Nick Eh 30

Nick Eh 30
Nick Eh 30

Я ИМЕЮ много энергии !!! Нужен смех? Я ВАШ ПАРЕНЬ!
Привет всем, это Ник здесь !! Я двадцать один летний студент университета.
Чего ожидать: Смешные и эпические моменты ❙ редактирует / фотомонтажи ❙ Советы и хитрости ❙ ❙ Обзоры Пусть-х Пьесы / Краткое руководство ... и многое другое!

Новое видео каждое воскресенье в 14:00 CT

Независимо от того, какой тип видео я пост, я всегда убедитесь, чтобы включать в себя уникальный поворот к нему!
Таким образом, каждый видео я загружаю будет стоить ваше время, и это будет интересным - ждать ... что вы до сих пор делают чтение это дерьмо? НЕ ЖЕЛАЕТЕ НАБЛЮДАТЬ ЭТИ Классное видео я говорю о ?!

  • Kickin it with Lil Sean
    Kickin it with Lil Sean

    I didn't get to watch the strength as I was at 2% on my phone

  • Pradip Panchal
    Pradip Panchal

    They switch to their pickaxe because they have crouch as rotate on controller PC players can do that not controller

  • Guillermo Atondo
    Guillermo Atondo

    He said dam instead of dang 😮😮😮

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown


  • LJS7 Cowboys
    LJS7 Cowboys

    Some one was cheteing

  • ItzNJ


  • Vaxy X
    Vaxy X


  • Laura Alcantara
    Laura Alcantara

    is. sus

  • X- MasonYt- twitch
    X- MasonYt- twitch

    6:00 they killed iron man

  • Chrisinthemike GG
    Chrisinthemike GG


  • Nate Pearl
    Nate Pearl


  • Python Fortnite
    Python Fortnite

    He said deader instead of dead

  • YT rinker
    YT rinker

    U are the most nice person ever and you are so positive

  • Slimz_claps Alwais
    Slimz_claps Alwais

    2018 noobs 2020 sweats

  • ninja arsenal1923
    ninja arsenal1923

    Tom holland is the best for sure but tobey was amazing I was emotional because I love spiderman

  • Gurt

    Poor Einsight...

  • frostie

    Who else doesnt even play fn but still watches this legend

  • Murray Gecko
    Murray Gecko

    5:25 he won a trivia on nick eh 30 Fortnite trivia I think it based of marvel all I know is he did win first round in one trivia he made

  • 3v1l Misel
    3v1l Misel

    First round winner cheated in the second question

  • Snitch Nine
    Snitch Nine

    So when they said they we're over the map they were right because things the top five gaming you could have seen till the towers if you looked hard enough on one of the maps I never went to the event I got my switch on me 18th 2020 so basically during season 2 of chapter 2

  • Robin Daffern
    Robin Daffern

    You need a skip really though your famous in fortnite

  • Chad Meeks
    Chad Meeks

    Guys did you realize that the green were the right answers

  • MR Raven
    MR Raven

    At the beginning did I see a banana?

  • Flo Tundra
    Flo Tundra

    Great one nick!

  • Gurt

    I love how nick can get so excited over others playing

  • Boom Douglas
    Boom Douglas

    Use code NickEh30 in the item shop

  • Boom Douglas
    Boom Douglas

    You're the best Nick

  • Andrew Hagenmaier
    Andrew Hagenmaier

    Omg it’s a tractor 🚜 lol

  • F1Joseph

    You can tell that he lowkey misses the game then

  • karson novel
    karson novel

    Bro he spelled favorite wrong at 11:39

  • Dallas Christensen
    Dallas Christensen

    i love how he is so succsessful and he lives with his parents that respectable

  • Lix


  • List Lover #ohsoyoulike fan page
    List Lover #ohsoyoulike fan page

    He's real I used to watch him and when he deleted his channel he had like 1.1 million or something

  • Emylee Cendejas
    Emylee Cendejas


  • Justice Perry
    Justice Perry

    Why you using arena uhh...

  • Bobo_gamez 32
    Bobo_gamez 32

    4:06 R.I.P choccy milk

  • Debra Preston
    Debra Preston

    Fzhstigydkdrysite in th focusing external brinksmanship paired

    • Debra Preston
      Debra Preston

      Hecr zients sfjazz tdd ssf hedrydhgd rv

  • Debra Preston
    Debra Preston

    F Hgv xt m.j hff right DHS dh VGA x DC njc crfehhrr

  • Turbo

    When he looks up he is looking at another monitor with the answer and the question

  • Luke Bradley
    Luke Bradley

    3:46 marauders in background

  • Andy Fix
    Andy Fix


  • Debra Preston
    Debra Preston

    Have h.c r dispatches geometric sun tunnels background cc influx

  • Shannon Standing Warrior
    Shannon Standing Warrior


  • Jacob Barron
    Jacob Barron


  • EWbaseball18

    1:09 so cringe

  • Celso Morales
    Celso Morales


  • Clutch Gaming
    Clutch Gaming

    Bugha killed me

  • Mason Grant
    Mason Grant

    Nick can u 1v1 ninja I bet U would win

  • William McKinstry
    William McKinstry


  • Ibukun Adewale
    Ibukun Adewale

    Can u pls gift me star wand or super hero skins or star wand my user is only 4ura here

  • Jinxzy

    man looks so happy and it makes me happy

  • Tyson Anderson
    Tyson Anderson

    Bruh Andrew Garfield played spider as well he actoed 1 or 3

  • ski

    nick is the best hehe

  • Ian French
    Ian French


  • IcyCliff 1
    IcyCliff 1

    3:25 craken event

  • Worst Gamers
    Worst Gamers


  • JD ClipZ
    JD ClipZ

    I got 11 questions rights

  • F3X Ghost
    F3X Ghost

    Real Winner Here: @TYLR, Default with no back bling, and YETIFRIEDCHICKEN!!! the dude who cheater.... ur a fool! you got lots of haters bro goofy

  • Philly Fan
    Philly Fan

    Who’s watching this video in 2020 and it shows up in your recommended

  • Aceing07

    I love how he got so excited from just watching

  • Burkin

    8:30 I though the eh was because he was Canadian and they finish some of their sentences with Eh? lol

  • Riley Peters
    Riley Peters

    8:02 Aimbot.exe file activated

  • Abhinav Bellamkonda
    Abhinav Bellamkonda

    Tom all the way

  • Sarah Silva
    Sarah Silva

    I love your content nick it cheers me up thanks for the videos

  • J Dubs
    J Dubs

    I am not TO good at Fortnite but im gettin' better

  • Astro Void
    Astro Void

    I think 5 in the vault

  • ramon espinoza
    ramon espinoza


  • Squad.slayer God
    Squad.slayer God

    Dude why did you not feel sad when spider man got snapped like bruh

  • ShadowXoof


  • Huagui Yang
    Huagui Yang


  • Brandon's Fortnite Universe
    Brandon's Fortnite Universe


  • Maxx Torres
    Maxx Torres

    Nick: omg I hit him for 150

  • Brandon's Fortnite Universe
    Brandon's Fortnite Universe

    S 3

  • Brandon's Fortnite Universe
    Brandon's Fortnite Universe

    6 P

  • Ryland Fribley
    Ryland Fribley

    mistah dawg was the one that cheated nick i hope you saw that when you watched the vid yourself if you did. Also keep up the great content (:

  • Better Bros
    Better Bros


  • Better Bros
    Better Bros

    Free Arena points

  • Zuqtx Sway ッ
    Zuqtx Sway ッ

    Yo nick remember when you made the last of us vids that was so long ago bruh I was here at that time