Abby ambushes Ellie and Tommy - The Last of Us 2 (Part 21)
Abby finds out Ellie killed Owen and Mel! Abby finds Ellie, Tommy, and Jesse and tries to kill them! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 21 of 25!
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  • Carter retraC
    Carter retraC

    Watching tlou 2 for second time has made me enjoy it alot more along with nicks unbiased opinions on it.

  • Charles Mims
    Charles Mims

    Literally in the other two videos I said the whole gang dies except Eli I will scream

  • Mithila Dissanayaka
    Mithila Dissanayaka

    Funny thing about tommy is, 6:40 You gonna kill me like a coward? -Sniper-

  • McSmelli

    Abby is the good guy.... I feel empty.

  • Jackie Canzanese
    Jackie Canzanese

    They both went CRAZY 😭😭😭

  • ruthless banana
    ruthless banana

    I'm telling you this is the darkest and most emotional game of 2020 and I disagree Ellie and Abby both wrong tbh

  • Greentiger

    I am 100% abby's side

  • txdal

    What a relief 13:41

  • camren teasley
    camren teasley

    I hate abby kinda good thing she did not kill dina or eille

  • aidyn h
    aidyn h

    This isnt fortnite...

  • Bengamer79

    SPOILER ALERT I'm so glad Ellie and Abby lived 🤔😪😓😐😯😦 I don't know what to think

  • rainbowcatz

    R.I.P Alice the doggo 2020-2020

  • Fusion

    Abby is such a good person

  • OnlyMsNicky

    Why does he keep saying Ellie deserves it? He followed Ellie's story as well. Also, Abby just killed people to save Liv. Why is Nick so quick to jump on Abbys side? So many questions lol

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    No one likes thus

  • Isaac Converse
    Isaac Converse

    Turn the brightness up man

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    Man it really shows just much abby loved Owen that he was the only one of her friends she truly mourned

  • XDPrime

    Everyone spam in chat "Lev is a male"

  • TKS Saturn
    TKS Saturn

    Damn still don’t know who I wanted to die

  • TKS Saturn
    TKS Saturn

    I was exactly 4k

  • LOCKon60FPS


  • kchuckles64 Hyuga
    kchuckles64 Hyuga

    Abby deserves to die. She chose revenge first. So she not as innocent as Ellie. She could have taken Joel as a prisoner but instead kills her savior brutally. Ellie’s revenge is fresh while Abby had years to get over her obsession with revenge

  • Tay Horton
    Tay Horton

    She deserves it!!?? Well I thought the exact same thing until I went back and watched Abby kill Joel

  • Its M8
    Its M8

    Nick just said kill ellie

  • ㄣSinan


  • VaZel Icy.
    VaZel Icy.

    whe kinda dont care for abby or i kinda dont

  • Carson Skelton
    Carson Skelton

    Why does Abby look like she benches 275


    I am still sad about joe😔😔😕

  • Blue

    His brightness level seems very low

  • Stay_In_School -
    Stay_In_School -

    must not have played part one to not know who you want to die smh

  • Daniel Playz
    Daniel Playz



    Waiting for part 22 nick cmon

  • Graison Rising
    Graison Rising

    Bro Abby is to strong to be a woman

  • Honestly Owain
    Honestly Owain

    Playing this game was an absolutely fun, I played it on survivor difficulty and I keep playing back the encounters, even the the game is mostly focused on abby instead of ellie it just pure fun to play.

  • hi _
    hi _

    blurred out the vomit🤢

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    Just put the last parts out already by the time you put the next part out I’m gonna forget the recent one I just watched.

  • J_Vivar 97
    J_Vivar 97

    When u gon post last of us Can u do it today

  • Dandegodly fox
    Dandegodly fox

    early gang?

  • Dev Vashi
    Dev Vashi

    Bro who cares about Abby? I honestly wanted Ellie to kill her

  • a j
    a j

    Play ater games

  • jalal ammar
    jalal ammar

    im so happy that abby didint kill ellie

  • XVR Ethan
    XVR Ethan

    Tommy isn’t dead

  • Youtube Rxvern
    Youtube Rxvern

    Why only 14 mins bro

  • Sleo

    I did not excepted that

  • SF Geovern
    SF Geovern

    Why is it so dark

  • raahim malik
    raahim malik

    Abby is a murderer and does not deserve the win

  • Art takes Walls
    Art takes Walls

    We need more of this!

  • Arvin Sianaki
    Arvin Sianaki

    Honestly Abby is getting me so mad

  • davidmalley122

    Does anybody notice how dark nicks video are, is there something wrong in the video's

  • Blue Panda_190
    Blue Panda_190

    My reaction was the exact same, I really did not want to fight Ellie


    Nick why you don’t play with the super fan anymore in fortnite?

  • Faizan Viceer
    Faizan Viceer

    I am on Ellie side but both of them are good I just hope if they make another one they do not cross paths again

  • Colton 999
    Colton 999


  • Lucky

    Nick: I literally don’t want to do this Also Nick: *tries to shoot Ellie*

  • Eric Mondragon
    Eric Mondragon

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but here it goes: Nick, I’ve loved watching you stream and post videos. You’re a friendly guy with a lot of enthusiasm. However, it’s difficult to follow you at a time when your video thumbnails are ruining the game for me. I stayed off of reddit and other potential spoilers, and the last person I could have thought to spoil the game for me was you. You used to kick people off your chat for spoiling movies and games, and you used to talk about how gamers like myself (that don’t have the time to play like other people) move at their own pace. I’m 16 hours into the game so I don’t think I’m moving “slow”, but even so your video thumbnails have revealed a lot for a few days now, and that bugs me quite a lot

  • Trixzy _
    Trixzy _

    I'm still sad about Joel ant this just made it worse

  • Fish Love
    Fish Love

    Nick: I get those Goosebumps every time

  • Dauntless Slays
    Dauntless Slays

    Just finished last night, what a journey

  • XD_ bchnn
    XD_ bchnn

    Damn that's tough eh nick

  • elecric A
    elecric A

    I played this game before Tommy doesn't die and Ellie gets her fingers bitten off

  • Piano Sports
    Piano Sports

    I guess u stopped being family freindly

  • T_rimoR

    The brain Does not exist

  • Alondra Perez
    Alondra Perez

    You need to sneak up on her


    Bro no

  • Dominic Woryn
    Dominic Woryn

    There would've been an option to choose Ellie or Abby in the fight I think.

  • Draxzo Games
    Draxzo Games

    Is this the end?

  • Callum Duff
    Callum Duff

    Lol nicks face when tommy died

  • Octane Exe3
    Octane Exe3

    Keep up the good work your the best player nickeh30

  • BTB Anonymous
    BTB Anonymous

    Abby should've took out Deana because Ellie took out Mel but Lev stopped her so Ellie's lucky

  • br1ann88

    I like how in this game you can get shot with an arrow, break an entire arm, fall through a roof, get hit with a gun, a knife, and still survive.

    • Ghoul

      well yeah it’s realistic, well kinda lmao

  • br1ann88

    Holy cow this is hard to watch

  • Volify

    Finally they meet again

  • Dy1an _
    Dy1an _

    Your face on the thumbnail 😂 nice vid !

  • Wadi The Gamer
    Wadi The Gamer

    I am watching nick these day more than my friends (Read my name)

  • Aries li
    Aries li

    I feel like Elle knew that she killed the doctor from the flashback and she got revenge for what Abby did she killed Joel. It was messed up when Joel helped Abby and she killed Joel so this is kinda messed up they both deserve the pain

  • Flip I Flip
    Flip I Flip


  • Jeremiah Tamasese
    Jeremiah Tamasese

    Nick remember the guy you taught to edit play with him ok

  • King_Nav

    Btw, I fricking hated Abby and Lev

  • mathew niblett
    mathew niblett

    If you like nickeh30 like this comment

    • mathew niblett
      mathew niblett

      I love him he is my favorite youtuber

  • jonah Fanjul
    jonah Fanjul

    I've been wondering if ellie died and she didnt

  • Roblox playz Tower of hell playz
    Roblox playz Tower of hell playz

    Wow how many of this game is there it’s so many

  • N8 Smyth
    N8 Smyth

    Nick I love what you do and how you do it keep working hard

  • Kash Gordinier
    Kash Gordinier

    Fr everyone that hates Ellie and Tommy here 7:10 sorry nick

  • LeoMessiGaming Bias
    LeoMessiGaming Bias

    I can’t wait for part 22

    • Kash Gordinier
      Kash Gordinier

      Same br

  • Kash Gordinier
    Kash Gordinier

    I know I’m gonna get hate but I’m on Abby’s side fr what Ellie did both are in the wrong but Abby is less

  • Rai

    Y u quit Fortnite

  • it's connor13
    it's connor13

    Holy jese Tommy dina mel and Owen dead in the same vid

  • Wonderinglabs

    Playing this part is definitely so conflicting. I did not want to fight Ellie during my play through

  • Just wolfpak
    Just wolfpak

    Is nick not family Friendly no more

  • RamziPlayz

    Wow Jd games Hase more subscribers

  • Vortekz

    I thought this was a family friendly channel

  • Oscar Hawkins
    Oscar Hawkins

    Ellie comes back and beats the crap out of abby


    Let me tell my thought abby didn’t want to kill Ellie she wanted Ellie to stop trying to kill everyone so she went for Ellie to stop her then she noticed she basically is Ellie in a alternate pattern

  • Team PURE
    Team PURE

    When she threw up I was eating my food 😡😂

  • Andria the Nooby
    Andria the Nooby

    Is this gonna give me night mares??????

  • Alexandra Iakovidis
    Alexandra Iakovidis

    Geez nick u gotta relax it's just a game

  • Sportstainment

    Is this the only game you play?My friend was working on graphics in this one

  • co -killer
    co -killer

    14 min😭😭😭😭

  • Taylor Music
    Taylor Music

    Nick looked so sad throughout the whole thing 😔 😭

  • Tempest Viper, Muaz
    Tempest Viper, Muaz

    No hate but this kinda showed that abby vs Ellie, abby kinda beat her

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