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  • thedraft3r

    According to my research, nick changed his shirt 14 times during the same stream...

    • Clan RC
      Clan RC


    • Richard Sinclair
      Richard Sinclair

      JrosteyTheBest oh yea

    • Rahul Kaul
      Rahul Kaul


    • OG Squeezy
      OG Squeezy

      JrosteyTheBest that is crazy 😜

    • thedraft3r

      ThePerfectShadow ツ no

  • Emanuele Lemme
    Emanuele Lemme

    It's on the floor

  • Emanuele Lemme
    Emanuele Lemme

    Oh I remember when Nick did that I only know a bit of that but I do it

  • Emanuele Lemme
    Emanuele Lemme

    Who likes fortnite?

  • Haze stinky
    Haze stinky

    So this is how nick gets arena points

  • Alexander Ortega
    Alexander Ortega

    I can use your code but I don’t buy skins only have 10 skins my mom said I can’t have no more Skins so what’s the point of using your code of buy not gonna buy skins but I wanted to tell you this you’re the best you tuber in the whole tire world

  • Alexander Ortega
    Alexander Ortega

    Hey Nick I can use your arms to your cold but I don’t like buy as many things I don’t need a lot have a little bit of skin so it’s really no point as user name

  • Agna mohamed ashraf
    Agna mohamed ashraf

    He doing this for arena points

  • Sub to TheRobloxSniper
    Sub to TheRobloxSniper

    Dude I love your vids your the bestestests.

  • MercifulServant 2
    MercifulServant 2

    Imagine doing high ground retakes with this

  • Beefy Stew
    Beefy Stew

    1:40 Nick: I can’t reset that Also nick: resets cone 1:46

  • Beefy Stew
    Beefy Stew


  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    7:14 they both wearing the same shirt

  • Tiktok Repost
    Tiktok Repost

    9:43 bro my family still does that 😂 but ur right it does taste good 🤷‍♀️

  • Roshan Rameshkumar
    Roshan Rameshkumar

    I was crying because of how funny it was when he said I stepped on my pizza

  • Austin Gottee
    Austin Gottee

    2 months late and still before 1 m views

  • Fortnite Royal
    Fortnite Royal

    7:19 same shirt same words

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    1:47 he reseted it

  • Tomokari

    Wait how dose he have a minigun ?

  • FallenEngine YT
    FallenEngine YT

    The YEAH BABY is from Austin powers , I don’t reccommnd watching it if you are clean

  • Kamila Li
    Kamila Li

    Nick used have 8k

  • iConic Effect
    iConic Effect

    When he said nooo[ noooooooooooo I laughed nick eh 30

  • iConic Effect
    iConic Effect

    Now we know he a pro

  • Annette Looez
    Annette Looez

    Yeah baby!

  • Keith Ooi
    Keith Ooi

    4:26 "I just stepped on my pizza" 🤣👍🏻

  • Snuggly Games
    Snuggly Games

    What’s up nick eh 30

  • Dean Bradshaw
    Dean Bradshaw

    Nick you should do it in a normal game

  • Sneaky Monster5
    Sneaky Monster5

    Is this a meane

  • Luis Amador
    Luis Amador


  • Yonas Haider
    Yonas Haider


  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear

    Legend says he is still sad because of the stepped pizza

  • Fortnite Leagond
    Fortnite Leagond

    Daddy long nex with the long check


    At 1:46 he reset the cone

  • Grvy YT
    Grvy YT


  • MFS Kit
    MFS Kit

    Nick said he can't edit the triangle than he reset

  • アクセル

    7:18 same shirts, same things you said

  • mackie e
    mackie e

    He still lives with his mum

  • HEBO0O0

    Can you add me

  • Drew

    Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness

  • Rodrigo Acosta
    Rodrigo Acosta

    How did he get the mythic minigun

  • DragonknightAh

    At 9:20 i use to do that is well i use to have jam and butter sandwitch and dip it in tea it was so good especially since my mum makes the best chai its and indian version of tea which i think is better

  • MSN Anderson
    MSN Anderson

    Oh gosh 🤣

  • MSN Anderson
    MSN Anderson

    I used your code

  • Gene Garcia
    Gene Garcia

    Man I remember watching nick make that trap tower live

  • giannikoulas


  • Ferid Topuz
    Ferid Topuz

    Where are you striming

  • Marlon Spiteri
    Marlon Spiteri

    Nick's laugh makes my day

  • Norito 1
    Norito 1


  • XxHAM1DxX

    Nick is the best youtuber


    I love u I use ur code please add me my username name is DarienOsiris

  • Nitn shadow
    Nitn shadow

    I Was Watching The stream 9:48

  • jada dass
    jada dass


  • call.mehashlyn UwU
    call.mehashlyn UwU

    Nickeh30 I love u so much

  • random dragon
    random dragon

    Have u ever tried honey on bread

  • xX_Davidsonnh_Xx -_-
    xX_Davidsonnh_Xx -_-

    Cold tea or hot tea?

  • Zara Carpenter
    Zara Carpenter

    Nobody: Nick : No I stepped on my PiZzA 👁👄👁.

  • Fn Gaming
    Fn Gaming

    The people who can dorito rush

  • Eidal Suwaidi4
    Eidal Suwaidi4

    Hahaha Pizza 🍕 LOL 😂 😂

  • STARLIGHT Gaming
    STARLIGHT Gaming

    The cone looks like a dorito

  • Guillermo Moreno
    Guillermo Moreno

    When he dims the stream im like why is my brightness low

  • Daniel savage77
    Daniel savage77

    Who else is watching this in fortnite chapter 2 seaseon3?

  • Parker Royse
    Parker Royse

    He live in his mom house

  • Michael Packer
    Michael Packer

    He still lives with his parents. That’s sad 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Morolog

    Edited pryamid:naah Dorrito:yeaaa

  • žygimantas gurliauskas
    žygimantas gurliauskas

    When nick says i stept on my pizza i step on sandwich

  • Nasiyah Teague
    Nasiyah Teague

    I Romberg the agency 😢😢

  • Collin Werner
    Collin Werner

    Do you work out ??

  • Crazy Mellow
    Crazy Mellow

    It is pizza

  • Crazy Mellow
    Crazy Mellow

    Good job Nick 5mil subs

  • Zeke DTB
    Zeke DTB

    Ur actually weird if u dislike his vids

  • Corpz Dan Holllow math
    Corpz Dan Holllow math

    I got pizza on my legs my pizza is hairy now

  • Naphrix

    Lol that looks scary

  • Caleb Dixon
    Caleb Dixon

    It pizza man I feel u my guy

  • CrackedScrubby

    Nobody: Nick:I stepped on my pizza

  • Noah Madden
    Noah Madden

    I hate how he does this in arena to get so many free points

  • Rebecca Payne
    Rebecca Payne

    Nick just laze ring them with the smg

  • hello.

    Rip pizza 2020

  • chai chai
    chai chai

    He had pizza and omeans and talk about eating food so he must of not ate the pizza 🤔

  • Makakis Stelios
    Makakis Stelios

    8:40. WTF IS THAT

  • Assoluto Only
    Assoluto Only

    Love the videos 😂😂💟💟

  • SyphX Une_eq
    SyphX Une_eq

    I don’t really like how he doesn’t spectate the players. Your viewers would probably find it interesting if you kept spectating.

  • csonka roland
    csonka roland

    someone ate philp

  • Mal


  • PlasmaOn60FPS

    Nick I love ur vids

  • FK Playzz
    FK Playzz

    I miss the spaz

  • Omar Mahmoud Khalil Elshewikh
    Omar Mahmoud Khalil Elshewikh

    I use to love when nick use to go random duos

  • BradyT17

    He lives with his mom

  • Mr .Dorrtio
    Mr .Dorrtio

    Remember when you could get 999 materials

  • Jalil Pérez
    Jalil Pérez

    I can never build properly why is this so hard for some people🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ ( *this is a joke don’t take it seriously* ) 😂

  • T._. Stahley
    T._. Stahley


  • Giggly Gerald
    Giggly Gerald

    Use code NickEh30

  • officaljaypatel Patel
    officaljaypatel Patel


  • ze ufaaa
    ze ufaaa

    how can you not like this dude

  • brido _demon
    brido _demon

    Can you gift me battle pass

  • GamingMudy

    I love nick, he’s so wholesome 😊

  • Brighter Gonzalez
    Brighter Gonzalez

    I don’t get why nick dose not have more subscribers than ninja

  • Catherine

    Man it’s so weird to see all the old weapons and the old agency all because of the new season Edit: Does anybody remember the feeling when you’d pull out a purple pump from a chest

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson

    I remember popping in ur stream about to watch and all I saw the Dorito 1 by 1 and I thought to myself what is nick doing today oh something crazy that will get a lot of views cuz that’s what I watch nick for. CODE:NickEh30 in the fortnite item shop

  • mason mitchell
    mason mitchell

    Austin powers babyyy!!!!

  • Bots4life 853
    Bots4life 853