Nick Eh 30 reacts to NEW FLARE GUN in Fortnite!
NEW Fortnite Update with New Flare Gun and Deployable Workbench! At 7:24, I react to the rest of the new items added! (Fortnite Update v13.20)
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    you can hide inside it

  • Julian Calderon
    Julian Calderon

    Who’s still watching in 2021

  • Gamer Boy Nishad
    Gamer Boy Nishad

    3:23 u need a headset my boy scockr skin

  • Carlos Carrillo
    Carlos Carrillo


  • AstinLuca Panganiban
    AstinLuca Panganiban

    Ad meeeeeeee i m astinluca

  • Austin Mills
    Austin Mills

    it took this fool so long to figure out what the flare gun did

  • Zyair Newble
    Zyair Newble

    Did anyone notice he shot the compact and the ammo went down then he tried to use it again it reloaded it self

  • Salty_playz


  • Naexlah

    You can trap people with the upgrade bench

  • Roy AbiKaram
    Roy AbiKaram

    Best player in the world

  • hipey kid
    hipey kid

    Guys did you see th ghome

  • Elsie Rivera
    Elsie Rivera


  • XB clan
    XB clan

    It took me a game to find it

  • Ali Nawaf Al Rasheedi
    Ali Nawaf Al Rasheedi

    Please put me at the fortnight and me a friend so my name is in fortnight it’s Alinawaf4

  • Ali Nawaf Al Rasheedi
    Ali Nawaf Al Rasheedi

    That’s right it’s called the flare gun it take damage a little too much I don’t know so I have fortnight on the iPad so I know how to play and it’s do you fired player gun

  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg

    When he dies I was saying hello darkness smile friends

  • Aiden And dolly
    Aiden And dolly


  • VenosFn

    Guns of course

  • Benjamin Almquist
    Benjamin Almquist

    Aaaaand it's gone

  • David Maldonado
    David Maldonado

    I was in nikes game omg

  • Help me reach without videos 1M Challenge
    Help me reach without videos 1M Challenge

    God bless to the 1% who see this comment 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Faris Abbas
    Faris Abbas


  • Faris Abbas
    Faris Abbas


  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown

    Like this now

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper


  • FFW Randyrpo
    FFW Randyrpo

    There was a gnome on the brick wall 1:03

  • Rhyland Rushton
    Rhyland Rushton

    My opinion, I think that nick is better than ninja

  • Zachary Doiron
    Zachary Doiron

    You could use the deployment upgrade bench to upgrade your weapons In scrims for a quick upgrafe

  • Kimly Teng
    Kimly Teng

    Nick you have to shoot the flare gun in the air and then it shows the people ok.

  • lil Diego
    lil Diego

    Do you someone walking in you and you pull up the sky with the flare gun and you shoot up and actually show my brother the enemy is

  • Reyan Aggarwal
    Reyan Aggarwal


  • Leydis27

    Hi hi hi hi hi Try to bully me grief you need help me traffic a bully need to have a car wheel and I need help me write

  • Ultra Salty
    Ultra Salty

    I would use it to stop a car

  • Pokemon Noah
    Pokemon Noah

    team rumble

  • Zak Hutton
    Zak Hutton

    Nick I am a fan of your videos

  • Fornite Gamerz
    Fornite Gamerz

    Me: wow nickeh30: hi fornitegamingbear!

  • Joan Michel
    Joan Michel


  • jomar bisaya
    jomar bisaya

    hi nickem30

  • SuperExtremehardy


  • SuperExtremehardy

    I’m watching

  • Lale Mapusua
    Lale Mapusua

    You can turn invisible with the upgrade bench

  • Lale Mapusua
    Lale Mapusua

    There is a glitch with it

  • Jackson Stewart
    Jackson Stewart


  • jenn412003

    Oh not kits

  • jenn412003

    It’s easy

  • Snow_51 Btw
    Snow_51 Btw

    Trap a guy in th vault

  • Steve Hernandez
    Steve Hernandez

    I will use it because you could upgrade your weapons


    Do hide and seek with the flare gun

  • Myst_Xerage

    anybody else say ENEMY UAV INCOMING, or is that just me?

  • Ashley Boice
    Ashley Boice

    Nicheh be like nooooooo


    FlaR GuNs

  • Everything Arch
    Everything Arch

    Yes it does

  • GoldAnxzu

    When u shoot it. Its won’t Mark everyone that by u when u shoot it North or West or South or east it Will Show the players there BC he was behind u and he wasn’t marked that why.. Use code NickEh30 no spaces in the itim Shop....

  • S O
    S O

    To upgrade

  • Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin
    Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin

    Nick u didn't see the gnomes in the wall

  • Liliana Kelly
    Liliana Kelly


  • Lucien Kruger
    Lucien Kruger

    Yeah we heard you you said omg

  • Alan Morrison
    Alan Morrison

    I. O.,lk' l

  • Hayley Daniels
    Hayley Daniels

    Who noticed nick shot the shochwave launcher instead of the flair gun

  • Janice Stonebraker
    Janice Stonebraker


  • Janice Stonebraker
    Janice Stonebraker

    I mean strike

  • Janice Stonebraker
    Janice Stonebraker


  • Janice Stonebraker
    Janice Stonebraker

    Memes when they reboot 138And when I need to upgrade something

  • Jourdyn J
    Jourdyn J

    You can throw it and break it and you pick it up

  • The Leopard
    The Leopard

    Fun fact nick was born on his birthday

  • Mc Donalds
    Mc Donalds

    9:43 in end game when the storm circle is very small if you have high ground you can throw the upgrade bench to block the enemies from going into the zone

  • Czc 2869
    Czc 2869

    U can use the upgrade bench when u have no mats and hide behinde it if they brake it u hide there aging and agin 😂 your welcome Nick have a good day

  • Abel Rainey
    Abel Rainey

    Nick look in the vid it was a Easter egg look at the lynx watch it build the brick wall a gnome was in it

  • Microlot UAE
    Microlot UAE


  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia

    1:00 bruh he did not know there was a gnome on the wall that’s like the rarest thing to find

  • Volkozma


  • Leyton Markham
    Leyton Markham

    I thought he was loyal to SLtoos 😔

  • Extreme Power
    Extreme Power

    Eeeeehhhhhhhh team is the best

  • Maxxon Skadra
    Maxxon Skadra

    To upgrad in batlle with somone

  • Caleb Overkill
    Caleb Overkill

    I was crying 😭 so hard because Fortnite was not working for so long me waches Nick makeing my day 100 💯 times better

  • Christopher Hartley
    Christopher Hartley

    it does 60 damage



  • lelisramos25


  • Vrtex Zwifty
    Vrtex Zwifty

    I felt so bad for nick at the start

  • Migsjak0325

    It will mark a certain distance

  • Dump Boy
    Dump Boy

    I. Love your. Video. Bro

  • Dump Boy
    Dump Boy

    David you’re family good. Video. And. Live

  • Sci

    Notice how op flare gun would be in scrims lol

  • Naomi Mack
    Naomi Mack

    Like these freaking search I love the Knicks the Char from the flare that was awesome it will be yeah I use the flare before but not the five of us

  • kinneret sanchez
    kinneret sanchez

    Why do you shut the flar gun at the Pepole

  • Sky Kenneth BTW
    Sky Kenneth BTW

    2:52 are you kidding me nick you wasted a launch when there was one next to you

  • Noah Yamen
    Noah Yamen


  • AZ1_Dhia

    it would be good if you didnt know where is the upgrade bench or if u found a p90 and wanted a rapid

  • Zeen_ Sparks
    Zeen_ Sparks

    The Ltm nick said he wanted back is slide

  • YTrY_ Emzyz
    YTrY_ Emzyz

    You can keep the upgrade bench in your inventory in case you find another gun that you wanna upgrade

  • Estee Crane
    Estee Crane

    To get Peter wepens

  • Kane


  • Hot Dogs
    Hot Dogs

    didn’t this guy pipe mia?

  • Colin Petri
    Colin Petri


  • Steph Stevens
    Steph Stevens

    I would never carry either of those unless the flare is the only thing I have

    • Jose Fernandez
      Jose Fernandez

      Its actually good

  • Eric hahaha
    Eric hahaha

    Ok it's not a her

  • bigdixk •
    bigdixk •

    Has anyone ever told you, you sorta look like Damien Hass? ( I cannot be the only one who sees this)

  • rockboys #ali
    rockboys #ali


  • Smileyツ

    DID YOU GUYS notice the water is getting higher and higher like every day?

  • Preston Furtado
    Preston Furtado