How I won $10,000 playing Rocket Arena...
3rd place in the $100,000 Rocket Arena Tourney against teams like Bugha & SypherPK! (Twitch Rivals Crater Cup) #RocketArena #SponsoredbyEA
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  • Poke sloan
    Poke sloan

    So sweaty

  • Content BOI
    Content BOI

    Answer: sponsors

  • Spring trap789
    Spring trap789

    You are amazing person Nick you're really nice

  • AIRBORN915

    I started this game today 😳👌

  • Jaime Ramos Leija
    Jaime Ramos Leija

    I am played with them there if you’re the enemy team

  • Jaime Ramos Leija
    Jaime Ramos Leija

    Who else noticed that FG TV is playing

  • Chapped lips
    Chapped lips

    Nick I mean :[

  • Chapped lips
    Chapped lips

    Hey no l have you played this anymore or can you tell me your thoughts on the game

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love your videos you should try the new game everyone is playing it

  • Stephen McDaniel
    Stephen McDaniel

    Nick is such a inspiration if you can please add me my username is WildcatCookie76 god bless and stay Awesome nick and eh team

  • Miss Little YT
    Miss Little YT

    To the person that's reading this: You're such a beautiful person and God loves you so so much! Stay healthy!💖 My dream is to hit 500. I'm struggling

  • Give A Hell
    Give A Hell

    No hate but if Nick really wanted a Competition He would read comments like mine.

  • Dexter

    Canadian gaming god

  • eric pindsle
    eric pindsle

    play ore roket arena for the ah team

  • RyZe_Shadow

    I want nick to heart this

  • Harry Miller
    Harry Miller

    this game looks so fun but its 30 dollars

  • Mc lovin from Hawaii
    Mc lovin from Hawaii

    How would I enter a tournament?

  • Hydra RoohanYT
    Hydra RoohanYT

    Bruh this game is sick too bad I can't get it ☹ why EA BTW how is Nick so good at this game has he played it before like WOW!!! dude

  • Dominic Guzman
    Dominic Guzman

    This while game is an L

  • Knox Tabers
    Knox Tabers

    He’s so bAd no ofence

  • jilani mrv
    jilani mrv

    Salut les gens

  • melat g
    melat g

    Whoever's just scrolling down the comments to see wat were texting sub to Nick and u will see more of our silly comments

  • melat g
    melat g

    Nicks a pro whoo I watch ur vids but I forgot to subscribe srry about that ,subscribe to Nick and u well see more of his vids

  • javy nunez
    javy nunez

    U look so happy 😁

  • AmirBlox

    He as playing with fgteev I think

  • sencere. rivera
    sencere. rivera

    Nick eh 30 is the gaming champ. He is the best

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson

    You are so good at this!

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson

    You are the best and I love your SLtoos

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson

    Fgteev played the game

  • Garrett Zaremba
    Garrett Zaremba

    Can’t wait to play this game when it becomes free

  • Slackz ._.
    Slackz ._.

    Did u kill fg teen?...

  • Kn1ght

    And the most family friendly award goes to... Nick Eh 30!!! Use code Nickeh30 no spaces!

  • _ Zyphees
    _ Zyphees

    Its crazy how nicks iq is so high and so good at this game

  • Jayden Sammarco
    Jayden Sammarco

    Why is Ea Sponsoring everyone?

  • Blaster mind
    Blaster mind

    This was 2 days after release

  • Adler

    Hokadge😂 sorry

  • weird keys kan
    weird keys kan

    Nick like the best at this and it's only just come out

  • weird keys kan
    weird keys kan

    Fortnite kinda boring now

    • Harambe

      @LordPickle U alright?

    • LordPickle

      rocket arena is the worst game ever made its so boring

    • LordPickle

      not at all

  • DeadZombe08

    Nick is such a good youtuber and is kind to all and keeps us updated every day thanks nick

  • Viskar gaming
    Viskar gaming

    Where’s mobile?

  • MrGaZZaDaG

    looks unbalanced

  • Crypto Live
    Crypto Live

    I want overwatch too

  • bulixsfnm

    No way he actually went up against afrosenju

  • GetCl3aped

    Nick i love ur vids and hr channel but since u won 10k i thought this may be the chance to ask u for 600 dollars.. And the reason y is because i Mom cant afford a pc right now because of the situation were in.. So if u could instagram me shoresivan or ivanshores i would greatly appreciate it and would know u truly have a kind heart (even tho i already know u do) but u dont have to im just askin people who could actually give me a positive or i would know that they are serious with this type of question.. So thanks nick even if u come by this comment

  • ReV3rt Clan
    ReV3rt Clan

    Stupid game

  • Ferdous Hasan Salim
    Ferdous Hasan Salim

    Man I am happy for u nick. Congrats on winning $10k !

  • ethanisgood.

    Nick eh 30 is a legend he is good at ever single game keep it up

  • iiBluFlame

    Lmao the way he pronounced hokage, but my boy the black hokage and afrosenjuuu

  • L Fields
    L Fields

    Nick who's your favorite character

  • TTV_Bros19YT

    You’re a GOAT Nick🔥

  • LeoDumby

    really good video nick, good job! :)

  • Fuzion Brian
    Fuzion Brian

    RIP fortnite

  • Loel Glenn Feril
    Loel Glenn Feril

    Is the game free in ps4?

    • Crispy

      Ssmilee Art no it’s 25 quid

  • Frankie DeMaio
    Frankie DeMaio

    I just want to say that the people who watch his videos that are other than Fortnite are the real fans

  • Janeru

    This is a pretty cool looking mobile game Nick!

  • GMR Oscar
    GMR Oscar

    EA made it £25 I think or more as usual

  • Atwo

    6:17 hokege *Naruto fans* 🤚🖐👆🖖👌🤏🤞✌️🤙🙏🤲👐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sudha Daniel
    Sudha Daniel

    I love you nick and BTW use code nickeh30

  • AJ Necic
    AJ Necic

    Nick has no temper

  • AJ Necic
    AJ Necic

    your AMAZING and 1 like 1 coin

  • Gump Productions
    Gump Productions

    Nick must have said one shot at least 100 times lol

  • Nellio

    Came to see Me. Fruit and was not disappointed 😉

  • DanielBGaming

    2:10 is the n word ??????

  • Ok Shark
    Ok Shark

    I already have it

  • Polar FX Gaming
    Polar FX Gaming

    This game is actual hype, nick makes it look easy!!

  • Kyler kunisaki
    Kyler kunisaki

    is this going to be on console

  • AverageCloudz_ 2
    AverageCloudz_ 2

    Imagine getting a heart by nick

  • AverageCloudz_ 2
    AverageCloudz_ 2

    Is rocket arena free bro im a pro at games defintintly i would get this game

  • Capital Xd
    Capital Xd

    I wonder if nick is gonna keep playing rocket arena when he's not creating content

  • Mohammed Miah
    Mohammed Miah

    Nicks made more money playing this game for one day than he has in his 3 years of fortnite...

    • Hydra RoohanYT
      Hydra RoohanYT

      Nope I don't think so

    • Jordan Isabella Williams
      Jordan Isabella Williams

      Mohammed Miah not true but go off

  • Muhammad Rayyan Khurram
    Muhammad Rayyan Khurram

    Nick is awesome subscribe too him 🙂


    I love how nice he is I wish I was like him keep up the nick loveeee uuuu!!!

  • Nugget Geller
    Nugget Geller

    I just commented so the number of comments could be 420

  • Sledgehammer

    Whats the highest kills you ever gotten in Rocket arena. Mine is 18

  • Jajuan Johnson
    Jajuan Johnson

    Now that Ik all the sweats out of Fortnite

  • Lunar_YT

    Buhgas just good at everything

  • Night Killer
    Night Killer

    I thought Rocket Arena was free, but it’s 30 dollars on ps4 :(

    • Slurpi

      Ro Not nice, I bought the pass too

    • Ro Not
      Ro Not

      JustKyler yeah I see I got it aswell I bought the pass

    • Slurpi

      Ro Not you know the rocket fuel? I got 3000 (30 dollars worth) for “playing pre season” or something like that

    • Ro Not
      Ro Not

      JustKyler w8 what I don’t get it I have it

    • Slurpi

      Ro Not you get 30 dollars in the game if you get in rn

  • Richard Reyna
    Richard Reyna

    Why isn't this game in nitedo switch

  • c0mats

    6:15 I know my mans didn't just pronounce hokage like that

  • Spicy Penguin
    Spicy Penguin

    Fortnite....... Oh Just me, ok.

  • fatboi_ chunky
    fatboi_ chunky

    1 dollar shot colla !!!

  • Kulkiddz gaming Z
    Kulkiddz gaming Z

    good game play

  • R.N.G Lightning
    R.N.G Lightning


  • Jamuel Perez
    Jamuel Perez

    When nick eh 30 didn’t say hokage right

  • Wesley Zaske
    Wesley Zaske

    Nick which tournament did you like better rocket arena or fortnite

  • MdrY

    Letsssss gooooooo

  • OliverHD

    Nick is a God I am a God to I think

  • Not Woke
    Not Woke


  • Not Woke
    Not Woke

    Nick can you plz add me on fortnite all I wish is to play with you

    • Not Woke
      Not Woke


  • Marco Cabrales
    Marco Cabrales

    We can all say nick is a tryhard

  • TheRevivist

    Is this the new Apex?

  • TheRevivist

    Is this the new Apex?

  • Redog FN
    Redog FN

    I wish I could have 1k $

  • nick maldonado
    nick maldonado

    Is it still possible to make if I was to buy the game today and if so. How do I sign up

  • Dalmaron The First
    Dalmaron The First


  • Amercrash

    I miss tlou videos so much, will there be any in the near future? Keep up with the great content, been watching your videos since the tlou Era :)

  • OCE Magnus
    OCE Magnus

    The game probably costs $10,000

  • XeloFN

    Nice vid hope everyone is well

  • xd MrBlakay
    xd MrBlakay

    It's like brwalshala

  • Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen

    Is this game free? Does this game require a good specs? How much storage needed to install? I know Origin and steam requires like 100GB of storage to install.. I really wanna play games but my laptop isn’t that powerful..

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