Everything you missed from Fortnite in 2020!
First reaction to Walking Dead, Halo, Black Panther, Super Smash Bros LTM, New Years fireworks, & Snow Update! #QuestPartner
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  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller

    Right now I’m in the future where this wider than when wrong the snow will not be going over the sand sad we they had to get rid of it because Christmas came up before the sun to rise to the full map the fortnite community wasn’t fast enough so basically they got rid of it because they had to because Christmas went down

  • Lolo Olivaa
    Lolo Olivaa

    Pls sub to L2 brazy

  • Irene Stephens
    Irene Stephens

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  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith

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  • Guy Shinneman
    Guy Shinneman


  • Guy Shinneman
    Guy Shinneman

    Who else haughty it was chug rugs😂😂

  • Artixc-Roblox

    Does any one realise below the zero point it’s in the shape of loot lake after kevin took the island up

  • Ethan Chambers
    Ethan Chambers

    He really nice

  • Butter Cup
    Butter Cup


  • Joshua Caleb Ilano Santos 圣忠诚
    Joshua Caleb Ilano Santos 圣忠诚

    I know why it is closing to prevent people from escaping the loop

  • Pita_1oy

    My man nickeh30 is just waaaaayyyyy to inspiring and just so Voll wish i was like u and im gaming to make people feel good like u do and ye thats just what i want in life

  • Jay'shawn Jackson
    Jay'shawn Jackson

    Rip Chadwick bosmin

  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant clock epidemiologically crush because kenneth structurally expand worth a grouchy ceramic. tall, insidious glockenspiel

  • Instafilms

    3:24 Take big chills...

  • Ph Rotate
    Ph Rotate

    Getting famous off of comments day 4, so I can afford to buy a playstation 4 and dont have to play splitscreen with my brother and crop my montages .


    Did Nick say whited in Shockwave!!!😂😂😂

  • Melia Davidson
    Melia Davidson

    Nick your laugh make me laugh 🤣🤣😂

  • Elbaywg Campbellvd
    Elbaywg Campbellvd

    The selfish china seemingly plug because color functionally peep about a interesting ladybug. impolite, electric fine

  • Fungus Chungus
    Fungus Chungus

    Wasn’t Air royal a mode in season 7?

  • Eli Espinoza
    Eli Espinoza

    The music is copyrighted

  • U a jhit
    U a jhit

    Video starts at 1:25

  • Welchan

    Mario in thumbnail.

  • Lara Shueib
    Lara Shueib

    i love nick eh 30 i wanna be in his server to play with him but i cant :( cause theres lag and im middle east

  • Derrick Des
    Derrick Des

    I haven’t seen your content in a while, and geez you just keep getting better and better! Kudos !

  • Sweaty59

    Nick u are so positive bro. Keep up the good content

  • Lilallday PS4
    Lilallday PS4

    He is a fun guy

  • Diego Nguyen-Hernandez
    Diego Nguyen-Hernandez

    Did anyone realize that the fish at around 2:40 had his pinky finger up ?

  • Jenson Haywood
    Jenson Haywood


  • AWP Cloudy
    AWP Cloudy

    When Nick says what’s that!!! Me: ITS A TREE

  • Opland Sonnichsen
    Opland Sonnichsen

    Nick you don’t even how much your laugh makes me smile I mean it’s in sane. And your my favorite SLtoos of all time your the goat 🐐!!!!! Please respond if you can it would make my day.


    I love shock wave

  • Deez Bang
    Deez Bang


  • Grayson Wilder
    Grayson Wilder

    nick jesume calm down

  • JeffDaa

    Oxidize dude it don’t matter u just need to be part of the eh army to matter to nick

  • Leonardo Dominguez
    Leonardo Dominguez

    If you do splitscreen you can do in but not in that world

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    when will harley quinn come back tho

  • Carlos Cundiff
    Carlos Cundiff

    The hurried correspondent ultrastructually walk because columnist reciprocally double in a decisive index. lethal, aboriginal needle

  • ScopePH YT
    ScopePH YT

    Yes mobile community missed that many stuff lol

  • Jason Gleason
    Jason Gleason

    Lol I love the part he he says it’s so pretty like me Lol

  • {Account Deleted}
    {Account Deleted}

    I quit the game at the start of this season and only got to lvl 40, the game is boring af


    ay this came out on my birthday

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    I think next season it’ll be the walking dead

  • Josiah Woods
    Josiah Woods

    I love how he keeps say "got him whited" in shockwave when you're always on white health xD

  • Zamauri Varner
    Zamauri Varner

    I didn’t miss any of that


    Let's be honest here, we only hate fortnite because of toxic people, but we like the game

    • WizardOfFrog

      @Hat Kid not all sweats are toxic this guy i ran into was a sweat but not toxic smh 😑

    • Hat Kid
      Hat Kid

      @Havokadoman the sweats are toxic people😑

    • Havokadoman

      Not toxic people dont like Fortnite because the sweats

    • Dylan Granados
      Dylan Granados

      not for me i actually don't like the game

  • Rig gaming90
    Rig gaming90

    I haven't played fortnite in 9months because my brother logged out of my ps4 and i forgot the password but i still know my email

  • Franny-_-pro


  • Alex Hacker
    Alex Hacker

    The cover looks like my 6 year old birthday party

  • Itz_Javi_Boyzz


  • The Awesome Carter Lee
    The Awesome Carter Lee


  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris

    nick you should start streaming warzone, you would gain way more subs and views

  • Halle A
    Halle A

    Nick I love all your videos but you gotta stop watching people stream because your supporters will just ruin their careerIt's fine when somebody curse

  • Rachel Campbell
    Rachel Campbell

    Everything WE missed EVERYTHING YOU missed

  • steph vanegas
    steph vanegas

    The numerous cactus rheologically announce because t-shirt unexplainably save failing a unhealthy area. distinct, kindhearted july

  • kaitlynnrae #EhTeam
    kaitlynnrae #EhTeam

    Will you start playing with Sancho West Agian?

  • Jordan Madrigal
    Jordan Madrigal

    I want him to do more trivia

  • Uppi

    I haven't played since 2020 august

  • Dionne Lancaster
    Dionne Lancaster

    Nick how you doing

  • TimeIsReal

    Hi nick :)

  • IcyCliff 1
    IcyCliff 1

    Nick you are my fav SLtoos and you have inspired me so much to be a better person and your content is amazing I’ve been watching you since season 8 and I’ve been trying to get in your game I play on NA East so I’ve been swapping to NA West to get in love your content so much - IcyCliff1

  • Jayden George
    Jayden George

    Hi nick my birthday is feb 1 and i was wondering it will be amazing to play with you on my birthday please ???

  • swatt_2

    Can you add me

  • Daniel Vanlalhruaia
    Daniel Vanlalhruaia

    I think the predator is coming too

  • SnM Dragon
    SnM Dragon

    Bro nick worry about the game instead of caring about getting donated 100bits

  • Jeboris

    Nick you should do some more hide and go seek, i loved those videos

  • itz SilverFN
    itz SilverFN

    Who ever is reading this blessings to you and your family ,,

  • Cooking with Shara Bear
    Cooking with Shara Bear

    22:24 captain marvel went Jimmy neutron mode

  • Manuel ramirez
    Manuel ramirez

    Do you remember tlou

  • Squishy

    Glad I didn't play

  • RangaWasHere • 100 years ago
    RangaWasHere • 100 years ago


  • Isaiah Rivas
    Isaiah Rivas

    Hey nick today and yesterday did you play unvalted in fortnite and if you did today did you knock a snomando and a unicorn skin idk what its called kill you bc I am superisaiah00 in fortnite as the snomando skin

  • IcyCliff 1
    IcyCliff 1

    This will not be pinned

  • Morisu Yashisai
    Morisu Yashisai

    i havent played fortnite because i never played it in the first place!?!


    Fortnite still a thing I stoped playing fortnite when I got the oculus quest 2

  • lucajuve3

    Use CODE (NICKEH30) in the idea shop I DO And subscribe to my channeln

  • Osama Mohammad
    Osama Mohammad

    Can anyone tell me a good keyboard for 200 and from where to get it in dubai

  • Joel Bessett
    Joel Bessett

    6:11 into the tree

  • 0iq 36
    0iq 36

    Sub only on twitch kills me

  • ASAPgCrxcked

    I’ve been grinding really hard lately trying to make it out please check my progress out and let me know how you feel about my vids

  • Esperanza Lara
    Esperanza Lara

    Do you strem on SLtoos

  • Teamxz

    I think it is the old map

  • Kursify

    Duke Eh 30 a GOD

  • Daniel Vogelius Sødequist
    Daniel Vogelius Sødequist

    Try Playing Apex Legends Agian

  • Noah Fejeran
    Noah Fejeran

    Nick I saw you playing with wwe superstars. It was on the wwe network. How did it feel to play with superstars like Miz, Ronda, Jessamyn, and other streamers?

  • Roy RR Idk my last name
    Roy RR Idk my last name


  • Joe Banny
    Joe Banny

    Sub to TwoThousand6

  • Love Rose
    Love Rose

    Hey nick did u hear abt you can’t do subscription play anymore it’s not fair and epic said it

  • Hero X
    Hero X

    I love you nick

  • SOURING tilt
    SOURING tilt

    I love the way Nick eh 30 is so fun and kind and positive not about covid about kindness and hes so calm he deserves what he wants he's probably the nicest player I see yet

  • Micheal

    You're the best

  • Don Williams
    Don Williams

    Nick eh thirty in the item shop right now

  • Sazurio

    You will probably not see this but if you see this can u again make 1 video about factions in the last of us?? miss this videos

  • L3SS FL1X
    L3SS FL1X

    I can’t even play fortnite it keeps getting stuck saying epic services queue and I won’t let me play I’m on Xbox can anyone help me?

  • RS YT Entertainment
    RS YT Entertainment

    we need pumps back

  • Basic Gamer
    Basic Gamer

    Your so nice most streamers are mean that’s why I subed

  • Jovanna Amaya
    Jovanna Amaya

    Arctic assassin

  • Glavas2901

    Only the real ones remember when nick said bandage bakooza

  • HussLegends

    The thing thats so weird is that i did miss a week in december and a week in january

  • Barbara Nevils
    Barbara Nevils

    Nikki 30 I love how you play Fortnite what about week you should try Minecraft

  • Cage Reactions
    Cage Reactions

    Nick can we play duos my name is Katiesteel

22 mio.