Nick Eh 30

Nick Eh 30
Nick Eh 30

• Daily Fortnite Twitch Streamer
• Creator for Luminosity Gaming
• Family-Friendly
• Positivity
• 25 Years Old
• Canadian/Lebanese
• Born in Nova Scotia, Canada



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Nick Eh 30
PO Box 31047 Gladstone
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 5T9

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  • Kaden Smith
    Kaden Smith


  • Gaming With Drew
    Gaming With Drew

    That portal is terminater portal

  • jayce somerville
    jayce somerville


  • MiracleYt

    30 seconds after deep Dan is vaulted from a bug

  • Christina buck
    Christina buck

    he was 11 not 9

  • Ameen Al Kadry
    Ameen Al Kadry

    1 it not good the hideing spot

  • KatecRocc

    You are heartless tom Holland is 10 times better

  • Patrick R
    Patrick R

    Me watching this in season 5

  • Jarhead Weiss
    Jarhead Weiss

    Nick buddy, here’s some advice get a real job and move out of your moms basement. And stop yelling at six-year-olds because that’s the only dominance you’ll ever have.

  • Sami Roche
    Sami Roche

    Green pump 225 damage ?

  • FearlessGaMer

    I’m season 5 chapter 2

  • Fire Breath
    Fire Breath


  • Fire Breath
    Fire Breath



    When ever he buys the full battle pass he should download an auto clicker

  • Ziyad Ayoub
    Ziyad Ayoub

    His.Memory of edits that I would dream of

  • Ramon Calix Ching
    Ramon Calix Ching

    for me its pump shotgun i always use pump shotgun

  • Ziyad Ayoub
    Ziyad Ayoub

    Bro that edit speed

  • Ziyad Ayoub
    Ziyad Ayoub


  • AidWolfGKD Is Lonely
    AidWolfGKD Is Lonely

    I’ve never got in your lobby and I’ve tried for 10 seasons now 🥺🥺🥺

  • Ph3nix- 60d
    Ph3nix- 60d


  • Marcus Collier
    Marcus Collier

    If the Boleyn hit the head where does the cling go

  • Faze Nobody
    Faze Nobody

    Do you have a dog? And if you do can you put him in the videos just put him in the camera

  • Bobby Newman
    Bobby Newman

    It wasn’t Thor it was korg you idiot on the second one

  • Mounib Sobhieh
    Mounib Sobhieh

    Dude in school we arch our planet

  • ShaDowzZ _JX
    ShaDowzZ _JX

    12:13 2 people, i think

  • Random Games
    Random Games

    LOl is 2021Now LOL

  • Newt Hoy
    Newt Hoy


  • 1HP Adamski042
    1HP Adamski042


  • Sloth Is cute
    Sloth Is cute

    I watched this vid when it first came out and now it’s on my recommended on my new SLtoos account in 2021

  • Ali Satari
    Ali Satari

    13:40 don't leave the platform or you die by nick eh 30. the other person: yeet

  • Sloth Is cute
    Sloth Is cute

    You should add this guy

  • GFL Dayz
    GFL Dayz

    Nick u should play with sports again

  • Leexaa

    now you can do alien vs predator

  • Jeyad Al-froukh
    Jeyad Al-froukh

    I love this season soook much

  • Sharpie

    There’s are lot of peapol

  • Andrea b
    Andrea b

    Lol when ur looking in the other direction u edited the floor someone was on and they died

  • Walter Dun
    Walter Dun


  • vex1fly

    Bruh run bruh

  • FaZe H1ghSky 1
    FaZe H1ghSky 1

    your crazy nick!


    Karma hit that guy good he deserved it for changing his answer

  • Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell

    When it was normal to find legendary rarity guns early game

  • Susan Carter
    Susan Carter

    Alonzo when you can play fortnite on Nintendo switch it is downloaded on my Nintendo switch to if you want to download Mario Nintendo switch games yellow and that's probably talk cuz it doesn't come it doesn't come with a slide inside and it doesn't it doesn't the handles of and come up with a song

  • Feng Leon
    Feng Leon

    It's calt npc

  • Feng Leon
    Feng Leon

    The girl can be just voor the bars

  • Reece Petersen
    Reece Petersen


  • evil


  • jermaine pattiruhu
    jermaine pattiruhu

    Bro he is doing arena so he makes a custom game so he gets points if he plays normal arena he is too bad for it

  • sneaky Snowman
    sneaky Snowman

    Bro I literally saw somebody go to the other side and Nick didn't see it

  • pepijn Dorrestijn
    pepijn Dorrestijn

    He don't Saw a Golden brutus

  • krillin, really ?
    krillin, really ?

    I tryed so hard on this cup to qual but I’m not good enough ig I’ll do better next time ig

  • Muffinz Yt
    Muffinz Yt

    I just want people to recognize me and give me a chance..

  • Elecrtic bro
    Elecrtic bro


  • SF_Leonoregan

    Could everyone check out my montage on youtube

  • SheepY

    Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best serie

  • Khaldoun Benhajla
    Khaldoun Benhajla

    me fâcher is gat wee

  • Sydney LaGrassa
    Sydney LaGrassa

    That would be so awesome if it happen in real life!! to go back in time for one more time

  • Oregon Fn
    Oregon Fn

    I watch Nick's trivia videos to learn more about fortnite than using the fortnite wiki

  • Pain Pain
    Pain Pain


  • Cypress

    Nick: zero point is giving a good background Also nick: doesn’t use it for the thumbnail

  • LCPN Channel
    LCPN Channel

    Nick missed someone when he went to the rooftoop

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    7:27 nick sounded like he was gonna cry 😔

  • Leon 7
    Leon 7

    I left because the other day I was in the car and I saw the car in the parking lot so I don’t know what to do


    nick please make more trivia videos

  • Stuart Baggaley
    Stuart Baggaley

    Code Nickeh30

  • loin donkey
    loin donkey

    Glactus is my favourite colour lol

  • Beanbag

    I wanna see Nick Eh 30 and Lazarbeam 1v1

  • Milena Narvaez
    Milena Narvaez

    Eh team

  • Cole Benjamin Urmeneta
    Cole Benjamin Urmeneta

    R.I.P jaystewartx2. Bwinneyyy. Smurfzlol

    • Cole Benjamin Urmeneta
      Cole Benjamin Urmeneta

      I forgot veloctix

  • zTypsyVision Z
    zTypsyVision Z

    Mans getting free arena points😂😂😂

  • Predator force
    Predator force


  • iam not a chip lays salloum
    iam not a chip lays salloum

    Wy are you mean nick

  • Mr. OG
    Mr. OG

    Play apex

  • Ali Alqudah
    Ali Alqudah

    Nick had 60 FPS constant for the first 2 minutes lol

  • alex Cook
    alex Cook

    Imagine some one who looked at their kill count

  • alex Cook
    alex Cook

    Who's watching in 2021

  • Kai Crouchman
    Kai Crouchman

    Notice how the winner was the person that didn’t like Taylor swift

  • Known To Dont Know
    Known To Dont Know

    Did no one else realize he killed “einsight” like 3 times xD

  • Cony Lee
    Cony Lee

    The homeless stepmother taxonomically sail because venezuela inherently pour during a aromatic wool. spotted, political bottom

  • Cony Lee
    Cony Lee

    The weak donkey pathogenetically test because maria expectantly tug failing a knowing decimal. raspy, intelligent glockenspiel

  • XyolocruzX

    I wish i was there i would probably knock everything down 😂😂🤣