom McMuffin

    Nick eh 30 make the best vids

  • Alfie Penman
    Alfie Penman

    Why in the first 5 minutes nick sounds Irish? ☘️

  • dark_hobby892

    Dude why didnt u just get ur inventory full of boxes and stack them on top of one another by jumping 😂😂

  • RayanGamez

    I did this in the game mode Punked (From ch2 s2) but some people joined me in making them but most if them were trying to break them ;-;

  • Father & Son Gaming
    Father & Son Gaming

    just throw the boxes one by one

  • Robert Lozier
    Robert Lozier

    Who remembers his the last of us multiplayer pro gameplay


    I can never too

  • Axpy

    Bro you can just build you max high and just throw them hehe why did you not think of this bro

  • Evan Gaver
    Evan Gaver

    Can I have a skin from the item shop . My username is Evanflyers10

  • Ayaan FARAN
    Ayaan FARAN

    Bro I wanna play these matches plzzz Nick addme

  • Xicate

    Nick I love your vids. When I'm upset I just watch one of your videos and it instantly makes me feel happy

  • Mr. Goose • 13 Years ago
    Mr. Goose • 13 Years ago

    Before you Eject and ONLY Press Interact Once

  • Mr. Goose • 13 Years ago
    Mr. Goose • 13 Years ago

    My cat would defently jump on top of the Cardboard tower

  • Braden Hummel
    Braden Hummel

    u should do it in battle lab so the storm isn’t messing it up

  • SVN on keys
    SVN on keys

    5:11 nick says the h word

  • Azeem Siddiqui
    Azeem Siddiqui

    Haha i love this new intro😂 might not be new but I still love it lol😂😂

  • haroon M
    haroon M

    Plz do it again everyone likes it

  • Ah yes, A fellow n u t
    Ah yes, A fellow n u t

    I actually did this when it first came out. Well not EXACTLY when it came out but it was like when chapter 2 season 2 started

  • TAG_anti

    Why not throw the boxes

  • Gunnar Bruh
    Gunnar Bruh

    What a nice community

  • icey

    Nick makes the game SO FUN

  • Isaac Ramirez
    Isaac Ramirez

    I hate that kid that ruins the hole project just so he would take less fall d

  • joe c woods
    joe c woods

    I love the Scottish accent 😂

  • Trolled xD
    Trolled xD

    Did u say what the hell

  • Alesha_ YT
    Alesha_ YT

    Ur such a good player because ur so positive u always make people's day I would love to get into a game with u😃😀

    • Eva Sienna
      Eva Sienna


  • Izayah Karim
    Izayah Karim


  • ShawtyLuvsRyan

    Congrats on 5 mil!!!!!!!


    You shouldnt of don it like that you can throw boxes above each other

  • drizap

    Why cant they just get high ground and throw the boxes on top of each other? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Mr.Jørgen

    This: "yep thats me, wonder how i got here?" Nate Garners first scentence in every single video?🤔😂😂

  • Vapor

    What’s his outro song

  • youssef magdy
    youssef magdy

    Best thing about nick he is always positive no matter what

  • Jonah Slaney
    Jonah Slaney

    You should get grappler and crash pads

  • Layne Holt
    Layne Holt

    5:10 ??

  • nedmac

    I did one a while ago but we made it to 157 meters then someone accidentally broke it 🥺

  • asimo3089

    10:04 is the best 😡 complete it

  • T0M

    *_imagine is one random guy joins this game without knowing about this whole thing and then he just sees a stack of boxes..._*

  • Dremptyyyyy

    He was practicing. :""&

  • Dremptyyyyy

    Construction workers don't work in movies.....there's going to be a troll when they build floor

  • huyoko clowns amentgt
    huyoko clowns amentgt

    ‘Go out lads’ love very much from Scotland

  • Jennifer Munro
    Jennifer Munro

    is it just me or every time at the end of Nicks videos the song gives me good vibes

  • Cheston Lai
    Cheston Lai

    So much easier in creative tho

  • Muhammad Nathie
    Muhammad Nathie

    Why don’t u build to max height and fall in water and whoever kills u while u fall wins If no one kills u u can run up and go agin

  • Ethan Hashway
    Ethan Hashway

    How can I be in a game with you

  • Katey Leeper
    Katey Leeper

    nick please heart this

  • Liam

    do random duos

  • TheRedMelon

    Can’t you literally just throw the boxes from your inventory onto the tower

  • Acog

    You’re content is awesome and you can really relax to it, you’re not one of the screaming Fortnite streamers you’re the calm one! Keep it up! I love your content

  • P3nqu1nf1r3

    Did anyone hear Nick swear

  • RJ D
    RJ D


  • Sergio

    I did this first

  • lisa Hamilton
    lisa Hamilton

    Yesssssss pleaseeeeee I love this vid

  • Mr Slopps
    Mr Slopps

    The person who did a front flip off looked so cyte

  • JS HD
    JS HD

    Awesome video!

  • Vipperz _
    Vipperz _

    I did with my when boxed came out

  • TimeFreak22

    Sub to TimeFreak22

  • FifaN HD
    FifaN HD

    Stop trying to turn ur stuff into a motivational movie.....it’s fortnight relax

  • Tazmaster 79
    Tazmaster 79

    nick it’s a sub only stream😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mosey Finau
    Mosey Finau

    I created this first

  • Mal

    Do it in battle lab or creative

  • NeeliaR

    Why don’t u do this in “BATTLE LAB” without circle and with respawning?

    • Dawson Piediscalzo
      Dawson Piediscalzo

      No it’s because he can’t get as many ppl

  • Fortnite Noob
    Fortnite Noob

    Wow someone broke it down :(( when they were so close

  • 3ambrodylyraColton _
    3ambrodylyraColton _

    ya i want to go in these games :c

  • De_BugsBunny 13
    De_BugsBunny 13

    Nick I'm super sorry but I'm using my cousins code but I'mma buy a new pickaxe an I'll use it code

  • Moto Fan
    Moto Fan

    More plz

  • Stephanie Epley
    Stephanie Epley

    How can you play about we can’t how do you do it

  • Owen Stephenson
    Owen Stephenson

    Cardboard boxes to night!

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